Total Bellas Season 1 Episode 1 Full Review

total_bellas season 1 episode 1

Episode 1 of Season 1 for Total Bellas has finally aired with much anticipation, shining the proverbial spotlight on the lavish lifestyles of The Bella Twins. Nikki and Brie Bella aren’t the only over the top characters in this colorful ensemble as those most important in their lives are featured as well.

John Cena has a pivotal role as Nikki Bella’s girlfriend and the plot of the show revolves around Cena’s house rules that come along with the gang living in the guest house of his luxurious mansion. “Big Match” John’s cribs is adorned with only the finest furnishings.

Circling back to Cena’s rules of his house, which comes about when Brie Bella and her husband Daniel Bryan, along with The Bella’s brother A.J. Agree to move in to care for Nikki after neck surgery. Cena has such mandates as the whole family meeting for morning coffee and a formal dinner every Friday night. This led to the first of many “Downton Abbey” references throughout the episode, an element that occurred with Nikki Bella regularly on Total Divas which is archived on the WWE Network. Daniel and Brie arrive to the first formal dressed formally but barefoot. John has a rule that footwear is not to be worn in his home, but lectures the couple that shoes are required.

John Laurinaitis seems to take Cena’s house rules in stride. Does he think it’s all just a rib or is it because he is not actually staying there so he can chuckle at the misery the others must contend with? He lives nearby Cena with new wife Kathy Colace, who also happens to the mother of The Bellas and AJ. Laurinaitus is a former pro wrestler who competed as Johnny Ace, served as the WWE Raw GM and even had a feud with John Cena.

During the aforementioned formal dinner Brie mentions how she’d like to have children but she would need to have sex in order for that to happen. This was a shocking admission that was initially met with awkward silence before turning into a rational discussion. Brie mentions that their intimacy is often interrupted when Josie, their dog, wants to snuggle with them. Ironic as hours before this episode aired Bryan and Brie announced that they are expecting their first child.

Speaking of Josie, John Cena is not happy when he gets bit by Josie and after firmly declaring that it couldn’t happen again suggests that animal control be called to take Josie away. It wasn’t much more than a nip and Cena is overselling for Josie and having her put to sleep seems a cruelly drastic measure. John doesn’t allow Josie in the main home and confines her to the guest house Daniel and Brie are staying in. He can’t tolerate the pooch’s shedding in his mansion.

In the closing scene Brie and Daniel express their feelings on John’s house rules. They are there voluntarily to care for Nikki and they are walking on eggshells with Cena’s confounded rules. John doesn’t budge as the control freak must have things his way. Nothing on this front is resolved and future episodes are pregnant with possibility of ensuing drama.

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