Betting Odds on Cena vs Nakamura for This Tuesday on Smackdown Live

The following odds are sourced from 5Dimes. Bets are taken from players worldwide.

Bet on Cena vs Nakamura on Smackdown

For the first time ever, bets are being taken for a WWE televised match, as opposed to odds only being offered on PPV matches that we have seen in the past. This may become a trend, but for now it’s limited to one match only and it is a match with high stakes. The match being the first ever match between John Cena and Shinuke Nakamura and the states being which competitor goes on to challenge WWE Champion Jinder Mahal at SummerSlam. The match in question will happen live on Smackdown, Tuesday August 1.

Not only are there high stakes in this match, but this is also a much discussed “dream match” that has been discussed ever since Nakamura joined the WWE’s developmental program last year. Once would assume this match would be huge enough to be on PPV itself, and it definitely is. This match is probably drawing more interest than either Cena or Nakamura would challenging Mahal for the championship.

The television ratings as of recent have approached abysmal levels and this match may be designed to be broadcasted live on Smackdown to attempt to correct these low ratings. With sports books taking notice enough to designate odds this is a strong indication that WWE will succeed with this attraction.

Right now John Cena is slightly favored at -145 to Nakamura’s +105. These odds are close and can be looked to as very close to even. To editorialize, the chances of a draw or non-finish leading to both men participating in the SummerSlam match challenging Jinder is a fair, if not likely, prediction. When gambling it must be mentioned that draws or non-finishes result in the bet being canceled and money refunded.

Source: 5Dimes