“Stunning” Steve Austin Vs Ricky Steamboat WCW

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“Stunning” Steve Austin Vs Ricky Steamboat WCW Saturday Night August 1st, 1992.
This match considered by many to be On Austin’s top 50 matches and his top ten when it comes to his WCW run. This is not not my opinion, as I have never made such a list.In this match, Austin is managed by Paul E. Dangerously, now known as WWE’s Paul Heyman which is his shoot name. “Stunning” Steve Austin at this time was the WCW Television champion as Steamboat was the number 1 contender. This feud would be revisited in 1994 right before Austin left the WCW due to an Injury. Leave us a comment and let us here at betwrestling.com what you think of this match and the style and pace and how you feel it differentiates from his WWF run. This Video was broken into two parts and if we can not find the 2nd video, we will have it available on this page or we will create the part 2 page.- BR3

Steve Austin WCW TV Title champion

Steve Austin WCW TV Title champion

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