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Which WWE Extreme Rules Match Has The Best Odds of Getting the Highest Star Ratings From Dave Meltzer?


The following odds are from Grosvenor Casinos, a sports book that operates in the UK. They offer wagering to only a limited number of countries although it can be followed anywhere in the world. Worldwide wagering will be available by 5Dimes very soon and to be notified please join our e-mail list at the bottom of this article.

It seems bizarre that you can actually place bets on what at first glance is simply one man’s opinion on WWE matches, but this has become a reality in 2017. That man is Dave Meltzer, founder of the Wrestling Observer and the more highfalutin wrestling fans strongly value his opinion. Meltzer developed a “star rating” system of ranking pro wrestling matches around the world, similar to how Hollywood films are ranked. Typically, these ratings fall into the territory on 0-5 stars, although the when feeling mischievous, Dave has been known to give matches negative stars. At least once he even awarded an extra star, six stars total, to a recent NJPW match between Will Osprey and Ricochet. This is heavy praise, as Dave rarely will rank a match as being five stars. It takes a masterpiece in the ring to earn Meltzer’s willingness to be less stingy with the stars.

The Sunday’s Extreme Rules PPV has several options for prop bets. These are from a UK sports book, so only a limited number on countries can take advantage of these wagers, however anyone can follow these in real time and see how they panned out after Dave furnishes the star ratings to the public who wait in anticipation of them following the event.

The first prop bet offered is whether there will actually be a five star match awarded by Dave for any match. Because Dave doesn’t part with that many stars very often, the odds are strongly against this happening. The odds of a five star match is currently +1500, which is a probability of 6.25%. Not very good chances at all. If someone were to win a $100 bet here they would win $1500.

As for the individual matches, bets are being taken on what match would get the highest rating. The main event is actually the favorite here at -200, meaning it would take a $200 bet to win $100. This will be a Fatal Five Way for the right to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship. It will most likely be given the most time and historically Meltzer is more likely to give a high rating on longer matches. Also this match has Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe and Finn Balor, all respected performers to the highfalutin tastes of Dave his followers. Roman Reigns, who this aforementioned highfalutin crowd generally loathes, has in the past been able to achieve the highest ranked matches on PPVs when in the ring with respected wrestlers.

The next most likely match to get the most stars is Neville vs Austin Aries for the Cruiserweight Championship at +125. This is about right as the two have had some great matches together since Wrestlemania 33. The median pick would be the Tag Team championship Match with The Hardys defending against Cesaro and Sheamus and this match is at +350.

The IC Championship match between Dean Ambrose and The Miz is at +800 and could end up being exceptional. These two have had great matches on the Smackdown brand before they were both moved to RAW and the “title changes hands on a DQ” element could foster some epic storytelling.

The match least likely to get the most stars is the RAW Women’s Championship match at +1000. Alexa Bliss defends against Bayley in a “Kendo Stick on a Pole Match” so perhaps the gimmick of the match is why this is not expected to be a highly rated match.

The bet will be graded after the star ratings are posted by Meltzer in his newsletter the week after the Extreme Rules.

Source: Grosvenor Casinos

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