Clash of Champions Betting Odds are Finally Here!

5Dimes has finally set the lines for Sunday’s Clash of Champions. The lines changed very quickly from the initial setting.


WWE Universal Championship

Kevin Owens -1050 vs Seth Rollins +550

No surprise here with Owens just winning the title recently and taking a loss to Roman Reigns in a cage match on the go home edition of RAW. Typically a loss on the go home show almost always leads to a victory on the PPV events. Still, Rollins at +550 is tempting as even though he went to a draw with Rusev on RAW, he is considered to have gotten the better off Rusev by jumping of of the announce table onto Rusev. Also, as always, a Rollins win does not necessarily mean a title change with the possibility of a DQ or count out loss, although that would be unlikely with this match likely to go on last.


WWE United States Championship

Rusev +480 vs Roman Reigns -840

Surprising that Roman is favored here with him winning the cage match Monday and with Rusev appearing weaker in his match with Seth Rollins on RAW.


WWE Tag Team Championships

The New Day +330 vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson -490

The New Day’s long title reign is probably ending this Sunday and it makes sense as Gallows and Anderson need to get the titles to stay relevant.


WWE Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match

Charlotte -390 vs Sasha Banks +270 vs Bayley +270 (Sasha Banks and Bayley are considered in the “field”, meaning a wager placed against Charlotte includes either woman at +270)

This is tough to call and while it’s tempting to take the field and get two underdogs for the price of one, expect the cunning Charlotte to play Sasha and Bayley against each other and squeak out a victory while everyone involved is not weakened in the least.


WWE Cruiserweight Championship

T.J. Perkins -930 vs Brian Kendrick +510

T.J. Is heavily favored here and Kendrick is probably only in this match because he is a familiar face within the WWE history that can lend that credibility to the new cruiserweight division and champion.


Alicia Fox +850 vs Nia Jax -1750

No secret that Nia is being built into a monster so the lines aren’t shocking. Still, with Alicia being knocked unconcious and left laying by Nia gives a sliver of hope that she could make things interesting by pulling off a fluke here

Best of 7 Finals

Cesaro +185 vs Sheamus -265

The thought here is that Cesaro isn’t in the favor of management and that Sheamus is too valuable to lose this based on how much he gets paid as a downside guarentee.


Sami Zayn -560 vs Chris Jericho +370

These odds make total sense but Jericho has become one of those rare performers that pull off unexpected wins like he did at Wrestlemania 32 against AJ Styles.

These lines can be followed at 5Dimes and all of the above lines are under the “end of broadcast ruling” clause, meaning if the result is reversed before the ending of the PPV then that is the result 5Dimes recognizes.

Here is an idea of what better $1 on everyone would make on a win.


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