Compare These New Unique Shirts of The Tag Team Champions

cesaro sheamus shirt wwe

The Celtic Warrior’s New Official WWE Wear

The tag team to end The New Day’s record breaking tag team championship reign both have had brand new tee shirts produced by WWE Shop. These shirts are 100% cotton and screen printed in the USA. Honestly the Sheamus design is an absolutely epic design. Currently only available in Men’s sizes, however those sizes range from Small to 5XL. Available for $24.99 each at WWE Shop.

On the front is a splash of red paint running diagonally from the shoulder. This is only a backdrop for the true focal point of the shirt the “O”, which seems to be fashioned out of a serpentine creature. No the “O” isn’t a reference to Oprah’s popular magazine that always features herself on the cover, it comes from the Old Irish world Laoch. Laoch can be translated to “Warrior”

The back of the shirt also has plenty going on starting with another red splash of paint, as well as a Celtic cross and the words “Celtic Warrior”. This shirt can be found here or just click on the image below.sheamus wwe shirt 2017

“The Peak of Technique” is the Most Fitting Moniker For Cesaro!

Cesaro’s shirt is the best shirt WWE has ever produced for Cesaro. A globe with a gradient colors of gold with “Cesaro” melded in cursive that trails off into a thunderous ribbon underline. Around the globe are the words “The Peak of Technique” in a slightly distressed font. On the back is the phrase “A Cut Above” in gold. Find it here or click the image below.

cesarp wwe shirt 2017


It is most fitting that a tag team comprised of two unique individuals get separate shirts, but will the two former rivals feud be rekindled by jealousy over which shirt sells better?

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