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how to bet on wwe

Wrestling fans all across the globe have been gambling on pro wrestling for years and you can learn everything you need to know on betwrestling. Join the numerous fans winning real money and making the matches more interesting by placing bets on their favorite wrestlers.

Exactly what events and matches can be wagered on? WWE Pay Per Views are currently the only matches that can be wagered upon. WWE is currently running up to 2 PPVs a month after splitting up the roster into two brands, Raw and Smackdown. Each brand has it’s own PPV every month, with the exception of when both brands come together for a cross branded PPV. These SuperShows with wrestlers from both brands are Wrestlemania, Summerslam, The Survivor Series and The Royal Rumble.

5Dimes is a sportsbook that offers odds on these WWE events and these are usually available in the week leading up to each PPV Event. This sportsbook accepts bets from all over the world and more information please check out our 5Dimes Sportsbook Review. Wagers can be made for less than 50 cent on every match. Pro Wrestling odds, when available, are listed under the “other sports” section of the sportsbook.

When the odds are posted, we cover them here and provide deep expert analysis on the them. The early odds can be most volatile and are known to change dramatically. This is the time when savvy bettors can use their skill in predicting outcomes for maximum gain because the odds haven’t been available long enough for the wild shifts to happen. For a tutorial on understanding the odds please visit Betting Odds Explained.

Usually by the day of the matches, the “smart money odds” have come in. The smart money odds are usually very wide and almost always accurately predict the winners. There has been the rare upset, but these are far and few between.

During the event itself, wagers may still be placed on matches that haven’t happened yet. Wagers can be made for matches while the competitors are making their ring entrances and sometimes for a few moments after the bell rings. This is in play betting taken to the extreme.

Why a person would choose to place bets on professional wrestling is varied, but most do so to heighten the drama of watching the matches. These days much emphasis is placed on the “workrate” of the in ring action and “star ratings” have become the norm. This has removed much of the drama of caring about the actual outcome of the matches and we have become less emotionally invested in the results themselves. Wagering on pro wrestling is a game changer in this regard.

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