Sabu recently had hip replacement surgery as I wrote about previously. His manager, and my wrestling comrade, Melissa Coates is doing an incredible amount of work to help him get the funds to pay off the surgery, and to live, as he can no longer get an income from wrestling. The message below is from Melissa, who is currently helping Sabu get merchandising going. If you want to help him out, please buy through the info below, and please share this story!


SABU: BLOOD, GUTS&BARBED WIRE 2017 calendars now available. Limited number and these are almost gone! Get this awesome calendar in tribute to the Hardcore Icon Sabu, and help him pay off his hip surgery at the same time!

Go to: for any immediate donations, or invest in his hardcore calendar. $30 USD plus postage ($5 for US/CAN orders, $10 for international, please US funds only!) to paypal (his Super Genie Melissa Coates is his manager and handling his merchandise at the moment, including the Sabu Souvenir Boxes) as family/friend to avoid excess charges, and include your full address. You can inbox Melissa on her realmelissacoates fb acct, or email her at regarding other payment methods.

Sabu also has turbins, wrestling pants, barbed wire, action figures, kendo sticks, broken table pieces, dvds, 8x10s, tshirt, baseball caps, many other custom orders available. Everything can be verified to be official SABU merchandise through a certificate of authenticity, and photos of Sabu signing the item you have purchased. Be aware that just buying Sabu merchandise from anywhere DOES NOT MEAN THE MONEY IS GOING TO SABU…the only way to do this is to order through Sabu or through his Super Genie Melissa Coates, or through companies like which is the premier wrestling fans’ online tshirt store, and has a selection of amazing Sabu Tshirts, including their HARDCORE LEGEND tshirt which was made as a limited edition tshirt and includes an autographed 8×10 to donate $ towards Sabu’s recent hip replacement surgery.

Anyone wanting to donate directly, can go to Email for more any questions, comments or ideas.

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Liz Savage is a former Independent wrestling manager, and occasional wrestler from NY, currently residing in Los Angeles. Liz is involved in social justice movements, and currently is the Digital Content Manager and staff writer for BetWrestling.

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