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Three Major Upsets at WWE Fastlane. Who Overcame the Odds?

Sports books that offer pro wrestling wagers were way off in setting the lines for Fastlane with 3 upsets and some lopsided odds that were overcome. This was not expected. Major news websites have labeled the prior odds as spoilers and this incidentally wasn’t how the outcomes played out this time around.

Nia Jax was a -1700 favorite prior to the match with Sasha Banks and while Nia dominated, Sasha was able to draw from her reserve and find a way to win. This is the first upset of 2017. Sasha was actually the original sports book favorite and this quickly shifted in favor of Jax.

Braun Strowman favored at -1200 also turned out to be an overvalued line and the underdog Roman Reigns managed to give Strowman his first pinfall loss. The long odds on Strowman was driven by the prop bets in the Euro Market for the Undertaker to interfere and cost Reigns the match. Favored to appear at ringside, Taker was no where to be seen at Fastlane.

Charlotte, with a perfect record on PPV was at one point favored at -1750. The day of Fastlane those lines moves with Charlotte being only a slight underdog at -160. A non-finish was speculated on because of this, but instead Bayley retained her championship, broke Charlotte Flair’s PPV streak and overcame the odds.

This makes the pro wrestling betting more volatile and unpredictable going into Wrestlemania and it should be interesting to see if these regular upsets will become more frequent again. 

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