Lucha Underground Season Finale in 4DX!

On Wednesday night I went with my soon to be co-host Brandon to see the Lucha Underground Season Finale in 4DX at the Regal in DTLA. I wasn’t sure what to expect, even with knowing a little of what 4DX entails before going in.

4DX is an “Immersive Video Experience” that you can read more about on their website. It includes moving seats, water features, clouds/fog, lightning, wind and more. Most of the movies also have a 3D viewing element, which unfortunately this event did not. I enjoyed it none the less.

First of all, watching wrestling on the big screen is great. I honestly don’t know why this isn’t utilized more often as a medium, especially with all the smaller independently owned theaters we have in the US. The special part here is the technology at the Regal. They are the only US partner with the company behind 4 DX and have only 6 Theaters¬†with 4DX, the one here in Los Angeles, two in New York, one in Seattle, and one in Orlando.

During the episode of Lucha Underground, a lot of things were triggered by what was happening on the screen. Whenever someone took a shot to the head, air shot out a hole on one side or the other of your head. When they took bumps, you felt like you got hit in the back. When someone did a hurricanrana the whole row of seats shited and spun, which was a cool effect for what you were looking at visually. When Cage got stuck in the head with the skewers, we got bled on with water. Overall the effects very much added to the entertainment factor for me, and as it seems the others who were in attendance.

I really hope they do this again with season 4, and add the visual elements as well, as there were a few times I saw that really would have looked cool if they were made to pop. Lucha Underground continues to break ground and make wrestling fun again.