Hell in a Cell 2017 Live Results

Once again we bring you the LIVE results for WWE Hell in a Cell! Remember you can place your bets until bell time on each match! My predictions can be found here.

Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin vs The Hype Bros: 
Gable picks up the win for his team by pinfall!

Main Show:

The show opens with The New Day cutting a promo in the ring, in the cell.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship – Hell in a Cell Match
The New Day (c) vs The Usos:
Really surprised this is the kickoff match. Both teams immediately go for weapons conveniently stored under the ring. There are kendo sticks chains and all kinds of other weapons available and all 4 men are legal. Xavier Woods and Big E are in for TND tonight. Kofi is locked outside the cage. This match is crazy. Jimmy Uso nails Woods against the side of the cage. Crowd chants “THIS IS AWESOME” and there is no way I can keep up with the insanity. Woods uses trombones as weapons against Jay Uso, then Big E pulls out a cowbell… cause we always need more cowbell, and Woods hits Jay with the bell. Big E now has a Cymbal. and Woods uses it to hit Jay with as well making a lovely ringing sound. As fast the TND took over they get cut off by the Uso’s now armed with Kendo sticks. They begin to beat the crap out of Big E with the kendo sticks. Jimmy pins Woods against the side of the cage with a kendo stick and Jay comes in with a dropkick to the face… The Uso’s are 2 on 1 on Big E, but Big E takes Jay out right away but Jimmy cuts him off. Big E manages to take both of the Uso’s out by slamming one into the other. Big E rolls Jimmy into the ring, for a double team with Woods, Jay manages to cut it off. More kendo sticks! Is this the Sandman’s secret stash? TND uses the kendo sticks to lock Jay Uso in the corner… hahahaha WTF… Now they are teaming up on Jimmy. Jay Uso somehow escapes, takes out Woods, Jimmy picks up steam and takes out Big E, Jay picks E up and they double team him into the cage, the crowd is chanting “Holy Shit” poor Big E… ouch… Usos have dragged Big E Usos both get a Splash from the top on Big E but he kicks out on 2… The Usos now have handcuffs… with long chains in between them. they handcuff Big E to a corner, and Jimmy tries to lock Woods up to the other corner. Woods is getting beat with the kendo stick while handcuffed to the ring post. well technically his hands are over the post, so he can get free if he flips his arms right… which he does… Big E has broken his handcuffs and makes easy work of the Usos. He goes bonkers and starts beating both of the Uso’s up, he tosses Jay in the ring, hits his finisher, but Jay kicks out on 2. Big E puts Jay in a submission but Jimmy superkicks him, Usos now both super kick Big E, they hit their finisher but Woods breaks it up at the last second. Uso’s get back up first… and start beating Woods with the kendo sticks again. He is still handcuffed BTW… He tries to fight back, but they continue to assault him. Now they have a chair… its put on top of Woods and the Uso’s do their double team move to become the 5-time Smackdown Tag Team Champions!!!!

Rusev vs Randy Orton:
The match starts off with the two men testing each other. Rusev takes control and shoulders Orton into the corner. Rusev took too much time heeling the crowd, and Orton recovers and stomps him. Orton goes for his finisher but Rusev sends him over the top and into the barricade. Rusev gets a 2 count on Orton. Rusev continues to stomp Orton after he kicks out then gives him a few good forearms.  Rusev puts Orton in a headlock in hopes of chocking him out, but Orton fights back to his feet and headbutts Rusev. Rusev cuts him off and gets another 2 count on Orton. Both men are outside the ring, Orton sends Rusev into the barricade, then gets kicked in the face. Rusev throws Orton back in the ring for a 2 count. Rusev looks blown up. He drops an elbow on Orton. then kicks him a few times. Rusev sends Orton to the corner, but Orton moves out of the way, they each take a moment to breathe then come back to fight hand to hand, Orton looks like he has a hold on it but Rusev outsmarts him, counters, Orton counters and Powerslams Rusev for the 2 count. Rusev gets a fallaway slam on Orton, gets another 2 count. Rusev stomps Orton goes for a submission, Orton escapes to the outside. Rusev follows and kicks Orton in the face. Rusev tosses Orton back in the ring, and goes up the second rope, goes for a splash and misses. Orton hits a DDT ton Rusev, then gets pumped up by the crowd… Rusev gets up tries to fight back, Orton hits him with the RKO to pick up the win.

United States Championship Match: Triple Threat
AJ Styles (c) vs Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger 
Dillinger being added only increases the chances of Corbin winning in my opinion. Styles and Dillinger go to team up on Corbin and he rolls out… they chase him out, he jumps back in and the two men beat up on Corbin, then toss him out and Dillinger then turns on Styles. Back and forth between them until Styles cuts Dillinger off with a dropkick, then Corbin drags Styles out of the ring, goes to take over on Dillinger more back and forth and Dillinger ends up out, and Styles rolls back in. I can’t type as fast as this match is happening… lol  Every time Dillinger pops back up, Corbin sends him flying back down then continues his assault on Styles. All men are back in the ring, and Corbin is just destroying Styles and Dillinger. Corbin beats on Dillinger, Styles finally gets back up, and then he gets sent flying by Corbin. Corbin goes after Styles on the outside, Styles reverses gets a few hits in before being thrown into the barricade by Corbin. Corbins back in the ring with Dillinger, Dillinger is back up but its doesn’t seem like it will last long… Corbin puts Dillinger into a submission, Dillinger tries to fight p Corbin lets go because Styles is back on his feet. again not for long… Corbin continues to beat on Dillinger after taking Styles out again. Corbin gets a 2 count on Dillinger… Styles gets back in the ring… starts to fight back with Corbin, throwing punches backing him up against the ropes. Styles continues to fight hard back against Corin until he takes him down. Styles tries for his finisher but Corbin cuts him off. He hits Corbin with a forearm, Styles gets dumped onto the apron by Coring, but then pulls Corbin over the top dumping him to the outside. We have Styles vs Dillinger, but Dillinger quickly takes control. Dillinger has AJ on the top rope, and AJ escapes, and counters sending Dillinger hits styles gets a 2 count. Dillinger exposes his knee Styles gets some finisher attempts, gets Dillinger in an ankle lock but Corbin drags Dillinger to the ropes to break the submission, Styles jumps off the top splashing both men. All 3 men are down… Corbin tosses Dillinger in, some back and forth Styles is up, Corbin gives Styles a chokeslam neck-breaker from hell and Styles kicks out on 2. All 3 men continue to battle it out faster than I can type…. Dillinger picks Styles up, but Styles evades him, then Corbin who follows. Styles hits a top rope 450 on Corbin, but Dillinger breaks the pin on 2. Styles hits Dillinger with a giant forearm off the top, goes for the pin, Corbin pulls him off, covers Dillinger and is your new United States Champion.

Smackdown Women’s Championship:
Natalya Neidhart (c) vs Charlotte Flair 
Both ladies have dope new outfits on. It’s nice to see this two wrestle, so sorry if there isn’t as much play by play. Natalya has been on 40 PPVs now, more than any other woman in the history of WWE. That’s pretty awesome. This match has a lot of back and forth and mocking by Charlotte. Natalya and Charlotte have had a lot of back and forth and are currently trying to outwrestle each other on the ground. Natalya has worn Charlotte down and bit and continues to take advantage of that. Charlotte is fighting but Nattie holds her in a leg lock. Charlotte reverses and gets Natalya into an ankle lock, but she escapes and goes right back after Charlotte. Every time Charlotte gets back to her feet Natalya knocks her down. More back and forth, Charlotte gets a 2 count on Nattie with a backslide, then gives her a bunch of chops, than a knee drop. Charlotte’s knee is hurt, but she continues to fight back and gets a suplex on Natalya. Natalya exploits the knee then gives Charlotte a powerbomb and gets a 2 count. One more cover… kick out… another cover, then kick out. Natti looks pissed. Charlotte tries to pin Natalya but kicks out on 1. Natalya starts stomping on Charlotte, Charlotte cuts her off, but Charlotte’s knee gives out, Charlotte limps to her feet and is sent out of the ring by Natalya, who hits her with a baseball slide into the steel stairs. Nattie gets Charlotte back in the ring, and puts her in the sharpshooter in the center of the ring, Charlotte manages to flip Nattie out of the hold, and into the bottom turnbuckle. Nattie is down, Charlotte goes to the top, Nattie rolls out, and Charlotte kicks her. Charlotte goes to the top and does a moonsault onto Natalya on the outside. Natalya is down, Charlotte’s knee is injured. Natalya retains by count out, then assaults Charlotte with a steel chair.

Breezango segment… they get a delivery…. and its a poster of the Ascension. From the Ascension who they didn’t recognize in street clothes. They send them away and a briefcase is left at the door… Breezango opens it and a golden light shines out… it’s not just a briefcase… its a new case.

WWE Championship Match
Jinder Mahal (c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura
I am really annoyed this match isn’t in a cell… With the Singh brothers at ringside, how is it not? Mahal and Nakamura have some solid back and forth and Mahal is not happy with Nakamura’s antics, or his face paced moves. Mahal powders out of the ring… Again I am more focused on watching this match than play by play. Mahal tries a submission on Nakamura, but he works out of it. Mahal then tries an armbar on Nakamura, but he works out of it again. Nakamura gets tossed hard into the corner, Mahal gives him a huge knee to the face, then puts him back in the armbar.  Nakamura works his way up again, and both men fight back until they both end up on the ground. Nakamura hits Mahal with a Flying boot then a few kicks to the chest. Nakamura gets a 2 count pin cover… Mahal cuts him off, but ends up getting dumped over the top and Nakamura baseball slides into him bit then the Singh Brother get involved, he takes them out and goes back after Mahal. Nakamura hurts his knee, gets suplexed back into the ring by Mahal for a 2 count. Mahal stand over Nakamura like a tiger about to pounce, Mahal grabs him, but Nakamura is able to roll him into a small package for 1 count, Nakamura gets to the top, boot to the face of Mahal from the top. Singh Brothers interfering again, but Nakamura uses Mahal as a weapon against them this time, the Singhs keep interfering and are banned from ringside by the ref, Nakamura hits his finisher but Mahal grabs the bottom rope to break the pinfall. Mahal powders, Nakamura chases him throws him back in the ring and gets bumped, counters, throws Mahal Mahal hits his finisher and gets the 3 count on Nakamura to retain the WWE Championship. Boooooo

Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler:
This match starts out with classic chain wrestling as you would expect. Totally digging this matchup. These guys are fairly well matched and both wrestle really well, but it seems Roode is beginning to take control. Ziggler underestimates Roode I think. Ziggler gets a 2 count roll up on Roode but Roode kicks out. Ziggler has now reported to heel tactics rubbing Roode’s face down the ropes then hitting him with a neck breaker for a 2 count. Ziggler grabs Roode in a wristlock submission, but Roode fights out, Ziggler cuts him off and gets him into a sleeper hold. Roode seems to be fading out… Roode is trying to escape, Rode gets back up to sitting and begins to fight Ziggler off, getting him up and over in a side suplex. Both men get back to their feet, Ziggler ends up shoulder first into the ring post. Roode punches Ziggler, Ziggler reverses, Roode reverses, hits a move from the top for a 2 count. Roode hits another hard slam on Ziggler for the 2 count. Ziggler hits Roode with a DDT for a two count. Both men go for finishers and are blocked, Ziggler grabs Roode back into the sleeper hold, Roode fights back but gets another DDT by Ziggler for another 2 count pin. Both men are down. Ziggler gets up first, starts stomping to “tun up the band, but Roode cuts him off with a spine buster. Roode goes for Glorious, Ziggler rolls him up with the tights,  then roll up off, and Roode wins by pinfall roll up with the tights.

Hell in a Cell Match
Kevin Owens vs Shane Mcmahon:
This starts before these two can even get in the ring. Shane and Kevin just continue to brawl at the end of the ramp, until Owens gets in the cage and holds the door shut, but Shane kicks the door into his face. They are in! Owens knocks Shane into the cage right off the bat, and Shane fights back from the ground, Owens picks him up and grinds his face into the cage in front of his children, who seem to be… laughing at him? Owens steps on Shanes face a bit and dumps the steel steps on him. Shane tries crawling away but Owens chases him to kick him in the ribs. Shane gets up, kicks Owens, and then punches him a few times, Owens gets back in the ring, Shane follows and gets stomped. Owens just keeps punching Shane, and Shane tries to work back up but Owens keeps him down. Owens hits a standing senton for a 2 count. Owens has Shane in the corner, but Shane is trying to fight back, Big knee to Shanes’ face, then a cannonball by Owen, cover and a kick out. Owens is talking shit to Shanes kids, and they continue to laugh. Owens goes to the top and misses the Senton, as Shane got his knees up, but Shane got his knee hurt when Owens landed on him. Both men are back up, Shane starts punching Owens into the corner, and hits him with a flying elbow. Shanes fired up gets Owens worked into a corner, then pulls him out and hits him with a big DDT (overused tonight BTW) Shane goes to the top shooting star press, but nobodies home. Owens then goes to the top hits Shane with a big splash but Shane kicks out. Shane runs in grabs Owens in an armbar, trying to get him into the triangle, but Owens is fighting him trying to fully apply it. Owens pulls Shane out of the ring and Power Bombs him onto the ring stairs. Owens gets back up stomps Shane a bit, Shanes complaining about his back, the crowd is chanting “get the tables” Owens get’s the table… Owens sets the table up against the side of the cage, and sets Shane up on the table, then runs off the apron and jumps, but Shane rolls out of the way and Owens takes out the table and himself. Shane gets a 2 count at ringside on Owens. Falls count anywhere… Shane is now beating Owens with a broken chunk of the table. He pulls a trash can out from under the ring, throws it into the ring, hits Owens with the table chunk again, then throws Owens in the ring as well. Shane grabs the can, sets it up on Owens and goes to the top rope, and hits the dropkick to the trashcan flattening Owens. Shane pins Owens, somehow Owens gets a foot on the ropes. Shane is telling the ref to open the cell. The ref says no, Shane gets bolt cutters and struggles to cut the lock… He breaks the lock and opens the cell. He then returns to the ring and hits Owens with the trash can. Shane is chasing Owens up the ramp, Shane ends up face first into the metal on the walkway, Owens works to his feet, and picks up Shane to run him nuts first into the cage door… Owens then runs Shanes face down the cage and continues to beat on him, then begins to tear the announce table apart, tossing the parts at Shane. Owens sets Shane up on the table and first climbs the barricade to jump onto Shane, but then decides to climb the cage instead.
Owens is 20′ in the air on top of the “cell” Owens acts as if he has reservations about jumping off the cage, Shane gets up and follows Owens to the top of the cage. Owens punches Shane as he hangs off the side of the cell, but Shane fights his way to the top, Shane and Owens unleash on each other on top of the cell. They take each other down, the roof bends… Shane hits a bodyslam on Owens, then almost falls off the cell. The crowd is chanting “THIS IS AWESOME”. They continue to fight, Shane gives Owens a big suplex, the cage top is getting weaker and weaker… These men continue to fight… Everyone is waiting for them to fall through. I think I can see the gimmicked panel it’s to the left of center on the main camera… Owens gives Shane a huge Powerbomb the cage holds. Owens goes to shitcan Shane off the cell, Shane reverses, they continue to fight, Owens then begins to climb down, but Shane starts to choke him. Shane chases Owens down the cage. They are now fighting on the side of the cage, halfway up, and Owens falls off into the announce table, Shane clings to the cage like spiderman… EMTs checking on Owens, Shane descends from the cage. Shane makes the EMTs move so he can pin Owens, but instead, he drags Owens back to take apart the other announce table. Shane sets up Owens on the announce table, then climbs to the top of the cage. Shane is on top of the cell, He crosses himself, drops an elbow, and Owens gets pulled out of the way by Sami Zayn, Shane annihilates the table and the EMT’s call for the backboard. Shanes looking potentially damaged. EMT’s are trying to check on Shane, Sami moves them, drags Owens over to cover Shane. Kevin Owens is your winner. WTF?

Overall this special event wasn’t too bad. I really enjoyed a few of the matches, and am looking forward to watching Smackdown on Tuesday! Thanks for checking out my review and results, and check out my other writing here!

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