Remembering Andre The Giant

Andre The Giant died 24 years ago today. He stood an astounding 7’4″ and was one of the tallest wrestlers in the world. He was born in France in 1946 and began his wrestling career at 17 years old, in his home country. In the 1970’s he made his way to the United States to wrestle for Verne Gangne, and Vince McMahon Sr. By the 1980′ s he was a larger than life superstar inside and outside the ring. He died January 27, 1993 at the young age of 46, in France.

BetWrestling Staff Remember Andre:

Liz Savage:
“Some of my earliest wrestling memories were of Andre The Giant. Despite his size, he never scared me. I’ll never forget Wrestlemania III when no one though Hogan would defeat him, let alone pick him up to slam him! He has been undefeated for 15 years by then, which is a feat in itself. I also grew up as a huge fan of The Princess Bride, and his work in this movie. Losing a legend of this caliber at such a young age was really sad. Rest In Peace Andre. ”

Billy Real:

Kevin Kopernicus:

Andre the Giant was a bit before my time, but he was a household name and I became a fan of the sport during his twilight years. I was really into Andre turning on The Heenan Family at Wrestlemania VI. I loved him in Cyndi Lauper’s music video, Goonies are good Enough Part 2.


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