How an 80 Cent Bet Could Win $495,330 at WWE Elimination Chamber

How could an 80 cent bet win almost $500,000. Through a parley bet on tonight’s Elimination Chamber on the WWE Network. A parlay bet is done by selecting a number of picks and betting that every one will end up winning. This is winner takes all and the choices have to be absolutely perfect of you win nothing. Parlays are the riskiest bets to make and because of this, they have the potential to be the most rewarding.

A bet of only 80 cent on 4 of the underdogs tonight parlayed together would yield upon success $495,330.40. Wagers like this one are being taken because they are so improbable. The bet attempted in the image below was originally for one dollar but the book had to lower the amount wager due to a maximum of winnings for being $500,00.

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The chance of an upset is always respectable and two upsets on a PPV have happened in the past. Parlays can be made on as low as 2 matches but as many as available can be made as long itĀ falls in the 500K payout maximum.

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