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Odds on Daniel Bryan Going to NJPW, ROH, Impact and Wrestling Again in WWE

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Bryan’s Next Move

Much buzz has been created by the Daniel Bryan teasing that he will be wrestling again outside of the WWE next year when his contract runs out. There are actually odds on what promotion Daniel Bryan will return to the ring in. The most favorable odds are on him signing with NJPW by the end of 2018, a promotion in Japan he has expressed interest in. The current odds are 11/10, however yesterday’s odds had been 11/8 meaning many are taking the bet and feel it is a legit possibility. The line moved in a more favorable direction and is very close to an even bet because of this.

Bets may also be made on if he will appear in TNA Impact Wrestling by the end of 2018 at 10/1, which would multiply your money tenfold if he shows up in TNA even once. This would be a great boost for the restructured promotion but the odds say it won’t happen. Not surprisingly Daniel has much better odds to return to ROH, the promotion where he first made a name for himself and caused him to be noticed by the WWE. The odds of this happening before the end of 2018 are 9/4.

There are even odds on Bryan wrestling at least one match in WWE by the end of this year at 7/1. This gives Bryan a 12.5% chance of wresting by the end of the year. The situation is that he wants to wrestle but WWE will not allow him to due to his previous injuries. He is extremely frustrated about not being able to continue his passion of performing in from on live crowds and has teased going elsewhere in the past. There has also been an ongoing rivalry between The Miz and Bryan over different styles of wrestling and Bryan no longer wrestling while Miz is thriving near the top of the card.

One element that is worth mentioning is the fact that not only is Daniel Bryan married to Brie Bella, but also that they are expecting the birth of their daughter who they have already been named “Birdie Joe”. Brie has also expressed wanting more children so Bryan needs to consider that WWE is a more secure way to provide for the family he is building with Brie. His safety is also an issue and he is in such perilous condition that, as mentioned, the WWE will not let him wrestle because of this. If it were to happen, expect Bryan to return to using the name  “American Dragon” Brian Danielson due to intellectual property rights over the Daniel Bryan name.

Source: Paddy Power

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