Wrestler of the Week: Brazo de Plata

BetWrestling.com’s Wrestler of the Week is Brazo de Plata aka Super Porky!

Real Name: Jose Alvarado Nieves
Birthday: March 19,1963
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 298 lbs
From: Mexico City,Mexico

Trained by: Shadito Cruz & Tatsumi Fujinami
Debut: January 21,1977 (ongoing)

Ring Names:
Brazo de Plata
Super Porky
Elvis Porky

Notable Titles Held:
CMLL World Heavyweight Championship
CMLL World Trios Championship
Mexican National Trios Championship (2x)
UWA World Tag-Team Championship
UWA World Trios Championship (4x)
WWA World Tag-Team Championship
WWA World Trios Championship

Notable Promotions Wrestled:
Toryumon Mexico

Fun Fact:
He had a short stint in the WWE as “Super Porky” where he was a part of SmackDown’s Junior Division. Other notable members of said division were Mascarita Sagrada and Tzuki.

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