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With the impressive amount of mainstream press related to JBL’s involvement in Mauro Ranallo’s sudden departure from longtime employer WWE, coupled with outcry from supporter’s of Mauro for JBL to be fired over this, Paddy Power has posted betting odds on if JBL will indeed be released from the WWE.

The odds have shifted and JBL is now favored at 8/15 to keep his job after all, or at least last until July, a 65% chance of keeping his job. This could be the result of several factors, the first being JBL being kept on television this week on Smackdown. One would think if the WWE was concerned about the situation that JBL would at least not be appearing while the controversy cools off. Instead, it’s business as usual.

Another factor is the recent news of Mauro’s management being in talks with WWE about a settlement with Mauro. It is rumored that part of the settlement would be a non-disclosure agreement meaning Mauro wouldn’t be able to publicly talk about the JBL situation or negatively about the WWE. If there was a plan to terminate JBL’s contract, would the WWE really be discussing a settlement?

Will JBL Still be Contracted to the WWE on July 1st 2017?

Will JBL Still Be Under Contract on 7/1/17? April 15
YES 8/15
NO 11/8

The WWE appears to have no plans of removing JBL from his various duties in the WWE as they have not taken him off of television yet. He continued his regular task of being a commentator for Smackdown Live on Tuesday nights this week and there seems to be no plans to punish him for accusations that JBL bullied Mauro into not showing up for his bookings as a broadcast partner with JBL. Ranallo is not expected to be returning to the company and many are blaming JBL.

Threat of canceled subscriptions to the WWE Network by irate critics of JBL along with continued coverage by mainstream media may cause the WWE to reconsider keeping JBL employed. Ultimately WWE answers to it’s stockholders and if having JBL on the payroll hurts the company’s stock, there may be no choice but to release him from his contract.

It will be very interesting to see what outcome will be backed by gamblers. July is almost two months away and these odds could potentially move significantly in wither direction. Unfortunately for JBL, these odds being posted by Paddy Power will only serve to keep this public relations nightmare for what already is looking to be a story that won’t die. The longer this situation remains in the headlines the worse JBL’s chances of staying out of the unemployment line become.


Source: Paddy Power

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