You Can’t Work a Worker

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A very adult-NC 17- rated “You can’t work a worker” was recorded earlier in the day, but my co-founder Philip DiGiulio is opposed to uploading it to the site because he found it “too risky.” However, If you click like or comment on this thread, he may change his mind. He has the actual audio or I would upload it 20 minutes ago legit. Some of the topics were ” A Greased White fist going upĀ Aaron Gainey ‘s black asshole”, Done Cena, Josie the Dog getting put to sleep, Roidrages, Ron Starr, Bret Hart’s bitter half face,
Johnny Knockout, Sweaty Men, “It should have been you Norm The Barfly”, Seth Rollin’s Pepcock and why he hasn’t been PENALized, The scent of a sweaty Nikki Bella’s nether region, GoldBerg VS Strohman, Goldberg VS Hawkins, Goldberg VS Brock Lesnar….Seriously though, he will not upload it “until people show interest” So please guys and girls let him know.

About Billy Real

Lifelong wrestling fan who broke into the business at age 14 and had his first Pro Wrestling match VS Trent Acid on May 19th, 1995. He went on to be put over for over 29 titles in an injury shortened career. He made his WWF tv debut in July of 2000, but said in interviews that he didn't like the spirit of how the business was presented; especially colleagues walking on eggshells. He has been highly influential as he has been known as Billy "The Highlight" Reel, and had an online skermish disputing the practices of WWE's writing team. Weeks later after Billy got his logo tattoed on his right arm, WWE spitefully gave Jericho a talk-show named "The Highlight Reel" Even though Imatation is the most sincere form of flattery, and Billy didn't want to come off like a cry-baby by suing the WWE for Intellectual Property violations. However as WWE has been consistently talked about the prior non-existent "Gambling or Betting on Pro-Wrestling", Reil just may very well take WWE to court. In the meantime, Reil is the co-founder of and loves to use his talent to entertain and inform the fans.

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