Bret “Hitman” Hart vs Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

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Today’s Video of the week is one of my early childhood favorites in while I wasn’t “Smart” to the business, I knew a good match when I saw one. My opinion wasn’t pursuaded by the announcers or the Apter mags, but simply a gut instinct. This match was viewed by me via the local video store at the rental price of 99 cent. I believe it was called “The Hart Foundation’ which was a compilation tape which was commonplace at the time. I believe ‘Titan Sports’ released about 9 Hulk Hogan tapes much to many west-coast observers chagrin. Anyhow Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart has been very public in a positive light about his love for today’s ‘Video of the day’. Every wrestler has an ego, you almost have to one to thrive in this tough industry, and while I’m a huge fan of this match, I believe that Bret wanted this match to be seen by his peers, insiders, and general fans alike because quite simply Ricky Steamboats’ match with Randy Savage was known as one of the best matches of all-time, and if you’ve followed Bret Hart closely, he often displays a “I can do what you can do, but I can do it better” psychology. In Bret’s mind not only does he believe he was better that Savage, but he def believes that this match is better than Savage’s match with Steamboat at ‘Mania. You be the judge. The Match can be viewed at the 18 minute mark of this video. Enjoy it..We all know that Bret has. –BR

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