WWE Roadblock Results

Cesaro and Sheamus beat The New Day to become the new Tag Team Champions, and destroy their reign as longest title holders. 

Sami Zayn outlasted Braun Strowman for the predetermined 10 minute time limit. (Stupid stipulation IMO) At one point in the match Mick Foley came to ringside with the towel, the audience chanted to him “Save his life” as Sami took a good amount of punishment tonight. 

Seth Rollins beat Chris Jerocho after Kevin Owens came to ringside. Was a bit disappointed as this was a kitchen sink match, where they pulled  every move out of their arsenal, but not in a way that made me care. Also I am worried about Chris Jericho, his face color wasn’t good. 

Rich Swan retains the Cruiserweight Championship over Brian Kendrick and TJ Perkins. 

30 minute IronWoman Match: Charlotte  scores the first fall with only 10 minutes left in the match… Sasha Banks scores a fall with 8:21 left in the match…Sasha locks in the Banks Stateent scores another fall with  6 minutes left… Charlotte locks in a figure 4, with 2 minutes to go, holds it in until thete was 4 econds left, Sasha tapped, tying the match, timeran out leading to SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME !!! Sasha banks attempts the bank statement again, Charlotte reversed it into a figure 4 neck bridge, and Sasha had no choice to tap.    Charlotte is the new womens champion, and Sasha has a bloody nose. 

Kevin Owens retains championship by dq because of Jerichos interference. Seth Rollins came out to start shit as well, and Roman Reigns threw Jericho through one of the announce tables, then he and Rollins teamed up on Owens and threw hin through a table (We have a lot of announce tables these days, waiting for them to go through Funakis table so he can beat them… )

I enjoyed the Womens match the most, followed by tag and cruiserweights. The main event was ok, but lackluster for a PPV match. I expect more from them. overall it was a decent show. 

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