Write For Us

We at betwrestling know that content is king and that’s why we’re inviting you to join our staff. We are looking for writers, artists, youtubers, podcasters and content creators of all kinds. This is a huge opportunity to gain some serious exposure for your passion. If you’ve perused this website you’ve realized it’s not just about pro wrestling betting odds. Our efforts are targeted towards becoming a destination for all things pro wrestling and the variety of topics that can be covered are nearly infinite. Reviews, Editorials and even Fantasy Booking is acceptable as well.

We are a WWE centric website but that doesn’t mean we do not have a deep appreciation for the international scene all over the world or the independents of all sizes and welcome anyone who wants to create content about those promotions and the talent that is involved. Also we love content on the history of professional wrestling from the pioneer era of “Solid Man” Muldoon, Farmer Burns, Frank Gotch to Ed “The Stranger” Lewis and the “Gold Dust Trio” in the 1920’s to the “Golden Greek” Jim Londos keeping wresling alive during the Great Depression. We are also interested in more modern history such as the dawn of television with “Gorgeous” George, the Territory Days all the way up to today’s product.

Shoot us an e-mail at contact@betwrestling.com with a brief introduction for consideration.