Who is Favored to be WWE Champion After Summerslam, Nakamura Now Slightly Favored over Cena

The following odds are sourced from 5Dimes. Bets are taken from players worldwide.

Can Jinder Mahal Keep the Momentum Through Summerslam

There are currently odds on who will be the WWE Champion at the conclusion of this year’s Summerslam in Brooklyn. The current champion, Jinder Mahal, has the best odds at +195 and this is understandable with Mahal being rumored to in for a long championship reign.

The other three possibilities that have odds are Shinsuke Nakamura, John Cena and Baron Corbin. Nakamura at +215 and John Cena at +230 are very close in the odds, with Nakamura having the slight edge. This is no surprise as the odds for tonight’s Smackdown match between the two men have shifted in favor of Shinsuke. The former New Japan star is favored to beat Cena at -150, with Cena the underdog at +110. This may not seem like a wide margin, and it isn’t, but it’s worth mentioning that yesterday Cena was slightly favored in this match, which has now changed. Cena leaving the Smackdown Brand and heading to RAW after Summerslam is also a relevant detail in both the Smackdown Match and who walks out of Summerslam Champion.

Baron Corbin also has odds set to be WWE Champion at the conclusion of Summerslam at +435. This would involve “The Lone Wolf” cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase at the event. It is known that WWE is very high on Corbin’s potential, almost all MitB winners have successfully cashed in and Smackdown is in desperate need of building top level star power, especially with Cena leaving the brand at Summerslam.

Who Will Be WWE Champion Immediately Following Summerslam?

Jinder Mahal +195

Shinsuke Nakamura +215

John Cena +230

Baron Corbin +435

Smackdown Match 8/1

John Cena +110 vs Shinsuke Nakamura -150


Source: 5Dimes

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