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Hulk Hogan Favored To Get in the Ring at Wrestlemania, Rey Mysterio and Kenny Omega Odds

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The Hulkster Could Return in Dramatic Fashion

Whispers of a WWE return for none other than Hulk Hogan are running wild. So much to the point that Irish sports book Paddy Power is now offering favorable odds on the Hulkster making an in ring appearance at Wrestlemania is Orlando this year. Hogan has been away from the WWE since 2015, but the company has been making frequent references to Hulk and many are perceiving the mentions as the foreshadowing of a huge return. Odds of 1/3 have been posted on if Hogan steps into the ring at Mania meaning a $3 bet would win $1 because the idea is so favorable.

This wager is only one option for the “in ring appearance” prop bet and Hulk has the only favorable odds for anyone not currently under contact. Both Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have excellent odds at 1/10 which is puzzling due to Rollins currently being injured. There are high hopes Seth will be healthy by Wrestlemania, but these odds seem out of place given the circumstances.

Ronda Rousey’s odds are unfavorable at 3/1 as are Conor McGregor’s at 5/1. Former WWE mainstay Rey Mysterio actually has odds of 8/1 and he hasn’t been with the company in almost 2 years. Kenny Omega has odds of 10/1, about 10%, which seems high beings that he’s expected to re-sign with NJPW at any moment.

WWE Wrestlemania In Ring Appearance Odds

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Dean Ambrose 1/10

Seth Rollins 1/10

Hulk Hogan 1/3

Ronda Rousey 3/1

Conor McGregor 5/1

Rey Mysterio 8/1

Kenny Omega 10/1

Source: Paddy Power

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