WWE News Alert 3/24/17

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WWE News and Rumors for March 24 2017

  • Today’s Birthdays are The Undertaker, Jack Swagger, Christopher Daniels, Epico, Lana and Barry Horowitz.
  • The Hardy Boyz are said to be in serious talks to return to the WWE possibly as soon as Wrestlemania in Orlando.
  • WWE has been having secret meetings to purchase ROH. This has been going on since August and is mostly for the video library, however also could lead to ROH’s weekly show to air on the WWE Network
  • Shawn Michaels revealed on Sam Roberts’ Podcast that he was offered a match with AJ Styles at Wrestlemania that he turned down.
  • Natalya will be inducting Beth Pheonix into this year’s Hall of Fame.
  • Jerry Lawler, who owns the USWA Memphis video library, said on his podcast that it would absolutely be on the WWE Network in the future.
  • American Grit Season 2 with John Cena will start airing on Fox starting June 11.
  • Veda Scott, former ROH manager and valet, was backstage at Smackdown and may be making her way to the WWE.
  • WWE has no current plans to create more episodes of “Sothpaw Regional Wrestling” despite the praise it is receiving.
  • Goldberg could stay in WWE after Wrestlemania for another PPV and television appearances leading up to the special event.

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