YCWaW Podcast Returns! Billy Reil, Philly Phil and “Shooter” McNulty Talk About Braun Strowman’s Path of Rage!

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You Can’t Work a Worker – A Podcast About WWE and Wrestling

This podcast, while the audio is unpredictable at times, is a great 30 minute piece of entertainment. This episode is part of the process to create a podcast will regularly be available. In this episode Philly Phil and Billy Reil discuss the latest WWe Events, before being joined by “Shooter” McNulty and the atmosphere suddenly changes. Highlights of WWE Raw and Smackdown are discussed, with a focus on Braun Strowman’s recent dominance. Because this was thrown together spontaneously, there are minor but agitating technical difficulties which will be corrected in future podcasts.

You Can’t Work a Worker – April 19, 2017

Listen Live to You Can’t Work a Worker and You Have The Ability To Call In a Voice Your Opinion. Details Of The Next Show To Follow.

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Simon Bucci has an extensive background in the industry of pro wrestling specializing in setting up and breaking down the wrestling rings that the most famous wrestlers compete in.

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