WWE News Today 4/25/17 – Vince McMahon Movie, Lana Dances, Shaq on Why He Didn’t Do Wrestlemania

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WWE News Today April 25, 2017

  • A biopic on Vince McMahon and his conquering of the pro wrestling industry is in the works by Sony Tristar. The title will be “Pandamonium” and WWE Studios is involved with President Michael Liusi being one of the producers. This is going to be a really interesting film. Is Vince willing to have his life over-sensationalized to drive box office numbers?
  • Lana tested out a new gimmick at an NXT Live event in Crystal River, FL. This gimmick involved her dancing and it is believed she will be doing something like this when she debuts for the Smackdown Brand. Furthermore, it looks as if WWE will break up the act of Rusev and Lana, possible stemming from Rusev getting an unauthorized haircut.
  • Roman Reigns was backstage for Raw Monday Night in Kansas City but was obviously not used in any way on the show itself.
  • WWE has parted ways with Chris Atkins. Atkins had been working for NXT, but was seldom used on live events. The release of this Australian bodybuilder was originally reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet.
  • Crazzy Steve has decided to part ways with Impact Wrestling and has been offered a contract by WWE. He would most likely debut in NXT. Gunner is also looking to be NXT bound provided he can pass the WWE’s physical.
  • WWE has announced that it will be holding tryouts in Dubai April 26-29. 40 men and women in total will be part of this tryout, intended to recruit premiere talent from the Middle East and India in the WWE’s commitment to presenting the most talented athletes in the world.
  • Shaq recently revealed details of why he didn’t have a match at Wrestlemania 33 with The Big Show. At one point in the talks, WWE wanted this to be a six man match and after Shaq refused WWE canceled. Shaq then made other plans and the WWE tried to reopen the talks after this, but Shaq said “They messed it up”.

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