Royal Rumble Pregame Report for Sunday Betting Odds

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Men’s Royal Rumble

There hasn’t been much change to the Royal Rumble betting odds overnight, however the lines are now available to bettors worldwide in every country, and this is when we see the most drastic moves, dramatic shifts and also may see some projected outcomes flip altogether.

Let’s take a look at every match on the card and recount how the lines have gone up until now, starting with the Men’s Royal Rumble itself. Since the 2017 Royal Rumble ended, odds were already out for the 2018 Rumble, so we’ve had a year to follow these lines and that’s exactly what we have been doing all along. For most of the last year it was Roman Reigns who was favored to win the 2018 Royal Rumble. It’s no secret that the long term plan of the WWE was for Roman to finally get a one on one rematch with Brock Lesnar at this year’s Wrestlemania in New Orleans. He would get this rematch and challenge for Brock’s Universal Championship by winning the Royal Rumble for the second time.

While Reigns had been favored all along, this is no longer the case, as since last week it had been Shinsuke Nakamura who is the leading favorite to win the Rumble. This would presumably lead to a dream match with Nakamura challenging AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. Based on the long history between Styles and Nakamura dating back to their days in New Japan Pro Wrestling through their brief exchange in the 2017 Money in the Bank match where time seemed to stand still, this potential match already has massive buzz and Wrestlemania is the only stage that can even come close to containing this appeal.

While Roman Reigns is still the second most likely to win the Rumble based on the odds, two unexpected names are in the third and fourth most favored positions. If you believe these current odds, both Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler has a legitimate chance to win this match, even though neither have even been announced as being part of it. Dolph was last seen relinquishing the United States Championship, causing the need for a tournament for the vacant title which was eventually won by Bobby Roode in glorious fashion. This leads many to believe that Ziggler has his eye on a more grandiose accomplishment and a Rumble win could be just that.

Daniel Bryan is even more puzzling as he hasn’t wrestled in years since being taken out of the game by “career ending” injuries. It’s no secret that if Bryan had his way, he would be an active performer right now but WWE is not willing to risk Bryan’s health. Bryan has since been serving as the GM of Smackdown Live, a role he appears miserable in. Rumors that Daniel has been secretly cleared exist, however there has not been any solid evidence of this other than these betting odds.

A few details that need to be considered are firstly the rumors that bets on Nakamura, Ziggler and Bryan are being placed internally by someone from the WWE in order to protect the finish of this match. This is a possibility, however if it is true it would most likely mean Roman Reigns is still winning. This brings us to the second consideration of what would happening Roman were to win the Rumble in Philadelphia, where he was booed out of the building even with a surprise appearance by his cousin “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson. Will WWE take this risk for a second time or will they redeem themselves by slotting victory for an “internet darling” like Nakamura, Ziggler or Bryan?

Women’s Royal Rumble

Taking a look at the historic, first ever Women’s Royal Rumble initially saw the most favored performer being Ronda Rousey, who has never even had a single professional wrestling match in her life and is not even advertised for the event. While Rousey winning this would generate the most press, the common criticism is that with this match being so historic that the eventual winner should be a Woman who has been dedicated to her craft for years, working a grueling schedule on the road and paying her dues as a professional wrestler.

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Rousey is no longer favored as she and Asuka have been ping ponging as the most likely to win several times, but Asuka has been holding on consistently for at least the past 24 hours. Ronda has publicly stated that she had “better things to do” than be at the Rumble. Ronda could be of course fibbing about this in order to preserve her being there as the massive surprise that the betting odds would have otherwise spoiled for the world. Rousey did make an appearance at Wrestlemania 31 where she gave Stephanie McMahon her much needed comeuppance and a match between the two women had at one point been planned. Stephanie did announce she would be at the commentary table for the Women’s Rumble and for what it’s worth is the 4th most likely to actually win the match itself according to betting odds.

Universal Championship Triple Threat

Brock Lesnar has two challengers for his Universal Championship and his opponents in this Triple Threat Match are Braun Strowman and Kane. Many criticize that Kane is simply in this match to take the fall and protect Braun, who already took a pinfall loss to Lesnar last year. Brock has always been favored to win this match and his odds have gotten even more favorable than they had been initially. This has been lockstep with the idea that Roman Reigns will be challenging Lesnar for that Universal Championship at Wrestlemania in April. Some feel that Strowman will somehow walk away as champion, and while anything can happen, the odds have never reflected this.


WWE Championship Handicap Match

Like Lesnar, AJ Styles will be defending the WWE Championship against two opponents. The difference is that his opponents, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, will be challenging as a team to become “co-champions” in a handicap match as opposed to a Triple Threat. This means that Kevin and Sami have the advantage of working cooperatively towards a common goal, whereas Kane and Strowman will be competing with each other. Even with the lopsided advantage “Team Kami” have, AJ is still favored to successfully defend his Championship.

Raw and Smackdown Tag Team Championships

Both the Raw and Smackdown Tag Team Championships will be defended as well at the event, with both sets of challengers slightly favored to win. In these cases the projections do not mean that the challengers walk away as champions because either could win by DQ or Count Out, which wouldn’t see the titles change hands. As said, the odds are still close in these two matches and are the toughest to call out of all the matches.

Right now challengers Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin are favored to defeat Smackdown Champions The Usos. With Jey Uso recently charged with a DUI, many feel losing the titles would be a corporate penalty for the shame and embarrassment the arrest caused the WWE. For the Raw Championship, Sheamus and Cesaro are favored to beat the team of Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan. Many are predicting an eventual heel turn by Jason, and this match could be what ultimately facilitate this.

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WWE Royal Rumble – Men’s

Shinsuke Nakamura -210

Roman Reigns +325

Daniel Bryan +750

Dolph Ziggler +800

John Cena +1000

Finn Balor +1100

Braun Strowman +1300

Elias +3000

Baron Corbin +3000

AJ Styles +3500

Kevin Owens +3500

Randy Orton +4000

Seth Rollins +4000

Bobby Roode +4000

Bray Wyatt +4000

Sami Zayn +4500

Rusev +5000

Samoa Joe +5000

The Miz +5000

Brock Lesnar +5000

Jinder Mahal +5000

Undertaker +5500

Chris Jericho +5500

Shane McMahon +5500

Big E +7500

Triple H +7500

Goldberg +7500

CM Punk +9000

Batisita +9000

Sheamus +12500

Conor McGregor +12500

Dean Ambrose +12500

Kenny Omega +12500

Jeff Hardy +12500

The Rock +12500

Cesaro +12500

Kurt Angle +12500

Jason Jordan +12500

Matt Hardy +12500

Kofi Kingston +15000

Luke Harper +22500

Luke Gallows +22500

Chad Gable +22500

Zack Ryder +22500

Tye Dillenger +22500

Shaquille O’Neal +22500

Big Show +22500

Apollo Crews +22500

Titus O’Neil +22500

Roderick Strong +22500

Fandango +27500

Vin Diesel +27500

Floyd Mayweather +50000

Donald Trump +150000

Barack Obama +150000

Royal Rumble – Women’s

Asuka -125

Ronda Rousey +110

Becky Lynch +1100

Stephanie McMahon +1250

Nia Jax +1600

Sasha Banks +2250

Bayley +3500

Charlotte Flair +3500

Naomi +3500

Nayalya +3500

Trish Stratus +3500

AJ Lee +4000

Alexa Bliss +4000

Beth Pheonix +4000

Brie Bella +4000

Kairi Sane +4000

Lana +4000

Lita +4000

Peyton Royce +4000

Ruby Riott +4000

Ember Moon +5000

Tamina +5000

Mandy Rose +5500

Sonya Deville +5500

Liv Morgan +5500

Sarah Logan +5500

Alicia Fox +6000

Carmella +6000

Michelle McCool +6000

Mickie James +6000

Billie Kay +7500

Maria Menounos +7500

Nikki Cross +7500

Stacy Keibler +7500

Torrie Wilson +7500

WWE Universal Championship – Triple Threat

Brock Lesnar(c) -1500 vs Braun Strowman +950 vs Kane +2500

WWE Championship – Handicap Match

AJ Styles(c) -825 vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn +475

Raw Tag Team Championship

Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan(c) +150 vs Cesaro and Sheamus -190

Smackdown Tag Team Championship

The Usos(c) +180 vs Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin -260

Source –5Dimes

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