Monday Night RAW 3/27/17

Its the last RAW before WRESTLEMANIA! So stoked… I catch my flight on Wednesday and am really looking forward to the trip.

The show kicks off with a promo by Bayley, which is interrupted by Charlotte, who is interrupted by Sasha Banks, then Nia Jaxx comes out to add her two sense. Have I told you all how much I love Nia, cause I do. She needs to take this belt on Sunday!!!
The promo turns into an impromptu fight, which is fine as they are scheduled for a tag match next on RAW.  We come back, Bayley and Sasha are teamed against Charlotte and Nia Jaxx. All I can think while watching this, is if they don’t put the belt on Nia, they are tripping. Bayley takes the pin with her Belly to Bayley on Charlotte. Nia Jaxx beats up Sasha and Bayley after the match, then attacks Charlotte for good measure. Overall this match was meh… I hope they really bring it at Mania.

We come back, and its Austin Aries vs Noam Dar with Alicia Foxx and Neville is on commentary. Gonna watch rather than write… Aries by submission. I love watching him wrestle, hence why I don’t write much when he does. Watch 205Live….

Seth Rollins hobbles out on his crutch, and limps his way to the ring. Yo bro.. you don’t lead with your injured leg up the steps… just saying. Time to sign his liability waiver/hold harmless agreement, which makes me ask, as independent contractors, don’t they always sign these?  HHH comes out and tells him to sit down in the chair, and he cannot attack him, or no Wrestlemania match, and after he signs it, nothing until then. He then goes on and on about whats in the contract… HHH says a one legged man has never won the ass kicking contest ever, which is dead wrong, as he clearly doesn’t remember employing Zack Gowan.  Seth finally gets the mic and keeps it really real. This is a decent promo, considering I hate long promos. Of course HHH attacks Rollins right after the agreement is signed… They fight back and forth, Rollins tosses HHH to the floor, when HHH tries to re-enter the ring, Rollins hit him with the crutch.

The Big Show vs Jinder Mahal in an over the top rope challenge, Mahal is tossed out immediately. Bo Dallas comes out next, and is tossed out, then out comes The Shining Stars, 2 on 1, they are both tossed out by TBS net is Golddust, Curtis Axl ad R Truth, and everyone else jumps back in to try to throw TBS out. TBS comes back and lays out everyone. Then Braun Strowman’s music hits. He says if he wanted to he would go down and Kick TBS’s ass right now, he does what he wants so we have to wait till Wrestlemania.

Neville vs Jack Gallagher another match I rather watch then write about…. I enjoy watching these guys a lot, and Gallagher has just the right amount of comedy shtick for me. That umbrella spot. Neville wins by submission. Really looking forward to the CW championship match at mania. It may be MOTN.

Roman Reigns comes out, gets boo’s hard. (its Philly, and he’s come to talk about beating the Undertaker) He talks for a bit… then there is this voice over on the titantron with a graveyard, but it doesn’t sound like the Undertaker, it sounds like Kermit the Frog. Why does the Undertaker sound like Kermit the frog? And of course the arena goes dark and Taker is suddenly in the ring, and now sounds like Rolph the dog. Is he secretly moonlighting as a muppet? Whats wrong with his voice? Please retire Taker. Please. I don’t want to remember you a sad crippled old man like Rick Flair.

Enzo and Big Cass vs Gallows and Anderson but Cesaro and Sheamus come out and beat Gallows and Anderson with a ladder before they can get to the ring, as payback for a backstage attack earlier. All the men are now in the ring, with the ladder… its a clusterfuck. Gallows and Anderson get control of the ladder and lay everyone out.

Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn in a no DQ match, if Zayn loses to Owens he is out of Wrestlemania and a job from what it sounds like. Zayn holds up well to the abuse Owens puts him through. Both men are down and Samoa Joe comes, out, followed by Chris Jericho. who cracks Joe with a chair. Zayn rolls up Owens while he is distracted by Jericho at ringside, then Owens begins to pound on Zayn again, and Jericho comes in and beats Owens with a chair, then cuts a promo on him.

Paul Heyman comes out with Brock Lesner to hype up the Main Event at Wrestlemania vs Goldberg… Honestly this match is the one I could care the least about. But I do like listening to Heyman talk. After a good 5 minute promo, Goldberg makes his way to the ring, and Lesner goes for him, but Goldberg spears him, and takes him out.

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