Soul Survivor- The story of Missy Morrison

My name is Missy Morrison, I was born in Fort Lauderdale,Florida and grew up living in Port Charlotte,Florida for 15 years before moving up to Delaware County, Pennslyvania. When I was younger and still living in Florida,I never thought about the lifestyle choices that you begin to make when you start to become an adult. All I ever worried about was playing games like man hunt at night with my neighborhood friends and I remember chasing the ice cream truck every day on my bicycle! I have always had a passion for music especially when I was a kid, but I was dealing with severe depression and anxiety growing up as a child. I had such bad anxiety to the point where I couldn’t even order food at any food stand or restaurant that I came in contact with because I was terrified of talking to people. My anxiety was that bad.

As a child you could say I was an ugly duckling, I was forced to wear braces, glasses, and HORRIBLE case of acne. I was made fun of in middle school all the time by the bullies.The bullies favorite jokes where to call me pizza face, four eyes and train tracks. It became so bad that I ended up starting to cut myself and I turned to my radio whenever I got depressed or anxious. I would listen to my rock music and my heavy metal!.

When I moved up here to Pennsylvania I was 15 going on 16 years old and I was getting ready to start my freshman year of high school at a place where I didn’t know one single person.I was the new girl and I was completely terrified to the point where I didn’t even want to go to any of my classes, let alone school for that matter.I started hanging with my cousin, who is older than me and was at the stage in his life where all he did was party and get wild.I later became Friends with a good amount of people who were all probably about 4 or 5 years older than me; which led to me partying more often with my cousin and another group of friends which led me to getting into drugs

In the beginning, It wasn’t bad, I would do stuff here and there and it didn’t seem like a lot. It came to the point where I started doing drugs almost every single day to the point where if I missed a dosage I’d go into immediate withdrawal and to me thats where my well being went down hill! I now needed to have something every day or I would get sick and that withdrawal was the most horrible,intense,disgusting, soul draining, sickening feelings that I have ever experienced in my entire life!

Slowly becoming a drug addict was not part of my plan in life.When I was younger I had thought that I was invincible and I never thought that this would of never happened to me. My addiction had became so bad that I was stealing and lying to my family.I became the biggest liar that anyone in my family had ever seen.I didn’t care about my loved ones or my friends, let alone myself! I plummeted towards the lowest point in my life and hit rock bottom and all I could do everyday was pray to God asking him to help me be strong and to find the strength to beat this disease.

I then met a man through a mutual friend, his Name was Eddie and we started dating in 2012, It didn’t take long into our relationship that he figured out just how bad of a drug addict I really was ( I had lied to him when he first asked me if I was a drug user ) I decided not to lie or sugar coat anything in this brief history of my life-story, I treated this poor man like absolute shit to the point where him and his niece brittany gave me an ultimatum…. I either would go to rehab or I would be evicted from the house that we were living in. I was terrified of the thought of going to rehab but after serious contemplation, I caved in and I ended up going to Mirmont rehab.Making the decision to check into a treatment center saved my life as I would probably be dead right now!! I ended up staying in rehab for about 2 weeks, the rehab wanted me to stay for another week or so but I wasn’t having it so I ended up checking myself out of rehab and of course all the counselors that worked there told me I wouldn’t last 5 hours on the streets before I would start getting high again. However, I just knew in my heart that I was done with drugs and that I wanted to have my soul back.

Thankfully,I’ve been clean now for 2 and a half years! You want to know what my passion is? My passion is to be able to be a great, strong-minded, positive example for not only myself but for others that are still dealing with this terrible disease! I had to retrain my way of thinking and my way of dealing with certain things and certain actions ! It took a good amount of time and will power for me to be able to be where I’m at today. I’m telling every reader out there that is or has a family member still dealing with this disease, You can conquer this and be an amazing,strong ,ambitious person. My passion in life is to help others in need and to be there and do good for those who may need a helping hand ! I know in my heart that as long as I continue to do good deeds for others and be a positive example for my peers, my elders and the young children. My mind,body,and soul will be at peace knowing that I have become the change that I wish to see in the world.

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