Julianna Verdi, Forgotten Heir

Dear South Philly, Japan,

We’ve come to the attention that a smear campaign in regards to a show dedicated to the memory of my closest friend and brother Mike Verdi has resurfaced. As you may or may not know, ,”Trent Acid” was a character created during the summer of 1995. The character was based on the true events of a week in which Mike and I spent at one Debbi Esola ‘s house. We were all finding our voice that week and those voices would last forever.

Once again I was informed that a tribute show for Mike has been marred in controversy by individuals who must have had their feelings hurt that they were not booked on the show. Keep in mind that I have never sent x-mas cards to promoters/talent Ricky Otazu, Brett Lauderdale, Johnny Kashmere, Tom ZBarr Hirschman, John Corso, etc But that doesn’t mean that I disagree with their decision to honor my friend’s contribution to this business. Alot of recent posts based on this event has bothered me to the point of no return. Bitter former wrestlers/creatures have misinformed “Roe” (Mother) and “Mare” (Aunt) in various accounts such as the finances of running a show and using ‘Trent’s likeness as a promotional vehicle. I have sat back long enough and witnessed very dark psychology of said creatures who are causing trouble and stress all over not being “Booked”. It’s amazing the lengths they will go to and try to get people outraged, until recently these creatures have gone unnoticed as they will start rumors about others who aren’t in good political favor, they used to be referred to as stooges back in my day.

However what really got me heated was when the promoters were asked if they got permission. Hold up for a second but this man was not an underaged child, He was Trent Fucking Acid, Rebel with a cause. In any other situation, I’d be up in arms about it, but this situation is really unique and folks I’m about to open pandora’s box. For too long these cretins have gone around and picked and chose what Trent they want us to remember. Here’s the deal, Trent was a heel and that is why we loved him. He was a flawed individual and that’s why we loved him. Sure he was the closest talent to actually being Shawn Michaels and he was the H.B.K. of Philadelphia, and that’s why we loved him.

TRent Acid

The same marks who are you telling you to protest this show are the same creatures that pick and choose what Trent they want you to know. I want you to know the whole Trent, but in this case I want you to know about the real Mike Verdi. I was gonna stay silent until I read about these cretins who started talking about where the money from the show should be distributed and that was the straw that broke the camels back. 10 years ago was a special day in this world, there wasn’t much fuss about it, not many marked it on there calenders’, but it was a very special occasion to a few superstars.

I agree that there should be some sort of fundraiser or a gofundme or a kickstarter or maybe the office of this company can get something going to the family of Mike Verdi. But not to the mother, not to the aunt, not to the half-brother , nor the step-father or the step-father’s pet gerbil “Trollnose”, but to the daughter. It has practically made me ill that nobody has ever asked or spoke about Mike’s only child, his daughter Julianna. The crazy part is that all of the cretins have known about Julianna’s existence and for some odd reason the aunt and the mom have never even tried to meet the grand-daughter. Perhaps Mare doesn’t like the babysmomma, but it’s kinda cold-hearted to take it out on a 10 year old child that misses her father so much…She wishes that she could remember him. She wishes that she had more than just youtube videos.

Now I haven’t asked her personally, but I wonder if she wishes that she knew her fathers close friends, I wonder if she wishes that she knew her fathers best fans. For those asking, I was given “permission” to talk about this situation by the mother of Julianna. Afterall, Debbi Esola was present when ‘Trent Acid’ was born too !┬áMaybe this situation which started out rather dark will become a bright point in this adorable ten year old’s life. A few years back I reached out to Big Lou Verdi via Lisa Verdi Pungitore and I informed Lou that he had another granddaughter. Lisa was super-kind as usual and made sure that all 4 of them met. From what I was told, as soon as they all made eye contact, all of them burst into tears as it takes a Verdi to know a Verdi and Julianna is certainly a Verdi. “She has the Verdi-look” said Lou.

I wish that I was there as it sounded like a very special moment, but knowing that I had a hand in having Julianna meet her aunt and grandfather really brought a smile to my face. To be fair when Mike died I did call his step-father and mothers house and told his step-dad what I had known all along , but his aunt mare did not share the same sentiments as Julianna is ten years old and has yet to meet the ‘Farina family’ I have yet to speak to the promoters of the GCW event about the boys meeting young Julianna and her mother Debbi. I can say this though…Debbi has been a single mother for a very long time and she has never asked for a dime from anybody even though she sure was entitled to. Even though there has been knowledge of Julianna’s existence, not many of “The family” has reached out to meet her in person or via face-book. So I hope you can understand why I would get so upset when I was sent face-book status talking about who should be entitled to the money or who should get permission from who. In a perfect world, there will be a benefit show to put Julianna through college, but it’s an imperfect world so the chances are 50-50. We live in a heelish, flawed world and that’s why Trent loved it. —Billy Reil

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