Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin Wrestlemania 2017 wwe

Who is Favored to Win the IC Title Match at Wrestlemania?

The following European Market odds are from Paddy Power. Wagers are not available from all countries. Visit Paddy Power by clicking here

WWE has finally announced the Intercontinental Championship match for Wrestlemania on the WWE Network. Defending Champion Dean Ambrose will face challenger Baron Corbin. These two have developed a healthy rivalry as of late and according to Irish sports book Paddy Power has the odds on Baron Corbin to win the match. This would include a DQ or count out win in which the title itself wouldn’t change hands. Corbin is favored at 1/6 to win, an 85% chance, so it would take a $6 bet to win only $1. Ambrose is the underdog at 7/2.

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Last year at Wrestlemania 32, Baron Corbin made his Wrestlemania debut, winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Dean Ambrose, on the other hand, was destroyed by Brock Lesnar. In a No Holds Barred Match. Ambrose was able to win the WWE Championship after last years Mania massacre, and was also able to win the IC title he currently holds.

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