Money In The Bank Results!

Its that tine again folks! Money In The Bank is today, and we are currently tuned into the pre-show on the WWE Network!

If you are following along with us you can place bets up until the bell of each match!

The Hype Bros. vs The Colons – Mojo is too good to be in a tag team…  This match was a lot of fun to watch, Ryder gets the pin for The Hype Bros to take the win!

Main Card:
1st EVER Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match:
Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch vs Tamina vs Carmella w.James Ellsworth vs Natayla What no surprise 6th woman? Boo! Tamina clears the ring, they fight a bit, Nattie is first to try to get the briefcase but Charlotte takes her out. Charlotte tries to climb up but Carmella pulls her down, Carmella makes her way up as does Charlotte, they fight a bit at the top of the ladder, Tamina comes and shoves the ladder over. Nice. Nattie hits Tamina with a ladder, Tamina already looked beat up. Becky and Nattie are fighting, broken up by both Carmella and Charlotte…. Its back to just Nattie and Becky, Becky kicks Nattie out and climbs the ladder to be pulled down by Carmella. I have to say, I am enjoying Carmella’s outfit today. Its very appropriate. Carmella gets taken out by Charlotte, who looks meaner today than she has since she came from RAW, Charlotte climbs ladder, Tamina climbs behind her and both take a huge bump to the floor from 3/4 the way up. Charlotte spears Tamina out of the ring, all the women are on the outside. Charlotte does a moonsault off the top turnbuckle onto Tamina and Nattie on the outside, so now they are all down… that was stupid. What good is taking yourself out? Carmella climbs the ladder, but Becky pulls her down and powerbombs her, Becky climbes the ladder, and Ellsworth tips her over and tries to revive Carmella. Ellsworth says fuck it and HE CLIMBS THE LADDER AND TAKES THE CASE!!! Refs are arguing at ringside… James Ellsworth grabs the mic declares Carmella the Winner and gives her the briefcase. Talk about the ultimate screw job!

Daniel Bryan is returning on Tuesday for SmackDown Live and has something to say about this!

Backstage interview with Lana… she is pretty confident she is walking away with the title tonight.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
The New Day vs The Uso’s(c) -The New Day cut a bizarre promo, and are also very confident they will walk away victorious tonight. The Uso’s look like they are ready to beat the snot out of The New Day… then they cut to introduce all the announce teams. Seriously? The match starts with Kofi Kingston and Jimmy Uso. They go back and forth, Jay gets tagged in, then Kofi managers to tag Big E in. There is so much going on, as usual its hard to cover it shot for shot, Kofi takes and ugly bump to the outside, when he gets up Jimmy clotheslines him so hard his head almost came off. The Uso’s are tearing poor Kofi apart. Kofi hasn’t been able to tag out for a while, and the Uso’s are taking full advantage of the situation. Jay Uso’s talking mad shit between beating on Kofi. Jay lets Kofi recover a little too long, and gets  sick dropkick, Big E back in, so is Jimmy and Big E gets two huge Belly to bell suplexes on Jimmy, but Jimmy cuts him off. Big E recovers, and there is more back and forth, Big E tags Kofi in and they double team Jimmy Uso. Kofi is back in, and fired up, but the Uso’s cut him off quickly, and Jay gets him in a submission in the middle of the ring. Jimmy tries to take out Big E outside, but gets suplexed on the floor. Kofi hits the SOS on Jay Uso, both men are down. There is a hot tag, and Big E is the legal man, but Jimmy doesn’t realize it, and almost gets put through the floor of the ring. Jimmy breaks up the pin, Xavier distracts him with the trombone, more stuff happens, TND his The Midnight Hour on Jay USO, but jimmy pills him out. The Uso’s stay out of the ring, and lose by count out, so The New Day won the match, but The Uso’s retain their titles.

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match:
Lana vs Naomi(c) : This match starts off hot, both women have a ferocity you don’t often see. Lana screams waaaaaay too much. Lana is way more aggressive than you would expect, she is really taking it to Naomi. Watching the match makes it apparent that she is still very limited in her skill set, but has really leaned to take advantage of what she does know. Lana gets the first cover, Naomi kicks out at 2, Lana has been targeting the champions left knee, and her strategy seems to be paying off. Naomi works her way out of Lana’s control. She regains a little bit and gives Lana 3 big kicks to the head, and then his Lana with The Rear View. But Naomi doesn’t get the pin, Lana gets back in control, and gives her a sit out spine buster… before the match is even over, Carmella has come to the ring, with her MITB Briefcase, Ellsworth, and a referee, is she here to cash in or just to mock Lana? Naomi managers to get back in control and wins by submission… What is Carmella going to do??? She decided to wait for another time.

Maria Kanellis and Mike Kanellis (really) come out, she says the first lady of WWE is back, shes been searching for 7 years for the perfect partner… Its Mike, they pan on educating everyone on SmackDown Live about the Power Of Love. I wonder how Bruce Prichard Feels about this.

WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal(c) – Actually enjoying this match, and got distracted by someone interested in what I was watching. Mahal has dominated a lot of this match so far, but as we all know a viper waits to strike! Orton does indeed strike, Dumping Mahal into the legends including his Dad in the front row, then he gets dumped on the announce table himself. The men go back and forth a bit more, Orton tosses Mahal, but Mahal powders out, Orton follows him and gets capped in the knee on the barricade. OW. Mahal drags him to the ring for a 2 count. This knee submission was already used in the tag match. GAH I hate that. Jinder Mahal is a giant copycat. Too distracted to give a play by play, this match has been fun to watch. Orton superplex’s Mahal off the top rope, and gets a 2 count. Orton gets the RKO but the Singh brothers put Mahal’s foot on the rope. They get thrown out from ringside, but this is a major distraction for the official. Mahal has rolled out of the ring, Orton lays there catching his breath, the Singh brothers stay at ring side anyway and start shit talking the legends, grabbing Cowboy Bob Orton, and Randy comes to his dads rescue… Orton then destroys the Singh’s who aren’t even heavy enough to go through an announce table… ha. But where is Mahal? Orton puts one of the Singh’s through a table with a RKO, Jinder Mahal then drags him in the ring, and gets the win, retaining the title. BOO.

Breezango: The Fashion Police vs The Ascension – This is a solid tag tam match, Totally enjoyed watching it. Fandango gets the roll up for the win. Congratz to the Ascension on the PPV, you guys are going places.

2017 Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match:
AJ Styles vs Dolph Ziggler vs Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens vs Shinsuke Nakamura vs Baron Corbin – Baron Corbin starts it off by attacking Nakamura from behind during the strobe light part of his entrance. Nakamura is knocked out at on the entrance way… Match starts anyway. I will try to give you highlights, there is no way I can follow this mayhem. Pretty much everyone is getting the shit kicked out of them. AJ looked to be the first to try to get the ladder up, but Owens came up and kicked him in the face. Owns tries to set the ladder up, Zayn cuts him off… Owens gets away climbs the turnbuckle and Zayn pulls him off and throws him on the ladder. Ouch. Wonder if Nakamura is ok… Ladder is now broke, new ladder in the ring, but Ziggler comes in to take out Zayn. More back and forth… now we got Styles, and Corbin in the ring, Corbin is down, AJ is setting up the ladder, get up, and Corbin climbs up as well. They fight at the top Ziggler pulls Corbin down, climbs over him, and knocks Styles down, and then Corbin yanks Ziggler down, starts to climb but Ziggler his him with the Zigzag.. (Corbin may be dead) Styles Ziggler, and Zayn on a ladder…. all fighting, Styles falls off, Ziggler and Zayn fighting at the top. Zayn gives Ziggler the sunset flip power bomb off the top. OUCH. Owens is back, pulls Zayn out, they go back and forth a bit, Zayn just did some sick shit to Owens, and I am pretty sure he’s dead too. There is carnage ad bodies everywhere. Zayn climbs the ladder, and Styles launches himself from who knows where, off the top rope, and knocks Zayn and the ladder down. Corbin is back up and yanks Styles up, and smashes him into the announce table a few times. Corbin sets a ladder up off the stairs and the desk, but takes too long and styles fights back, Styles still gets choke-slammed into the ladder. This is a painful match. Corbin and Zayn are in the ring, Zayn takes him out, gets the ladder up climbs up and Ziggler and owns both try to pull him down. Owens succeeds. Owens now on ladder, Styles pulls him down. They go back and forth a bit. Styles gives Owens a suplex on the ladder on the stairs and everyone’s dead. Styles gets up and climbs the ladder, AJ Styles is hanging from the chain he takes a huge bump that looks really ugly after falling without the suitcase. Corbin takes Ziggler out, and starts to climb, and Nakamura is up! YEEEEEEAAAAH! Nakamura is pretty fresh in comparison, he just took a nap… He’s making work of Corbin, knocks him out of the ring, Ziggler runs in and Nakamura makes quick work of him, Same thing with Zayn, then Owens when he tries to hold the ladder, Nakamura sets up the ladder, everyone else seems dead… He makes the Ascent, and Styles joins him…. crowd is freaking out… they move the ladder aside, then go blow for blow. its back and forth a bit, Nakamura gets The Exploder on Styles, but when Nakamura goes back for more, Styles cuts him off. Crowd is chanting “This is Awesome” It actually is. Styles is climbing as is Nakamura, they fight at the top, There’s 15 minutes left in this PPV??? Corbin comes and takes them both out, by knocking them off the ladder, and he easily climbs the ladder and gets the briefcase. Baron Corbin is this years Money In the Bank Winner!

Yet another great SmackDown branded PPV. Overall I really enjoyed the PPV, as you can see in comparison to my other reviews. The last RAW PPV was boring as fuck, and seriously creative on that brand needs to step up their game! (Don’t blame the talent!)

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NXT TakeOver: San Antonio

So the Royal Rumble has me pretty excited about wrestling right now, and I have access to the WWE Network, so I’ve been trying to catch up on what I have been missing out on.

Tonight I watch the NXT TakeOver and give you my thoughts.

Here is the line up from

NXT General Manager William Regal has revealed the following match card for this incredible event:

NXT Championship Match
Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Bobby Roode (PREVIEW)

NXT Women’s Championship Fatal 4-Way Match
Asuka (c) vs. Billie Kay vs. Peyton Royce vs. Nikki Cross (PREVIEW)

NXT Tag Team Championship Match
#DIY (c) vs. The Authors of Pain w/Paul Ellering (PREVIEW)

Tye Dillinger vs. Eric Young (PREVIEW)

Roderick Strong vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas (PREVIEW)



I will update each match review as they happen! Keep in mind, I haven’t seen anything but bits and pieces of NXT in years…

Tye Dillinger vs Eric Young –

Dillinger goes after him right away, frankly the match is too fast to do a play by play.  Eric young is getting his ass handed to him or so it seems. Dane took Dillinger out and Young did a sweet top rope elbow drop. I guess he’s got his bearings back. This is a great match, sad I been missing this! There is a lot of interference from ringside, and Dillinger takes them out from the top rop to the outside, this match ends with Eric Young pinning Dillinger.
Really gotta catch up on whats going on here, but so far I am digging this show.

Roderick Strong vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas – It”s nice to see Roderick Strong on TV. This match is very back and forth  with a very classic wrestling type feel. The match starts with some grappling back and forth. Almas and Strong are a good matchup. Those kicks to the face Roderick gives are still just as impressive as I remember. Almas is great in his roll, with hair pulling, slapping, chocking with the boots. I like this guy’s style. He gets Strong into a submission hold in the ropes, not to win but to do some damage. Almas gets the first cover and a 2 count. He tries to get a submission on strong but it didn’t work, a lot more back and forth and Strong gets the second pin attempt in the match another two count. This match is definitely engaging to the point its hard to write. Almas goes for a second pin, two count again.  We have both men down, the ref is counting, both get back to their feet, Strong takes control but is counter by Almas. Almas gets Strong in another double arm lock. Strong gets out with a foot on the rope. Crowd chants “This is Awesome” I agree. Strong gives Almas a backbreaker on the turnbuckle, and goes for another pin. 2 count. Almas still down Strong picks him up for his finisher, but is cut off… more back and forth. Strong ends it with a boot to the face to win.

When we come back from break Michael Hayes is at ringside. Then we go into some ridiculously long promo/flashback videos.

Next match up is #DIY (c) vs. The Authors of Pain w/Paul Ellering – The Authors of Pain come out first, and honestly its pretty awesome to see a monster tag team with a diabolical manager. Pro wrestling need that. #DIY come to the ring, Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano both made waves in the independents. It feels like WWE bought ROH one wrestler at a time…
Not even going to try to do a play by play her but will give you the highlights. The Authors of Pain are huge, but I am not sure they can out wrestle #DIY by the looks of them. They both weigh over 300lbs… Rezar is pretty agile for a big man, the commentators said he has a martial arts background. Gargano is taking a beating. Gargano takes both of the AOP out by diving onto them from the ring, on opposite sides of the ring. Gargano gets a busted face, why is he still in? Tag out fool. Paul Ellering is contributing to the mayhem, so Ciampa has yet to have been officially tagged in. AOP is keeping Gargano in their corner now that they have him. I’m really digging AOP but they need new gear. Something meaner.Gargano is still trying for that tag, but nope. Gargano is taking a beating. Gargano finally gets the tag after running one of the AOP into the steel post. Ciampa comes out on fire. He takes on both AOP at once. tried to get a pin but only a 2 count. Ciampa gets cut off and almost pinned by Akam. Ciampa tags gargano for a double spear, but Akam kicks out again, Rezar is down at ringside. Gargano tossed out,. but Ciampa is the legal man, Rezar tagged back in for a huge neckbreaker but Ciampa kicks out. Another pin on Akam, Both teams are in the ring double submission, Rezar picks up Gargano and throw him on the other two. Crowd is chanting “The is awesome again” they like this more than RAW…. The authors of pain put a beating on Ciampa, and give him “The Final Chapter” to pin him for the win. Authors of Pain are your new NXT Tag Champions.

Seth Rollins comes out and says he’s taking this bitch over. Hell yeah. He calls HHH out, and HHH comes out then is surrounded by security. Boo what kinda punk ass shit is this? He sends security after Rollins who takes his shirt off and beats the shit out of all of them, then more security on the way up the ramp. Hes got 6 or 7 guys on him, crowds screaming “let him go.” Refs come out, they push him up the ramp, crowd is shouting “BULLSHIT”. Now they are chanting “We Want Rollins”

Next match is a fatal 4 way match for the NXT Womens Championship. Asuka (c) vs. Billie Kay vs. Peyton Royce vs. Nikki Cross – Nikki Cross comes to the ring first, shes pretty intimidating. She reminds me of a young Amy Lee. Nect are Billie Kay and Peyon Royce. Askuka comes to the ring last, her ring coat is dope. She is the undefeated NXT Women’s Champion. She doesn’t have to be involved in the pinfall to lose the championship in this match. No count outs no DQ’s.
Nikki and Asuka start it off, the other wait to get involved for a moment before attacking. Asuka takes everyone out. Nikki is ranting at Asuka but Billie and Peyton get back into it. They do a dope double german suplex. Nikki and Asuka are going at it one on one again. Asuka gets first pin attempt on Nikki but she kicks out. These two are going at it and the Australian girls are nowhere to be found. Nikki is now in control and is abusing Askula, giving her a knarly neckbreaker off the apron  taking her out, then does a top rope cross body onto Billie and Peyton. The brawl goes outside the ring, to the announce table. Peyton and Billie give Nikki a big suplex to a table near the announce table. Nikki is out, Peyton and Billie go after Asuka, realizing she is still down. They both try to pin Asuka but Asuka gets up, Nikki still hasn’t moved. Peyton almost pins Asuka but she bridges out. Asuka takes both of the Australian girls gown, and retains her belt. Nikki Cross is still down, but eyeing Asuka as she walks up the ramp.

There is an appearance by UK champ Tyler Bate

Next up is NXT Championship Match: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Bobby Roode – Roode comes to the ring. Nakamura has an super elaborate entrance. Nakamura seems pretty confident in an overtly sarcastic way. God that is one ugly title belt… you sure you guys want that? Nakamura and Roode stare each other down. Roode has sequins from his jacket stuck to him… lol.
The first move is by Roode, but it is back and forth from standing to on the ground. Nakamura seems to be toying with Roode. Roode starts to toy with him by acting like hes going to get out of the ring. Nakamura grabs Roode in a waist lock, but Roode breaks it on the rops and takes over. He gets Nakamura into a submission hold but Nakamura gets out and verses, but still doesn’t get the upper hand. The crowd is clapping trying to get behind the champ. Nakamura comes back, and begins to take over the match. Roode rolls to the outside, Nakamura follows, giving the fans an up close and personal with Roode’s face, before bringing him back to the ring. Roode turns it around and Nakamura takes a nasty fall off the top rope to the floor backwards. Roode stays on him, tossing him into the stairs. Poor Nakamura. Roode pulls him to the ring to try to cover him, but only a 2 count. Crowd is cheering Nakamura on. as Roode continues to assault the champion. Nakamura builds up again, this match is too interesting for play by play. Roode cuts him off again and attempts a pin. gets 2 count. The crowd is super pumped for this match. Roode tries to suplex Roode of the top but Nakamura throws him off and drop kicks him.  Nakamura tried to get in into the corner but Roode gains control again or so Nakamura wants him to think. Nakamura takes back control over the match stomping the shit outta Roode. Nakamura does some crazy shit into an arm bar, but since he cant lock that in he goes for the triangle but hes is outpowered b Roode. Nakamura gives Roode this wicked sliding kick to the face, covers him, but only a 2 count. Nakamura goes to the top, Roode rolls outta the ring, Nakamura jumps to the outside hitting Roode in the heard, but hurting his knee in the process, They get back in the ring, Nakamura gives Roode the “Final Blow” but can’t get to cover Roode because of his knee. Nakamura wants to continue, the trainer doesn’t want to let him, but he does anyway Roode gives Nakamura a DDT but Nakamura kicks out. Roode goes after the hurt knee and works it hard in a submission, but Nakamura fights out of it. Roode gives him another big suplex and gets the 3 count, making Bobby Roode your new NXT Champion.

Final thoughts: I really enjoyed this. I cannot believe I have been missing out on this and will try to stay current with this brand. I’m also digging 205 Live. You can watch all this. The Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania and more on the WWE Network.