Clash of Champions Live Results!

Clash of Champions is upon us! Hopefully, this event will exceed my current expectations. You can read my predictions here.

Betting odds are out, and lines are open until the bell of each match. You can check out the latest odds here. If you are interested in learning how to bet on pro wrestling, I suggest reading this article.

This article will be updated with a commentary, and match results at the end of each match, so stay tuned for details! And remember you can get your first month of WWE Network for FREE if you sign up today!

The preshow is currently on, and by watching Carmella with her briefcase, and her body language, I would guess she is going to try to cash it in tonight after the lumberjack match.

Mojo Rawley vs Zack Ryder: Mojo runs out ready to tear someone apart. Ryder walks out to the ring looking pretty confident. Ryder hits Rawley with a dropkick right away,. then it quickly goes to the outside. There is some really exciting back and forth between these former tag team partners. Ryder seemed to be in control at first but has quickly run out of steam and Rawley has taken control. Ryder fights out of a choke hold to be tossed out of the ring. Rawley follows him out and runs him into the barricade… and commercial break for WWE Shop… WTF. When we come back Rawley has Ryder in another choke hold, Ryder fights out but gets taken down again by a big boot. Rawley is spending too much time shit talking and not enough time trying to pin Ryder. His shit talking giver Ryder enough time to recover and fight back. Ryder lays into him with forearms and a good knee to the face in the corner, Ryder gets a 2 count by Rawley gets his foot on the bottom rope.  Rawley gets his steam back and plows through Ryder, getting an easy 3 count. WELL DUH.

Main Card

US Championship Title Match
Baron Corbin(c) vs Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler
I got stuck on a phone call but when I get back this shit is on fire. Ziggler is showing exactly what he is made of by taking control in this match, and so is Corbin by running away. Ziggler almost gets a pin on Roode but Corbin broke it up. Ziggler and Roode each get a hit on Corbin, Rood goes to give Ziggler his finisher and Corbin hit him with the deep 6 for the 2 count. Boston crowd is hot on Roode chanting for him. Roode gets Corbin down but Ziggler takes him out… a ton more shit happened, it was crazy Roode tries the glorious DDT but Ziggler counters and gets a 2 count pin on Roode. Holy shit too much happening. Ziggler gets sent into the turnbuckle, Roode hits the glorious DDT, but Corbin broke up the pin, and gave Roode a backbreaker on the outside. Corbin is about to take out Roode, Ziggler takes them both out, and gets the pin on Corbin to become the new US champion! HOLY SHIT! Congratz!

YES It’s RUSEV DAY!!!! (Everyday is Rusev Day!)
Aiden English comes out first and introduces Rusev, and then works on finishing the “12 days of Rusev” and its such a beautiful tribute the fans explode into Rusev Day chants! An extra verse is about to be added but then Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable come out to the ring… It’s time for the next match!

Smackdown Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Title Match
Rusev and Aiden English vs Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable vs The New Day vs The Uso’s(c)
The Usos are still doing the stupid penitentiary gimmick, I hate it. Please stop. So they are only letting 4 men in the ring at once, however quickly all men end up in the ring, then quickly cleared from the ring. This is a no DQ match, so all hell has broken loose, bodies flying everywhere. Shelton Benjamin gives Jimmy Uso a massive move from the top rope, it was awesome. Shelton Benjamin is now getting torn apart by Big E and Kofi. Rusev comes in but Kofi dropkicks him as well. Kofi is on fire and Big E is tossing him into each opponent, until Rusev cuts him off, goes after Jay Uso and almost gets a 2 count pin attempt. I guess there are “legal men” in the match but frankly, it’s too hard to follow. Its rest hold time, Gable has Kofi and English has one of the Usos in a hold. Now RUsev took over and is stomping said Uso…  Gable and Benjamin continue to work over Kofi. I don’t understand the rules to this match, its no DQ but only 4 men in the ring at once and anything outside the ring goes? DUDE WWE LOGIC IS GONNA MAKE MY BRAIN EXPLODE. Big E and Jay Uso take out English and Gable double cover 2 count, Jay and Big E start to brawl, the Usos clear the ring. Gable and Benjamin return to the ring and gable has Jay Uso in a Submission while Benjamin is protecting him from interference until English interferes and Rusev kick Gable in the head from the other side. Rusev and Gable are legal in the ring. Rusev gets the Accolade in but Big E breaks it up, but that’s broken up Rusev pins Big E for a 2 count, twice in a row… Rusev gets Big E in the Accolade now, and Big E is trying to fight out, but Rusev is stronger. Gable breaks it up by giving Rusev a nearly impossible suplex, he then takes English out and Gives Big E a suplex as well, the Usos come in and stop Gable to retain their championship titles. That was awesome even if the rules made no sense.

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match
LumberJack Match Charlotte vs Natalya
The Riot Squad, Carmella, Tamina w/Lana, Naomi, are at ringside as the lumberjacks.
As I said earlier in this article I think Carmella is going to cash in the money in the bank briefcase tonight. It’s a shame Ellsworth isn’t there to see it.The match starts off with some chaining then the two women go strike for strike, Natalya gets thrown out of the ring, and Naomi kicks her a few times, she gets back in and throws Charlotte out, and the girls jump on Charlotte on the outside. Nattie and Charlotte continue back and forth and Charlotte gets a neckbreaker for a 2 count on Nattie. Nattie isn’t slowed down much by this then put the boots to Charlotte, and send her outside but the riot squad sends her back in. Nattie keeps control, but and Charlotte is clearly getting abused, Nattie chokes her on the ropes, the ref breaks it up, Nattie is out but Carmella tosses her back in, Charlotte lights Nattie up with a bunch of chops, Nattie cuts her off, continuing her assault, she almost gets Charlotte in the sharpshooter, but Charlotte gets out before it’s locked in. Charlotte and Nattie end up on the outside, and all the other women Jump Charlotte. Nattie gets the sharpshooter locked in on Charlotte this time, the hold is broken, then all hell breaks loose, Charlotte does a huge moonsault off the top to the outside, everyone is down, but Nattie avoids it and beats on Charlotte some more. Nattie goes to put Charlotte in the sharpshooter, but Charlotte reverses and wins by submission. Nattie cuts a promo about being treated with nothing but disrespect. Well we still love you lady. Meow.

Breezango vs The Bludgeon Brothers
Poor Breezango. Looks like Harper and Rowan may kill them. Harper and Breeze start out, and Harper just knocks breeze down. Rowan is tagged in but chases Fandango outside, and when he does go to the ring, Breeze kicks him in the face. He is stunned for a moment, grabs Breeze, but Fandango cuts Rowan off. Harper comes to the other side of the ring to help his partner get this match on track. Harper and Rowan double team Breezes head into the canvas, he’s down. They then unleash hell on Fandango, ONE TWO THREE it’s over with Rowan getting the pin on Fandango. I guess Fashion Files has been canceled.

Speaking of canceled….

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens vs Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura
w/ Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan as “Special Guest Referees”
Watching the crowd do the “Yes” chant for DB makes me want to cry…
The match starts out with Orton and Zayn, and of course, both ref’s in the ring,  a little chain wrestling, then Orton goes for a quick pin, and both refs start counting at different paces, and Sami kicks out. Nakamura tags in and begins to chain with Zayn. Zayn backs him into the ropes and Shane immediately breaks it up. More back and forth but its already clear these duel special guest refs do not see eye to eye. Owens tags i and gives Nakamura some good chops, and then Nakamura turns it around and gets a 2ish count pin on Owens. But again the refs are not even remotely on the same count time. Now Shane and DB divide the ring and decide to make calls only on “their side”. This shit is hella distracting, and this match is overly gimmicky, and not in a fun stupid kinda way. Orton and Zayn are not working well together at all. It seems like Orton and Zayn may have heat IRL? I’m trying to muster up some care for this match, but it’s too hard. this is boring. Finally, its Owens and Nakamura and Nakamura took Owens out with an awesome kick and just begins to unload on him. Zayn tries to get on the apron but gets cut off by Nakamura, and then Nakamura turns back to Owens and just continues to unload on him. 3 count pin attempt on Owens. 2nd 2 count pin on Owens. Nakamura does some crazy rollup flip into a triangle armbar, and its awesome, Nakamura gets his shoulders down, and DB counts Shane gets mad. Owens tags Zayn in, Nakamura kicks him, but Zayn still lands the blue powerbomb on Nakamura. Owens tags in but is cut off by Orton,  and Zayn tries to get in too, and Shane pushes him out, Nakamura gets the tag, and Orton almost takes Zayn’s head off. Orton is now in control, Zayn is on the apron. Zayn tries to go to the top, but Orton cuts him off with a hit to the nuts, which DB calls as illegal and warns Orton. Orton gives Zayn a huge superplex and Owens pulls Orton outside. Nakamura then goes after Owens on the outside, Zayn comes out to help, both refs come out… everyone’s at ringside, this is more than a 10 count fools!  Utter insanity Owens sets Nakamura up on the table and gives him a huge splash. Everyone has been out of the ring for like 20 seconds or more… this match should technically be over… but sadly it isn’t. Zayn is back in the ring, and Orton gives him a huge power slam then hits him with a neckbreaker and an RKO, and Shane goes to make the call on the cover, he claims it was 3, DB says only 2, they are arguing, Orton is pissed, Owens gets in the ring, Orton hits him with an RKO too, Zayn rolls up Orton, and gets a 2 count, Orton reverses 2 count, Zayn gets Orton pinned again and Shane shoves them screwing the pin. DB is trying to throw Shane out of the match, Shane refuses, Zayn gets another roll up on Orton while he is distracted, and DV gives a super quick pin count like Shane had tried to do earlier in the match. Owens and Zayn are safe to see another Smackdown.

WWE Championship Match
AJ Styles(C) vs Jinder Mahal
The match starts off with some back and forth, and the crowd is already chanting “this is awful”. The Singh brothers are at ringside as always. I’ll have to agree with the crowd this is awful, and there is 35 more minutes of this shit show at the very least. Styles gets tossed into the ropes and falls to the floor. Mahal chases after him but AJ cuts him off. Mahal gets back in the ring to stop the count on himself, then oddly enough decides to to put AJ in then pulls him out again to throw him into the exposed barricade. Mahal beats AJ on the outside more, then tosses him back in, as falls only count in the ring. Mahal kicks AJ off the apron to the floor again, the Singh brothers aren’t going after him, Mahal picks up Styles and tosses him into the announce table. Mahal drags Styles back to the ring, and puts him in a crossface. Then hits him in the face after letting go. Jinder then gets Styles in a scissor lock from behind, crushing Styles ribs. Styles gets out and continues to fight, but Mahal once again reverses, and gives Styles a super awkward abdominal stretch. Styles fights out, Mahal continues to abuse him and shoulder tackles him to the face then goes to the second rope and punches Styles in the face as well. AJ manages to cut Mahal off with a dropkick, Mahal rolls out of the ring, and the ref is counting. Styles makes a come back, goes to springboard off the ropes, but Mahal grabs the ropes and Styles falls on his injured ribs. Mahal gets a gutbuster on STyles, for a 2 count pin attempt. Mahal sets styles up in the corner on the ropes and starts punching him, he wants to give Styles a suplex off the top, but Styles starts to counter, Mahal chokes him, and Styles drops him in and electric chair drop. both men are down, the ref is counting. Mahal barely gets up first, But styles is ready, Mahal cuts him off, but Styles isn’t down and takes Mahal out, both men are down again, and Styles splashes Mahal in the corner. Styles does this sick neckbreaker flip on Mahal, for a 2 count. Mahal takes control but Styles cuts him off with boots to the face, more back and forth, Mahal tosses AJ. Styles gets this sweet suplex for a 2 count, Mahal is still down, and Styles is kicking him in the face, Mahal counters, Mahal his a huge backdrop but Styles kicks out. AJ manages the pailei kick on Mahal. Mahal continues his assault, kneeing Styles, dropping him, kneeing him again for a 2 count. Mahal tries to choke styles from the top rope, Styles gives him a jawbreaker and drops him. Both men are down yet again. Max the cat keeps trying to count Mahal out… I feel you Max. The Singh bros get involved, Styles takes them out, then he springboards off the top, misses, and gets a kick to the back by Mahal. Mahal hits his finisher, and Styles just out after a 2 count. The fans in Boston are pissed. they are booking and chanting “this is awful” again, Styles locks in an ankle lock and Mahal taps out, AJ Styles retains the WWE Championship.

Overall there were little surprises except for Ziggler walking away with the US title. This was a mediocre event, and I hope we see better matches in 2018. Overall it wasn’t terrible, but the double ref gimmick was fucking stupid. ALso to hear people chant “this is awful” twice during an AJ Styles match should show WWE what they need to work on… like matchups people will actually care about.

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Raw Results 1/23

Show opens with…. A PROMO! Sigh. Apparently Owens and Reigns will have a rematch for the title tonight or something… don’t know, not sure if I care…

Tonight… GOLDBERG is here! I could care less!!!

The RAW Tag Team Champions Ceasaro and his partner Sheamus hit the ring their opponents are Gallows and Anderson again? Oh this match is Cesaro vs Gallows in a singles match… After a bunch of nonsense, Gallows picks up the win. He didn’t deserve it. But Cesaro made him look good.

Backstage Mick Foley is talking to Stephanie McMahon about the title match tonight, Sami Zayn comes in to ask about his spot in the Rumble, but Stephanie tells him he has to earn his way in by beating Seth Rollins tonight. Stephanie asks to be taken off speaker phone. Mick agrees to tell Seth something…

Back from commercial, Interview with Bayley about her match with Charlotte at the Rumble for the women’s title. She speaks about working on the indies, and about Charlotte making fun of her fandom.

Another backstage promo, Mick Foley tells Seth Rollins that if Sami beats him tonight, he is out of the Rumble.

Seth Rollins vs Sami Zayn for a spot in the Royal Rumble this Sunday. This match is action packed as you would expect from these two, enjoying watching this match. Sami lays the Blue Thunder Bomb on Rollins but he kicks out, followed by two more near falls. Rollins may be down but not out. Zayn is truly coming into his own. Rollins manages to gain control, and does an over the top blockbuster, but Zayn kicks out. Rollins gets two more near falls, but Zayn kicks out. I’d watch this on a PPV. Its back and forth a bit more, Rollins ends up out over the top. Rollins makes it back to the ring on time. Rollins goes for a pedigree off the top rope, but Zayn reverses into a top rope sunset flip. Rollins kicks out. Both back to their feet, Zayn is in control, but Rollins cuts him off and Pedigrees him on the apron. Ouch. Rollins is about to pin Zayn, when HHH’s music hits… dumb ass falls for the typical bait and switch and gets rolled up by Zayn. No HHH. Stephanie your rotten.

After commercial we come back to Seth Rollins yelling at Mick Foley demanding to know who did this to him. Mick insists he didn’t do it and blames Stephanie.

Mustafa Ali, TJ Perkins, and  Gentleman Jack Gallagher  and  vs Drew Gulak Tony Nese, and Aryia Daivari, This is a super fast paced match ad I am too tired to properly cover it, ends with Ali pinning Gulak… Watch 205 Live to see more of these guys, they are great.

Back from break with The New Day! The come out to talk about the Rumble, then Enzo and Big Cass come out, this might be too much personality for one promo, don’t waste it all on one segment guys! Enzo and Big Cass announce they will also be entering the Rumble, then… Rusev‘s music hits, Hes also entering the Rumble. Then Titus O’Neil comes out, and The New Day tells him he promised not to interrupt them anymore, New Day offers to take it outside, Titus says its gonna be an 8 man tag… I have no idea who this one guy is in the ring or where he came from, I am so confused, Braun Strowman hits the ring.

So its the New Day with Enzo and Cass Vs Titus O’Neil, Rusev, The guy I don’t know, and Braun Strowman. So who is this guy? He isn’t even on the roster page? Are these promos so boring I can’t pay attention to who people are? IDK. Hopefully one of the announcers knows his name after the commercial. Oh its Jinder Mahal. Why doesn’t he have a roster page? I want to care, but so far this match is meh. I really hate watching Titus O’Neil wrestle, his power moves look painful. I’d rather fight Strowman… I like watching Big Cass wrestle though, Enzo too, even if he just got smashed and pinned by Strowman.

Before the ring is even cleared the big show’s music hits, he comes out, and he is in incredible shape after months of hard workouts outside the ring, The Big Show comes down to face Braun Strowman. The Big Show is still bigger. The just stare each other down. Strowman gets out of the ring, and talks shit on the way to the locker room.

The shark cage is hanging over the ring again, to mock Chris Jericho who has just come to the ring. He is fighting Roman Reigns for the US championship, I am so confused… Why do I put myself through this… anyone else want to write results? lol
Reigns takes control early in the match, and we go to commercial. If you read my reviews you will know how much I *LOVE* commercial breaks… sigh, I fast forward through commercials, go to far, can’t rewind, Jericho is in control now, makes a pin attempt on Reigns. Jericho drop kicks Reigns in the face, two count. Reigns gets up, Jericho goes for the code breaker but its reversed and Reigns power bombs him. Jericho kicks out, Owens apparently was on commentary but left to go to the ring and gets in and attacks Reigns, effectively causing a DQ and saving Jericho’s belt for now. Owens calls for the shark cage to be lowered, it looks like they plan on locking Reigns in it… Jericho gets Reigns up, Owens tries to lock him in, but it backfires, and Reigns locks Owens in it instead. Ha ha.  Jericho grabs the cage, and is picked up from the ring along with the cage, until Reigns knocks him off. Owens is screaming Reigns is laughing… Jericho goes to get up and gets a big spear from Reigns. Owens is still locked in the cage.

We come back from break, they are letting Owens out of the cage. Its announced this Sundays Championship match will be a no DQ match.

Now a pre recorded interview with Charlotte about defending her belt against Bayley at the Rumble. She talks about how its a family tradition. Charlotte talks more shit on Bayley, then says its true she is privileged and her dad did get her in with one phone call but no one cares… eww More blah blah blah… Bayleys interview seemed more genuine, this seems so rehearsed.

Back from break we have Nia Jax coming to the ring. she is fighting Ray Lyn. This poor girl is gonna get killed. Yup over in like 20 seconds. Nia cuts a promo about Sasha Banks, and how she broke her. Sasha’s hits, she comes down to the ring limping slightly on one crutch. She gets to ringside and swats nia in the leg, then gets in the ring and pummels Nia with the crutch. When Nia came at Sasha she held open the rope, Nia fell through to the floor, Sash gave her a couple of knees then left.

After yet another break we come back and Rich Swan the Cruiserweight champion comes to the ring, his opponent is Noam Dar, who is accompanied by Swan’s ex Alicia Fox. Yet another fast paced match, as expected. Enjoying this match a lot but seriously it did not need a commercial break in the middle. Alicia Fox is being mildly distracting at ring side, Swann has mainly been in control of this match, and picks up a fairly easy win. After the match he calls out Neville, telling him they don’t have to wait until Sunday. Nevilles music hits, and he comes to the ring looking pretty fierce. Swann dives to the outside and beats on Neville, who quickly backs down. They are fighting for the belt on Sunday as well.

We come back from yet another break with Noam Dar asking if Rich Swann if they can be ok over the stealing of the Alicia Fox, her part of the promo was super weak… Meh… I care about this story line as much as Rich Swann seemed to care about Alicia.

Goldberg is now making his way from the depths of the venue to the ring. apparently they must keep  him away from all other wrestlers, he is that dangerous… or something. He comes out in a giant pyro, surprised his face isn’t melted. Goldberg is slightly over with the crowd, shockingly. He’s got bloody spots on his head, as he clearly just shaved it with a bic. his head is bleeding like he got busted open… I don’t think he knows he is bleeding. I don’t know if I care what he is talking about, all I see is his bloody head. Paul Heyman comes out to address Goldberg, talks about who we may see Goldberg fight in the battle. He teases Goldberg vs Brock Lesner at the Royal Rumble, Lesnar comes out to the entrance way, staring at Goldberg in the ring… I imagine this match might be popular among children… Who don’t know any better. Heyman says Lesner will eliminate Goldberg, Goldberg asks him if hes gonna come down there like a man or stand there like a dum bass… lulz. Lesner heads to the ring… but he’s still a dumb ass to me. Lesner gets into the ring. The room goes dark, and The Undertakers bell tolls, and he appears in the ring. He looks really good. Lesner looks dumbfounded, Goldberg looks unbothered.

And… its over. They managed 7 matches, at least 8 promos, and too many commercials to count. Looking forward to the Rumble this Sunday though, as its one of my favorite PPV’s. You can catch it live on the WWE Network!

WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 Betting Odds

The official betting odds from 5Dimes have been set for this Sunday’s WWE Hell in a Cell on the WWE Network.  All of these matches lines include the standard end of broadcast ruling provision, meaning that if a match is reversed up until the point Hell in a Cell ends, the sportsbook judges the outcome on the final decision. This accounts for “Dusty finishes”.

To understand the lines and how they work, it is actually very simple. A – symbol  indicates who is favored to win, while a + symbol identifies the underdog. The numbers following tell us how much the wrestler(s) is favored or unfavored. Looking at the US Championship match Roman Reigns at -1500 is favored heavily, so it would be a $1500 wager to win only $100. The underdog here is Rusev at +700 meaning a successful $100 bet would win $700.

WWE Universal Championship Hell in a Cell Match

Kevin Owens -1065 vs Seth Rollins +555

WWE United States Championship Hell in a Cell Match

Roman Reigns -1500 vs Rusev +700

WWE Women’s Championship Hell in a Cell Match

Sasha Banks -335 vs Charlotte +245

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

T.J. Perkins +285 vs Brian Kendrick -405

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

The New Day -265  vs Cesaro & Sheamus +185

Enzo Amore & Big Cass +320 vs Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson -460

Bayley -1350 vs Dana Brooke +650

Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado & Sin Cara -490 vs Tony Nese, Drew Gulak & Ariya Daivari +300

The betting lines are constantly changing and can be followed by visiting 5Dimes and viewing their sportsbook.