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Wrestlemania Favorites To Leave as Champion, How Many Titles Change Hands, Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

The following European Market odds are from Paddy Power. Wagers are not available from all countries. Visit Paddy Power by clicking here.

The Irish sportbook Paddy Power has had odds on who will walk out of Wrestlemania with the WWE Heavyweight and Universal Championships for over a month and there has been no major changes in Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar leaving with those titles respectively.

Odds are now also being offered on the Intercontinental, United States, both the RAW and Smackdown Women’s Championships as well as how many title changes there will be at Mania. The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal also has odds.

Right now Bayley and Naomi, the current champions, are according to these odds expected to still be champions after the Wrestlemania is in the books. Also, Kevin Owens is favored to win the United States Championship, currently held by the man he turned on, Chris Jericho in a much anticipated and thoroughly built up match.

Baron Corbin is favored to be Intercontinental Champion, a title currently held by Dean Ambrose. Corbin has never held a title in the WWE, including during his dominant run in NXT. Braun Strowman is favored to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal this year, which seems perfectly reasonable considering Braun has been moving up in star power more than anyone else and yet has no planned Mania match to speak of.

How many title changes will there be at Wrestlemania? Even bets are being taken at 6-7 and this seems like a high number with only 9 titles for the main roster and no confirmation on if all of them will even be defended.

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WWE Champion by End of Wrestlemania 33

Randy Orton 3/10

Bray Wyatt 13/8

Luke Harper 6/1

John Cena 7/1

AJ Styles 10/1

Baron Corbin 16/1

Dean Ambrose 22/1

The Miz 25/1

Dolph Ziggler 50/1

WWE Universal Champion by End of Wrestlemania 33

Brock Lesnar 1/10

Goldberg 6/4

Randy Orton 4/1

Kevin Owens 9/2

Chris Jericho 6/1

Finn Balor 6/1

Roman Reigns 7/1

Braun Strowman 10/1

Triple H 14/1

Seth Rollins 14/1

Undertaker 25/1

Sami Zayn 25/1

Cesaro 33/1

Rusev 40/1

The Rock 50/1

Kofi Kingston 50/1

Sheamus 66/1

Big Cass 66/1

Big Show 80/1

WWE United States Champion by End of Show

Kevin Owens 1/2

Chris Jericho 1/1(evens)

Sami Zayn 4/1

Samoa Joe 5/1

Finn Balor 14/1

Roman Reigns 14/1

Seth Rollins 16/1

Braun Strowman 16/1

Rusev 33/1

Hulk Hogan 100/1

WWE Intercontinental Champion by End of Show

Baron Corbin 7/4

Dean Ambrose 10/11

Dolph Ziggler 4/1

The Miz 4/1

Apollo Crews 5/1

AJ Styles 7/1

John Cena 10/1

Chad Gable 16/1

Luke Harper 16/1

Jason Jordan 16/1

Mojo Rawley 20/1

Kalisto 20/1

WWE Raw Women’s Champion by End of Show

Bayley 1/2

Charlotte 10/11

Nia Jax 7/2

Sasha Banks 7/2

Paige 10/1

Emma 12/1

Dana Brooke 16/1

Alicia Fox 20/1

Summer Rae 33/1

WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion by End of Show

Naomi 4/7

Becky Lynch 5/4

Alexa Bliss 2/1

Mickie James 9/2

Carmella 7/1

Natalya 8/1

Eva Marie 10/1

Nikki Bella 12/1

Tamina 20/1

Maryse 20/1

Number of Titles to Change Hands at Wrestlemania 33

0-1 Title Changes 16/1

2-3 Title Changes 5/2

4-5 Title Changes 6/4

6-7 Title Changes 1/1(evens)

8-9 Title Changes 10/1

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Braun Strowman 5/6

Big Cass 7/2

Samoa Joe 7/2

Kurt Angle 6/1

Seth Rollins 6/1

Sami Zayn 6/1

Dolph Ziggler 8/1

Baron Corbin 8/1

Rusev 10/1

Cesaro 12/1

Bobby Roode 12/1

Kane 12/1

Mark Henry 14/1

AJ Styles 14/1

Apollo Crews 16/1

Shinsuke Nakamura 16/1

Karl Anderson 16/1

Big E 16/1

Finn Balor 16/1

The Miz 16/1

Austin Aries 18/1

Heath Slater 18/1

Roman Reigns 18/1

Hideo Itami 20/1

The Rock 20/1

Big Show 20/1

Kalisto 20/1

Luke Harper 20/1

John Cena 20/1

Kofi Kingston 20/1

Sheamus 20/1

Luke Gallows 20/1

Dean Ambrose 25/1

Tye Dillenger 25/1

Kevin Owens 25/1

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin 25/1

Randy Orton 25/1

Shawn Michaels 25/1

Chris Jericho 33/1

Hulk Hogan 33/1

Xavier Woods 33/1

Conor McGregor 33/1

Zack Ryder 33/1

Charlotte 50/1

Neville 50/1

Tyler Breeze 50/1

Bo Dallas 50/1

Triple H 50/1

Jimmy Uso 50/1

Titus O’Neil 50/1

Jey Uso 50/1

Jack Swagger 50/1

Ronda Rousey 50/1

R-Truth 66/1

The Undertaker 66/1

Darren Young 66/1

Goldust 66/1

Curtis Axel 66/1

Brock Lesnar 66/1

CM Punk 100/1

Batista 100/1

Credit: Paddy Power

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