My first trip to Wrestlemania

So as I write this I am sitting at the airport, and my plane has been delayed. But I have to say I am super duper stoked for this trip!

The delay wasn’t so bad, and despite being miffed they ended up making me check my carry on, it all worked out.

We rented a place by a lake for the week, so its incredibly quiet and perfect for work when we aren’t out and about. Since I live in LA, I got used to hearing helicopters, sirens, car alarms, and other nonsense all night, out here its just us and the crickets.

We officially get started tomorrow, and have events lined up all day. First we will be headed to PromoterCon, then we are headed to WrestleMania Axxess which is like WWE’s version of a wrestling convention, and then I hear we may hit the ROH show up, which would would be great first day out. We plan on hitting quite a few of the independent events up that are happening including “Brian Christopher’s Too Sexy Wrestlemania Party” On Friday night.

The WWE events we will be attending this week are Axxess on Thursday, Hall of Fame on Friday, Wrestlemania on Sunday, RAW on Monday, and Smackdown Live on Tuesday.

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About Liz Savage

Liz Savage is a former Independent wrestling manager, and occasional wrestler from NY, currently residing in Los Angeles. Liz is involved in social justice movements, and currently is the Digital Content Manager and staff writer for BetWrestling.

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