Seth Rollins KingSlayer T-Shirt

Last Monday on WWE RAW, Seth Rollins made his return to save Mick Foley from a beatdown from Triple H, and he didn’t come alone. Rollins debuted a brand new T-Shirt avaiable at WWe Shop and this shirt is a direct message to Triple H, the man Seth has his sights on and an axe to grind with at Wrestlemania. The “King Slayer” theme of this new shirt is an obvious and deliberate warning to Triple H, who considers himself “The King of Kings”.

Rollins has quite a history with Triple H. It starts with Seth being a project of Triple H in NXT and leads to them feuding while part of rival factions in The Shield and The Authority. Rollins would betray his brothers in the Shield to endear himself to Triple H and join The Authority. Triple H would down the line turn on Rollins by interfering in a match and costing Seth the Universal Championship. Now Seth wants retribution and he can be supported by buying this 100% cotton, classic fit T-Shirt.

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