You Can’t Work a Worker 003 – Explicit Content, Sullen Bayley, Vince Russo Burial, Philly Phil vs Victor Giovanni

Warning this podcast contains some explicit language that some will find offensive. Listen at your own risk.

Billy Reil and Philly Phil do another podcast, which due to the spontaneous format became explicit at times. Bayley vs Alexa Bliss is discussed for probably too long, followed by critique on recent programming. Then the duo are joined by newcomer Victor Giovanni who immediately delivers a well furious excoriation of rival podcaster Vince Russo. Victor moves on to target the WWE’s current product and specifically Kevin Dunn. At this point, Philly Phil’s laid back mood is disrupted, him being a longtime WWE apologist and loyalist. While the debate became heated to the point Billy Reil needed to diffuse the argument, there were no ad hominem fallacies. Once again, Reil and Giavonni use colorful language, however Phil keeps it clean throughout the show’s entirety.

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