Roman Reigns Almost Ruined My Life

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The main event is set for for Clash of Champions on Sunday October 25 and it’s a personal dream match of mine. Two of the most talented wrestlers in the world today, and more importantly former ROH World Champions. And to think it was almost ruined by golden boy fallen from grace. Roman Reigns.

So untalented Roman thinks he deserves a Universal Title shot against the supreme athlete himself, Kevin Owens. So he gets the option from the clueless GM Mick Foley to win a match againstOwens and gain entry into my dream match of Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins for the top prize.

The WWE would totally do something like this. How dare they toy with my emotions. I waited my whole adult life for Kevin Owens to reach this level. It’s not fair he had to spend 14 years toiling on the independents. Not that ROH was ever an indy. Not only would I be denied a proper singles match with my heroes, but KO would have to get buried by and job to the spoiled Reigns.

But alas this was not to be, but the ride was a roller coaster of emotions that no one could ever deserve. I rejoiced when Seth Rollins attacked KO causing a DQ for Roman. Then I had a near heart attack when the match was restarted by Foley. Why would he do that? Roman got booed to death tonight, not like that’s anything new! Thankfully Rusev made a shocking return from his honeymoon with Lana to go after Roman. I would do the same thing. In a not so rare moment of idiocy, Roman was so distracted by punching Rusev in the mouth that the superior intelligence of Owens prevailed and put him away.

Roman loses, we all win. Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins is happening for the Universal Championship and it will be the best thing to ever happen in my life.

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