Introducing Samira – Rising Youtuber Meets Alexa Bliss, Gives Tips on going to WWE Events and Takes the “Try Not to Sing Challenge” with WWE Theme Music

Samira is a Youtuber with a growing channel found at It’s Samira

Youtube is filled with channels devoted to the sport of professional wrestling, with fans of it flocking to the medium for years to share their passion for WWE and other promotions. This has been the case since the immediate beginning of the Youtube platform and new personalities continue to join the largest platform dedicated to video sharing to this day and beyond.

One of the newer WWE Youtubers has the potential to be one of the greats. She is Samira and her channel consists of unique videos that bring the experience of a passionate WWE fan to life vividly. Meeting Alexa Bliss documents the journey of going to a meet and greet and photo opp with WWE Superstars. Samira even gets to hold Bliss’ Raw Women’s Championship during the shoot. Bliss isn’t the only WWE Superstar she has had the honor of meeting. Samira has also had the honor to meet both Randy Orton and Finn Balor as well.



There are also informational videos about how to get the most out of going to WWE live events based on Samira’s knowledge from having gone to various events. The Dos and Do Nots Of WWE Events has valuable information on how to prepare to go to an event, what essentials to make sure you bring and tips for making a sign to support your favorite Superstars.

Another important detail Samira is getting right is staying current with what types of videos are trending by taking advantage of the demand for the “Try Not to Sing Challenge” by creating a WWE Edition. She is also not afraid to try less mainstream content like My Weird Dream About Brock Lesnar for example. The variety of videos doesn’t end there as coverage of the WWE Live Events is available in short clips, one of these being Paige Kissing My Cheek, which lends credence to the interactive nature of attending WWE Live.



This channel can be summed up in one word – FUN. That is what WWE is all about and Samira radiates this word through every single one of her videos and is a rising star that has all the tools to make it to the top of the Youtube Wrestling Community if she continues to put in the effort she has thus far.

Samira’s Youtube Channel

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