WWE News Alert – March 14, 2017

WWE News and Rumors 3/14/17

  • Shaq vs The Big Show has been nixed from WrestleMania 33 due to WWE and Shaq being unable to reach an agreement
  • There have been reports that cruiserweight Cedric Alexander has suffered a knee injury and will be on the shelf for 3-5 months.
  • Finn Balor, who made his return over the weekend on live events, was back stage at RAW Monday night but did not appear on the show itself. This is presumably to not share the spotlight with a returning Seth Rollins.
  • Jack Swagger has finally been granted his WWE release that was not not originally granted upon Swagger’s request.
  • Kane has been out of action resting his body and has requested time off to run for political office as he desires a Knox County Mayorial Seat in 2018.
  • Rusev is on the disabled list with an undisclosed injury. Speculation is that it’s his shoulder.

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