Sold Out Shows: How You Can Still Get Tickets!

As NJPW themselves posted, tickets to the highly anticipated G1 Special in Long Beach, California sold out quickly, in two hours after their release they were gone, and when they released additional tickets, they were gone in two minutes!

Yes, NJPW does have that many fans who want to see their product LIVE, but that wasn’t the end to the ticket hype, as the tickets also showed up on aftermarket sites like Ticket Liquidator, and a dozen tickets for the second night are still available!  (if you are going to purchase them, Use promo code TL4TH for 10% off!)

Another brand that seems to sell out everywhere they go is WWE NXT as they tend to offer smaller shows, in Armories and other smaller venues, so these tickets often sell out quickly. These tickets are also often found on the secondary market, like here on Ticket Liquidator or also can sometimes be found on WWE’s Official Reseller Stubhub.

So as you can see, even if you miss the opening sale of the show’s you can still get tickets. Often the prices fluctuate on the aftermarket, based on demand, so keep your eyes on those seats, but if you really want them, grab them when you can!

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