WWE News Today 4/21/17 – Where Have Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Been? Vader Faints in Japan, Paige Return

  • Triple H and Stephanie are currently on vacation in the Caribbean and have posted photos on instagram. It is being said that the reason Stephanie was put through a table at Wrestlemania is so she could have time off for this vacation.
  • Vader fainted after a match in Japan during a ceremony for Tatsumi Fujinami. This was the aftermath of a 6-man tag team match involving Vader and Fujinami at Korakuen Hall. Vader was able to regain consciousness and leave on his own. He later claimed it had nothing to do with his heart and that it was something involving his head.
  • Roman Reigns is off for the weekend events for the Raw Brand but is being advertised for WWE Raw this Monday Night at the Sprint Center in Kansas City.
  • There are high hopes at the top of the WWE management totem poll for Baron Corbin. Even with the rise in interest for Braun Strowman, Corbin is considered to have more potential of the two. Baron is now being groomed for a WWE Championship match later this year. This is said to be a driving force behind why Jinder Mahal was put in the title picture in order to buy time for Corbin to be as prepared as possible for the opportunity. A major overhaul in his gimmick could be underway including new entrance music.
  • Even with the plans for Corbin to be elevated to the WWE Championship picture, expect AJ Styles to get a title opportunity against Randy Orton before then on the Smackdown Brand.
  • Paige’s neck has healed up but the Wrestling Observer reports that WWE has no plans for her to return at this point.
  • The Bollywood Boyz have been renamed the Singh Brothers to serve in a factor headed by #1 Contender to the WWE Championship Jinder Mahal.


highest paid wwe wrestlers

WWE News Today 4/12/17

WWE News and Rumors | April 12, 2017

  • Forbes recently released a list of the top 10 highest paid WWE Wrestlers. These are estimates from the calender year of 2016. Brock Lesnar tops the list this year.
  1. Brock Lesnar – $12 million
  2. John Cena – $8 million
  3. Triple H – $3.5 million
  4. Roman Reigns – $3.5 million
  5. Dean Ambrose – $2.7 million
  6. AJ Styles – $2.4 million
  7. Shane McMahon – $2.2 million
  8. The Undertaker – $2 million
  9. Seth Rollins – $2 million
  10. Randy Orton – $1.9 million
  • After the 4/10 episode of WWE Raw from Long Island went off the air Chris Jericho was attacked by Samoa Joe with Seth Rollins making the save. This led to a tag team match between Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho vs Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens. Rollins pinned Joe with a jumping knee.
  • Finn Balor was banged up after his match with Jinder Mahal on Raw and may be out of action indefinitely.
  • Simon Gotch will be wrestling a few dates in the United Kingdom this July. A 90 day Wwe mandated no complete clause will be expired by this time. And will doing matches 7/22 for XWA Wrestling and 7/28 Pro Wrestling Pride.
  • WWE is interested in Lio Rush who is no longer with ROH and showed up backstage for Raw the night after Wrestlemania.
  • Former WWE talent Victoria has closed her wrestling themed sports bar known as the Squared Circle. The establishment had been located in Chicago and it will be missed by wrestlers traveling through that city.
  • Kane has announced his bid for Mayor of Knox County as a Republican and is focusing his platform on Education and Business, along with keeping taxes low.

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