Major Upsets at WWE Summerslam Means the Leaks Have Finally Been Sealed! No More Spoilers.

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The smart money odds never came in for this year’s Summerslam and it appears WWE has finally sealed the leaks that have been effecting the betting odds for years. Time will tell if this is a permanent policy to keep the outcomes under wraps. As a result there were 5 upsets out of 13 matches.

While Shinsuke Nakamura had been heavily favored to defeat Jinder Mahal in the WWE Championship match, those odds flipped hours before the match slightly in Mahal’s favor. Jinder ended up winning. Not exactly an upset by the final odds, however Nakamura was at -1500 at one point, so earlier bets on Mahal paid off nicely. The Smackdown Women’s Championship also flipped before the event in Natalya’s favor, as well and held up with Natty beating Naomi for the title.

John Cena was a slight underdog against Baron Corbin, however was able to win and this can be considered an upset.

Sasha Banks was able to win the WWE Raw Championship from Alexa Bliss as a slight underdog, however Banks had been favored throughout most of the week the before the odds flipped in Bliss’ favor.

Rusev was surprisingly favored to win from early on, and was able to hold on to the favorability up until the bell rang. Randy Orton pulled off the victory anyway, yet another upset.

The Usos, a +400 underdog, managed to successfully regain the Smackdown Tag Team Championships against the New Day at -600. Even in the first preshow match the odds did not hold up. The Miz and The Miztourage upset The Hardy Boyz and Jason Jordan.

If this trend continues, the landscape of the betting odds has effectively been changes and smart money leading to spoilers could be history.

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Summerslam 2017 Live Results

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match
Neville vs Akira Tozawa(c): Neville takes control early in the match up, but Tozawa doesn’t look like Neville’s aggressive attack has phased him much. Tozawa isn’t letting Neville get in his head, and takes over. Tozawa holds on to control for only a moment before Neville cuts him off, and both men end up outside the ring… now for a commercial break. I hate that. We come back and Neville is in control and he goes to the top for a big dropkick to Tozawa’s back. He gets a 2 count pin, then gives Tozawa a bunch of stomps to the head. Titus O’Neil is at ringside trying to get the crowd to rally behind Tozawa. Tozawa works his way up and uses himself as a weapon against Neville by tackling him on the outside through the ropes. Both men get back in the ring, we get some back and for but Tozawa continues to keep control. Tozawa gets an octopus hold on Neville, which he turns into a roll up, 2 count, then a shining wizard and another 2 count on Neville… This match is awesome. Tozawa misses senton, Neville cuts him off, but Tozawa comes back, hits a hurricarana, but knocks himself a bit silly and doesn’t cover Neville. Both men trying to get up, Tozawa gets up first, but Neville cuts him off going for Tozawa’s “injured shoulder” Neville keeps working that shoulder, Tozawa tries to fight back, finally striking Neville with a forearm that knocks him down, Tozawa goes back up top, Neville cuts him off again, and goes for a super plex. Tozawa fights back and tosses Neville to the ground. Tozawa goes for the senton, but Neville gets his knees up. Ouch. Neville hits his finisher on Tozawa and regains the Cruiserweight Title! THE KING IS BACK!

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Elias Sampson comes out and sings a tune, the audience does not appreciate his greatness. 

Carmella is interviewed, Ellsworth is with her… Will she cash in her briefcase tonight?

Smackdown Tag Team Title Match
The Uso’s vs The New Day (c): I love The New Day’s new outfits… The match starts with Xavier Woods, and Jimmy Uso, Lots of fast paced action, Jimmy Uso is having a hard time keeping up with Woods. Woods takes control, and works Jimmy over in the corners for a bit. Jimmy tries to cut him off but gets a big boot, Woods tries to take him out while he is hurt with a flying top rope move, but is cut off by Jimmy Uso’s fist… and we go to another commercial. BOOOOO.We are back, and Jimmy Uso has maintained control of the match and is currently holding Woods in the center of the ring, in a chokehold. Woods works his way up, but Uso pushes him back into the far corner from his partner. Jay Uso is tagged in, and begins to make work of Woods. Jay Uso tries to take Woods to the top, but Woods fights his way out, and manages to barely land a drop kick on Jay. Woods reaches to tag Big E, but Jimmy Uso has taken him out… Jay and Jimmy Uso begin attacking Woods together, Big E is still knocked out on the other side of the ring. Woods tries to fight back, but The Uso’s give him a double-team move, and get a 2 count on Woods. The Uso’s continue to both work over Woods, until the ref begins to count.  Big E is back up, and yelling to Woods to encourage him, Jimmy Uso still has Woods, but is losing control… He gets a body drop on Woods, which helps him regain control. Woods is still fighting back, and manages to reverse on Uso, and tag Big E in. Big E grabs Jimmy Uso and begins his assault. Big E tosses Uso around like a rag doll. Jay Uso gets in, same thing, Big E gets 2 count on Jay. TND tag in and out switching off on assaults, then Xavier puts Big E up and drops him on Jay for another 2 count. That was pretty dope. Big E is waiting for Jay, but Jay gets a roll up, Jay tags in Jimmy, and they get a double-team spine buster on Big E and a 2 count. Jimmy gets Big E in the corner and begins his assault, Woods tags in and TND get a double-team back breaker on Jimmy Uso, for a 2 count. Xavier and Jimmy battle is out, both men look exhausted but Woods is determined, hot tag, Jay Uso is legal man both Usos on Woods, Big E goes for the save gets cut off, Jay Uso gets a huge splash on Woods, but only 2 count… Xavier gets Jay Uso in some crazy submission, and almost gets him to tap, but almost gets pinned… Another pin attempt by Xavier, Back and forth, Big E  gets tagged in, Xavier goes up, double team facebuster and 2 count on Jay Uso… The crowd is chanting “This is Awesome”. Xavier and Jay are still the legal men, Jay tosses Xavier out to Jimmy ut misses and takes out Jimmy, he gets mad tosses woods to the stairs Big E tackles them  all, hauls Jimmy back in the ring, Jay gets in too, and Big E gets knocked the hell out by both of them… Jay is the legal man, they go for the double-team finish, and… THE USOS ARE YOUR NEW SMACKDOWN TAG CHAMPIONS! Holy hell that was a great match!


John Cena vs Baron Corbin:
First person out, is John Cena, and my NY people are chanting so loud “John Cena Sucks” to his music… lol its amazing.  I wonder who they hate more in NY, Cena or Reigns? Cena has fresh new jorts on, and seems ready to fight. Baron Corbin comes to the ring and looks like he is about to rip off Cena’s head and drink his blood. Lots of back and forth but Corbin is a beast compared to Cena. Cena has longer hair than usual, and its apparent he is getting a bald spot, and it’s hella distracting. Corbin seems to be making quick work of him, as he is bigger, stronger, faster, and a better wrestler. I think Cena’s jorts are a little too new and crisp, he can’t seem to move…  Cena mounts a weak comeback, but Corbin cuts him off with a slam for a 2 count pin. Corbin now has Cena in a submission, working his neck. For some reason, he lets go, and Cena gets him back with a drop kick. Corbin angry… roooooar… He’s yelling at Cena. Cena gets a couple of shoulder tackles a slam, then gets silly and goes for the 5 knuckle shuffle twice and misses and gets a chokeslam-backbreaker from Corbin for a 2 count. Corbin puts Cena on the top rope to go for a move, Cena fights back, headbutts him a couple of times, and gets a tornado DDT from the top on Corbin. The crowd is booking. He hits his stupid 5 knuckle shuffle, but Corbin comes back for the Deep 6, gets a 2 count before Cena kicks out. Corbin starts giving Cena some forearms to the face, then some boots to match. Corbin goes after Cena, Cena Ducks, Corbin Ducks, Cena hits the FU on Corbin, and gets the 3 count… The Crowd is booking and singing Cena Sucks…. BOOOOOOOOO

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match
Natalya vs Naomi (c): Nattie’s new ring jacket is FIIIIIIRE! Nice throwback girl! Naomi has some furry technicolor looking coat… whoa. Her new ring gear is also pretty dope. Lots of back and forth from the very beginning, Nattie is more aggressive than usual, tossing Naomi around hard. Natalya is not letting up on Naomi, she seems determined to leave the ring the new champion. We see a cut to Carmella and Ellsworth backstage with the MITB briefcase… Naomi is hanging in there despite getting her ass handed to her. Naomi finally makes a comeback cutting Nattie off, but it doesn’t last long, and Nattie gets her back down for the 2 count. Natalya puts Naomi into an abdominal stretch, but Naomi works out, but is clotheslined when her hair blocks her view… Nattie takes Naomi up to the top, but Naomi fights out and pulls Natalya off the middle rope. Both women are down. Naomi tries a cover but gets a 1 count. More back and forth, and Naomi manages to get another 2 count pin on Natalya. More back and forth and Nattie gets a pin attempt for the count. Naomi gets Nattie in the ropes, and gives her a big leg drop, covers her for another 2 count pin. Nattie cuts Naomi off, Naomi rolls her up, 2 count, Naomi goes for a submission but Nattie hits the sharpshooter! Naomi manages to fight Nattie out of the sharpshooter, and pushes Nattie into the bottom Turnbuckle, but Nattie recovers and get’s Naomi back in the sharpshooter, and makes Naomi tap! NATALYA IS YOUR NEW SMACKDOWN WOMEN’S CHAMPION!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAH!!!

Big Show Vs Big Cass with Enzo Suspended above the ring in a shark cage: Fun Fact: I locked Phil in that cage at Axxess during mania week… Enzo comes out first, dancing his way out, cuts a promo, and is extremely excited to be in NYC… He then quotes little KIM “Money, Power, Respect, is what you need in life”… He says he has that as long as he has a microphone in his hand he has all that. His promo goes on, I am sure you can watch it on youtube or a replay later… His music is interrupted by Big Cass’s new entrance music. Enzo is locked into the cage as Big Cass comes to the ring. The Big Show comes out, he still has his hand wrapped, we don’t know the extent of the injuries to his hand. It kicks off with Big Show in control, and begins working over Cass, but it’s clear his right hand is injured. He lays a huge chop into Cass’s chest. Enzo yells from the cage. Show continues to beat on Cass, as Enzo berates him from above. Show gets a big side slam on Cass, but lands on his bad hand. He continues his assault on Cass despite his hand injury, he climbs to the second rope to jump on Cass but misses when Cass ducks, Cass tries to get up on the Big Show, but Show, punches him and knocks him down for a 2 count. Cass is working to his feet ducks show, and managed to get him down, and starts attacking the injured hand of The Big show. Cass continues to work the injured hand. He holds Show in an arm bar, further weakening Show’s already injured right hand. Cass continues his assault on TBS’s injured hand, with a wrist lock, but TBS works his way up and tosses Cass across the ring, and squishes him in the corner. TBS choke slams Cass for the 2 count pin attempt. Cass powders out of the ring, TBS tries to get him back in but Cass slams TBS’s hand into the ring post. Enzo is trying to get out of the cage at this point… he has stripped and is oiling himself up… this is awesome. Cass has no clue, as he is focused on TBS. Enzo has escaped, distracting Cass. He is trying to drop down from the cage and gets booted in the face by Cass. TBS has gotten up, takes a big boot from Cass for a 2 count. Cass hits TBS with another big boot then the empire elbow, and he gets the 3 count on TBS. Big Cass has won the battle of the big men… this time.

Randy Orton vs Rusev: Rusev ambushes Orton before the match starts, and just lays into him. Orton gets thrown hard into the barricade, Rusev looks crazed, Orton looks like he may be hurt… The official is trying to keep Rusev off Orton to see if he should even start the match… Orton looks spaced, ref calls for bell, and Orton hits Rusev with the RKO. Its over. Orton won. That was fast.

Raw Women’s Championship Match
Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss (c): Its NY so people are booing at Banks just because she is from Boston. No one is cheering for Bliss… lol. The match starts off with Banks and Bliss giving each other forearms in the corner.  Banks get’s a nice drop kick, Bliss goes to escape, Sasha stops her, Bliss gets away and does a high cross body for a 2 count. Bliss is using a lot of hair pulling technique. A bit of back and forth, and Alexa takes control, pummeling Banks. Bliss gets banks in a headlock, banks fight’s out, Bliss fights back, 2 count. Bliss seems to be cheating a lot, ref doesn’t seem to care.. Bliss choke banks in the corner, to a double knees, gets a 2 count on Banks. More cheating and abuse on banks… Bliss is using the count to her advantage, she gets Banks in a chin lock, but banks reverses and gets a 2 count. then Bliss gets a 2 count… More back and forth and Banks is trying to make a comeback, hits bliss with a knee, both women are down. Banks is fired up, takes control, gets another 2 count on Bliss. More minor back and forth Banks gets knee to the face, Bliss tries for a top turnbuckle roll up but instead, banks reverses and Bliss hits her head on the top turnbuckle. Banks Uses this to give Bliss some knees to the face, then a 2 count pin cover… Banks gets Bliss into a submission but Bliss gets to the ropes for a break. Bliss powders Banks, reaches for her and gets the ring apron pulled out from under her. Both women are on the outside, Banks looks hurt, Bliss climbs back into the ring, Ref is counting.. Banks gets up and gets back into the ring at 9, Bliss goes after her shoulder and arm.  Bliss is laying into Banks injury… Bliss climbs to the top hits a move on Banks, but Banks kicks out on the 2 count! Banks counters Bliss, and gets her into the Banks Statements in the middle, but Bliss manages to roll out of it, 2 count, Banks rolls her right back into the Banks Statement, and Bliss taps out, and Sasha Banks is the new Raw Women’s Champion! Nice.

Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt: DEMON BALOR HAS RETURNED!!!! YEEEEEESSSSSSS! Wyatt looks slightly unnerved… Maybe he needs his worm projections back… ha! Balor is crawling around on all 4’s and its freaking Wyatt out… Wyatt powders. Wyatt slaps Balor, and Balor unleashes with a flurry of punches and kicks. Baylor is in full demon mode, and Wyatt is in trouble. More back and forth and I am still not sure Wyatt is taking this seriously, Balor continues to attack. Baylor hits a huge over the top to the outside flip onto Wyatt, who keeps powdering out. Balor throws Wyatt back in, heads to the top rope, but Wyatt powders again, Balor goes after him and gets cut off, and suplexed off the apron. Both men down, Wyatt takes control. He tosses Balor back in, and starts throwing forearms. Wyatt keeps control for a bit, bringing Balor into the middle in a choke hold. Balor works his way out, but gets whipped into the corner, Balor counters the Sister Abigail and counters with a double foot chest stomp. Balor tosses Wyatt out, and then drop kick shim down, when Wyatt gets up he gets kicked right in the face… then another stomp to the head from Balor. Balor throws Wyatt back in and climbs to the top, goes for his finish, Wyatt counters with the Sister Abigail but gets countered again. Balor gets kicked in the face, Wyatt takes over and gets a 2 count pin attempt. Wyatt does a flying senton on Balor, Wyatt goes to the middle rope but Balor cuts him off with a boot to the face and an elbow to the chest for a 2 count. Wyatt manages to cut off Balor with a clothesline, Balor is down… Wyatt is bridging across the ring…  The demon is up, and hit Wyatt with a sling blade, a dropkick, then his finisher for the 3 count. The Demon Balor has won the match!!!

Raw Tag Team Championship Match
Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose vs Cesaro & Sheamus (c): Ambrose and Cesaro start it off, but Sheamus tags in before the match can start. They chain wrestle a bit, Ambrose tags in Rollins, and Sheamus tags in Cesaro, then Ambrose is tagged in by Rollins they double team Cesaro. Too many tag changes to keep up. Rollins & Ambrose clear the ring… Cesaro and Sheamus are planning something at ringside… Cesaro gets in the ring with Rollins, ducks Rollins, knocks down Ambrose, then Sheamus stomped him. Rollins tries to dive at the champs but is caught and tossed. Cesaro & Sheamus are taking turns abusing Rollins. Sheamus and Cesaro are much bigger than Rollins and Ambrose… Cesaro is choking Rollins out, but Rollins is holding in there. Rollins matches to get out, and pull a reversal on Cesaro, but he has no one to tag in is Ambrose is still down. Sheamus is now in control, gets a 2 count pin attempt…. Cesaro ran into the crowd and ripped a beach ball apart… hahahahahaha…  Rollins takes another big move, 2 count pin attempt bu Cesaro. Crowd is doing the Sheamus and Cesaro chant… Rollins manages to kick Sheamus in the face, but still has no one to tag…. oh wait.. Ambrose is up but looks almost as bad as Rollins. Cesaro keeps Rollins from reaching his partner and puts him in a wrist lock submission in the middle of the ring. Rollins escapes, tosses Cesaro out, Cesaro hurts his knee tags Sheamus, Sheamus keeps Rollins from tagging Ambrose, but that doesn’t stop Ambrose from coming around and attacking them. Rollins gets the tag finally and its Ambrose and Cesaro.  Ambrose is on fire… He tries a backslide and a rolling neck breaker on Cesaro but cant get more than a 2 count. I cannot type as fast as these guys wrestle… Rollins gets a 2 count on Cesaro… tags in Ambrose, but Cesaro cuts him off with an uppercut. 2 count on Ambrose. Cesaro almost gets the Neutralizer on Ambrose but he fights out, both men end up on the mat, Sheamus tagged in, Ambrose is down, Sheamus goes up top, Ambrose gets up and goes after him and Ambrose and Rollins double team Sheamus but Cesaro made sure the pin was broken. Rollins and Ambrose are double teaming Sheamus, but Cesaro stops them, Sheamus gets a 2 count roll up on Ambrose, then vice versa… Cesaro and Ambrose are in the ring, back and forth big spin, into a sharpshooter on Ambrose (hey did you not watch the women’s match???) Sheamus takes out Rollins at ringside, Cesaro has Ambrose in a cross face in the middle of the ring… Ambrose is really red… he reverses 2 count pin attempt on Cesaro. Cesaro and Sheamus double team Ambrose but he kicks out on 2 count… they try again, with a double crucifix, cover, Rollins breaks it up! Cesaro and Ambrose are still the legal men, Cesaro tags in Sheamus, then all men into the ring, mayhem… Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds on Sheamus, and gets the 3 count. Rollins and Ambrose are your new Raw Tag Team Champions. WOW!

United States Championship Match – Special Referee Shane McMahon
Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles (c): Before the match even starts these two are brawling, and Shane is trying to keep em apart. he bell rings, and Styles takes over, and they immediately exit the ring. Back and forth and Owens takes a knee to the face… Styles throws Owens back in… but Owens takes control… Shane is so tan its distracting. Styles cuts off Owens, and for some reason is wearing gloves that make him look like he has lobster claws… More back and forth but now I can’t focus on anything but Styles lobster claws and the fact Shane matches the orange backdrop. Kevin Owens takes control and gets a 2 count on Styles after a cannon ball. Owes continues his assault on Styles and gets a second pin attempt, 2 count. Owens has Styles in a choke hold, which seems to be tonight’s rest hold of choice. Styles fires back, Picks up Owens but Owes reverses and gets a 2 count pin attempt. The crowd is chanting “AJ Styles” and “This is …. mumble” AJ makes a big come back, gives Owens a face buster, and both men are down… This match is pretty boring after that tag match. Styles does a sweet back flip and Owens kicks him in the face, Styles hits a neck breaker, for a 2 count. Owens is still down, Styles going to the top, Owens cuts him off… (totally didn’t see that coming…) Owens tries to get styles on his shoulders, but Styles reverses into a sunset flip power bomb off the top. Styles hits the inverted 450, but Shane McMahon got in the way as he tried to check on Owens…. Shane’s out, Owens gets a Power bomb on Styles, Shane manages to count to 2… Styles kicks out. Owens yelling at Shane that it was a 3 count… More back and forth with mostly Owens in control. AJ gets control but Owens kicks him into Shane, Styles puts Owens in a submission, Owens taps but Shane is on the outside and can’t see the tap. Shane is a worse ref than I am. Owens gets 2 count, Styles has a comeback, but Owens upside down suplexes him into the turnbuckle. AJ on the top, Owens cuts him off, both men crash to the mat when Owens suplexes Styles off the top. 2 count. Owens is back up, so is Styles, they exchange forearms to the face, then chops…some kicks back and forth, Styles hits one of his finishers, but Owens gets out with a two count… Styles goes to the top, misses Owens cuts him off and hits a power bomb, Styles gets his shoulder up on the 2 count, but Owens insists it was 3. Owens hits Shane then it turns into a shoving match, styles rolls up Owens for a 2 count. AJ hits Owens with a flying forearm off the top rope then the Styles clash again for the 3 count. AJ Styles retains his US Championship. Please don’t let Shane ref ever again. Just let him jump off shit once a year, ok?

WWE Championship Match
Shinsuke Nakamura vs Jinder Mahal (c): Nakamura has a live violinist playing his entrance. Dope. Mahal comes out, even more, veiney and jacked. He’s clearly been eating his slim jims and taking his vitamins brother. You can tell by his acne, and breast growth… (Sarcasm yo,  If I was Nakamura I would demand and in ring roid test) Mahal and Nakamura start out with some chain wrestling, but Mahal is trying to over power Nakamura. Nakamura is being his typical goofy self, and Mahal isn’t having it, which is leading to him being his own worst enemy in this match. Mahal gets back into the ring and beats on Nakamura a bit. This match is featuring tri-lingual announcing. Also dope. Both men are outside fighting now, the Singh Bros distract Nakamura a bit so Mahal can toss him into a barricade, then toss him back n the ring, Mahala starts stomping Nakamura, and takes control of the match. He gets Nakamura in the middle of the ring in the same rest hold everyone else on this PPV used. (don’t you fools have match agents) Nakamura is in trouble, Mahal is unleashing his fury on him. Mahal goes for another hold in the middle of the ring, and looks like his arms may pop and deflate at any moment… Nakamura works his way back to his feet, and manages to kick Mahal in the face… both men down…. the fans are eerily quiet… Nakamura gets a few good kicks to the chest of Mahal, then a huge knee to the midsection, Nakamura gets a 2 count on the pinfall. Mahal tries to power bomb Nakamura but he gets the arm and puts Mahal into a nice triangle arm bar, Mahal fought to the ropes. Nakamura gets a nice face buster on Mahal, but Mahal reverses for a 2 count roll up. Mahal knees him in the face for another 2 count… Mahal is now standing over Nakamura, waiting, then gets kicked in the face and runs himself into the steel post. Nakamura takes control, Mahal is down, Singh’s get in the ring, Nakamura takes both out, Mahal does his finisher, and wins? How did he win, if the Singh bros interfered? Was that a no DQ match, or are we just being arbitrary with out rulings tonight?
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO But hey I called it.

Fatal 4 way for The WWE Universal Championship
Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman vs Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar (c): Brock Lesnar looks like he just chugged a gallon of cold brew coffee. Joe and Lesnar and Reigns and Strowman break off fighting with each other in pairs, Lesnar and Reigns meet in the middle of the ring. Lesner suplexes both Reigns, then Joe out of the ring. Strowman and Lesner face off. Strowman tosses Lesnar into the corner then clotheslines him over the top. Beautiful. There’s too much insanity going on to even begin to try to type this as it happens. Bodies everywhere. Strowman is a monster. He picks up Lesnar and carries him like an insulate child and tosses him through the announce table, that was fucking amazing. Lesnar is out Reigns, Joe, and Strowman are fighting. Strowman took an announce chair and took out Joe and reigns with it… then clears another announce table to throw Lesnar through. YEEEEESSSSS. It’s nice to see someone toss Lesnar around like a ragdoll. Strowman is my new hero. Strowman is now flipping the third announce table on top of Lesner. THIS IS UNREAL. Officials and medics pull the table off Lesnar, the crowd is chanting “This is AWESOME”!!! The paramedics come out with a back board for Lesnar… The Champion is being carted away… Strowman is yelling at him as he is wheeled away from ringside. Strowman takes apart the stairs and starts beating Joe and Reigns with the top two steps, then tosses them across the ring. Strowman tosses Reigns in the ring,  Reigns fights back, picks up the stairs and hits Strowman a few times with the steps, sending Sstrowman out of the ring, Joe tries to get Reigns with a roll-up Joe hits the Samoan drop then a flying senton on Reigns for a 2 count. Reigns counters to get control or the mach and gives Joe a Samoan drop for the 2 count… Reigns is waiting for Joe to get up, Joe dodges the punch and gets Reigns in a submission but Strowman comes in and slams them both and takes a 2 count on Reigns. Lesnar comes out and is on his way back to the ring, he tackles Strowman, and starts punching him. Lesner then suplexes everyone… Strowman comes back in, Lesner tries but can’t suplex him, Lesner tries to Kimora on Stroman but Reigns breaks it up. Reigns gives Lesner and Joe some super punches, then gets a 2 count on Lesner. Reigns pulls himself together, Lesner is trying to make it to his feet, Joe grabs Reigns in a submission but Strowman drop kicks him, Strowman almost got the 3 count on Joe, but Lesner pulled the ref out of the ring. Reigns got a superman punch on Strowman for a 2 count, gets a big boot to the face, then Lesner breaks the cover. Everyone looks pretty beat up, well except Strowman, Lesner tries to F5 Strowman but Strowman reverses and Reigns Spears Strowman. Reigns and Lesner in the ring, Lesner misses F5 on Reigns, Samoa Joe tosses Reigns, Lesner gets put in Joes submission, but Lesner hits the F5 on Joe, Reigns breaks the pin, Reigns and Lesner are once again one on one, Reigns gets two superman punches in, Lesner gets back up Reigns hits the third punch, Lesner is about to get up, Brock hits the f5 on Reigns to retain his Universal Championship. Surprisingly this was the match I was least interested in, and it actually turned into one of my favorite matches of the night. Braun Strowman stepped it up. That man is a force to be reckoned with. WOW.

Overall this was a pretty decent show. It just feels soooo long. Less ridiculous intro’s more wrestling, ok? Actually looking forward to this weeks TV events, hopefully, they keep up the pace they set tonight.

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Summerslam Predictions

Major Shifts in WWE Summerslam Betting Odds

The following odds are sourced from 5Dimes, which offers betting to players worldwide. Click here to visit Five Dimes.

There have been many changes to the Summerslam on the WWE Network betting odds the night before the event and are now available to the worldwide market, which always bring the most dramatic changes. The Universal Championship match hasn’t seen any major changes. Brock Lesnar is still favored to retain, Samoa Joe is the most likely challenger to dethrone the Champion, however Braun Strowman has overtaken Roman Reigns in probability of winning.

Shinsuke Nakamura is now a heavy favorite to defeat Jinder Mahal, however this does not mean he walks away with the WWE Championship due to the possibility of a count out or DQ loss where the title wouldn’t change hands.

The Raw Women’s Championship, originally close to an even bet has went in the favor of Alexa Bliss retaining over Sasha Banks. Naomi is now heavily favored to retain against Natalya in the Smackdown Women’s Championship, so the lines have moved even more of her favor. This is possibly fueled by rumors of the WWE marketing the champion’s glowing championship through WWE Shop in the future, so the title would need to remain with Naomi to make that possible.

Another match that was very close has seen major moves is the Crusierweight Championship match with newly crowned champion Akira Tozawa favored to retain against the man he beat for the title, Neville. Both the Raw and Smackdown Tag Team Titles have the challengers favored to win, however there is one major distinction here. While The Usos have become less favored to lose to The New Day, Cesaro and Sheamus have seen their odds shortened. The Raw Tag Champs are still underdogs, but the challengers of Dean Amborse and Seth Rollins are less favored to win than they were originally.

Big Cass was at -700 to defeat the Big Show and while the projected outcome is the same, they have been shortened to only -180. Something is definitely going on with this match. Randy Orton is now even more of an underdog against Rusev, which is puzzling but makes for an interesting match in terms of who will actually win.

John Cena was at one point favored to beat Baron Corbin, but this shifted completely. It is very close however. The odds below are easy to read with the guidance of knowing that the minus sign represents the underdog, while the plus sign does the same for the favorite. The number after the plus or minus indicated how favored or unfavored the competitor(s) is/are.

WWE Universal Championship – Fatal Fourway

Brock Lesnar(c) -320 vs Samoa Joe +375 vs Braun Strowman +1100 vs Roman Reigns +1500

WWE Championship

Jinder Mahal(c) +700 vs Shinsuke Nakamura -1500

Raw Women’s Championship

Alexa Bliss(c) -260 vs Sasha Banks +180

Smackdown Women’s Championship

Naomi(c) -930 vs Natalya +510

WWE United States Championship

AJ Styles(c) -400 vs Kevin Owens +280

Raw Tag Team Championship

Cesaro and Sheamus(c) +135 vs Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins -175

Smackdown Tag Team Championship

The Usos +500 vs The New Day -900

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Akira Tozawa(c) -425 vs Neville +305

John Cena +150 vs Baron Corbin -190

Randy Orton +500 vs Rusev -900

Finn Balor -555 vs Bray Wyatt +365

Big Show +140 vs Big Cass -180

The Hardy Boyz and Jason Jordan -285 vs The Miztourage +205

Source – 5Dimes

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Summerslam Predictions!

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It’s time for another round of WWE special event predictions! It’s Summerslam time, which means another huge show packed to the gills with championship matches. This is one of the events that brings Raw and Smackdown together into one major event.

Here are my predictions, you can look back through my writing and see my past choices and rate how well I do with my choices if you wish!

Universal Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe vs. Braun Strowman (Fatal 4-Way Match): I am pulling for Braun Strowman. I hate Lesner and Joe and think they will make Reigns really work for his next title run.

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal vs. Shinsuke Nakamura: My question is who DOESN’T want to see Nakamura as champion??? Put your hand down Vince, we see you. I think Jinder will retain his belt.

John Cena vs. Baron Corbin: I am looking forward to watching Baron Corbin beat up on Cena. I’m going with Corbin, despite my better judgement.

United States Champion AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens (Shane McMahon as special guest referee): This match is going to be all sorts of ridiculous. Clearly Shanes role as referee is a detriment to AJ’s title run. Will Shane call it clean, or will we see a screwjob? My gur says screwjob and Owens regains the US Title.

Raw Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins: This match is going to be great. I’m rooting for Cesaro and Sheamus to keep thier championships.

Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks: Sasha all day.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi vs. Natalya: Can’t wait to see what these two pull off. As much as I adore Naomi, I think Natalya is going to give her a run for her title, and potentially take it away…

Randy Orton vs. Rusev: Rusev!!!

Big Show vs. Big Cass (with Enzo Amore suspended above the ring in a Shark Cage): I think Enzo will have the key, and we will find out him and Big Cass been working us all to get over on The Big Show. Big Cass for the win…

“The Demon” Finn Bálor vs. Bray Wyatt: Bálor!!! Fid you expect anything different from me?

SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day vs. The Usos (SummerSlam Kickoff Match): So sad this got moved to the Preshow. These guys are AWESOME.  TND will retain their titles!

The Hardy Boyz & Jason Jordan Vs. The Miz & The Miztourage (Kickoff Match): All I can say is… wtf… and I am guesding Miznado will rein supreme.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Akira Tozawa vs. Neville (SummerSlam Kickoff Match): WHY??? Can’t this trade spots with the universal championship match? I’m pulling for Neville to get his title back.

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Early Odds for Summerslam 2017!

Our friends at Grosvenor have put out early lines for this weeks WWE Summerslam event! These odds are for European and other markets, US odds will be out later this week! 

The latest betting odds for WWE Summerslam favor Brock Lesnar, Shinsuke Nakamura, Naomi, AJ Styles, Dean Ambose & Seth Rollins, The New Day, Alexa Bliss, Akira Tozawa, John Cena, Rusev, Finn Balor, Big Cass and The Miztourage.

Some are more favored than others. For example Big Cass and Finn Balor are heavily favored while Alexa Bliss and Rusev are very close. These are early odds and will change as the event draws closer.

WWE Universal Championship – Fatal Fourway

Brock Lesnar(c) -335 vs Samoa Joe +275 vs Roman Reigns +700 vs Braun Strowman +1000

WWE Championship

Jinder Mahal(c) +250 vs Shinsuke Nakamura -400

Raw Women’s Championship

Alexa Bliss(c) -125 vs Sasha Banks -112

Smackdown Women’s Championship

Naomi(c) -250 vs Natalya +175 (There are also odds for if Carmella will successfully cash in the MitB briefcase and those odds are +150)

WWE United States Championship

AJ Styles(c) -500 vs Kevin Owens +300

Raw Tag Team Championship

Cesaro and Sheamus(c) +300 vs Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins -500

Smackdown Tag Team Championship

The Usos +120 vs The New Day -167

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Akira Tozawa(c) -125 vs Neville -112

John Cena -167 vs Baron Corbin +120

Randy Orton +110 vs Rusev -155

Finn Balor -770 vs Bray Wyatt +400

Big Show +400 vs Big Cass -770

The Hardy Boyz and Jason Jordan +100 vs The Miztourage -139


Odds will shift as we get closer to the big day, so make sure you make sure you follow them LIVE on Grosvenor, and check back here for US lines coming out soon!

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Early Favorite in Summerslam Universal Championship Fatal Fourway

The following odds are sourced from 5Dimes. Bets are taken from players worldwide.

Will Champion Brock Lesnar Hang On to the Universal Championship?

In addition to the WWE Championship match between Jinder Mahal and Shinsuke Nakamura at Summerslam, the Fatal Fourway for the WWE Universal Championship now has odds as well set by 5Dimes. Champion Brock Lesnar is the initial favorite to win at -120, meaning a $120 bet upon success would win $100. This is considered an “even bet” with the added 20% stake being the “vig”.

Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe both have identical odds at +245 of dethroning Lesnar and due to the fourway stipulation, there isn’t a chance of a DQ or count out finish, so the winner walks out of Summerslam as Champion. This is single elimination, so Brock wouldn’t even have to be pinned or submitted to lose the title.

Braun Strowman is has the least favorable odds at +700, meaning a successful $100 bet would multiply seven fold to $700. One can only speculate that these underdog odds for the “Monster Among Men” are due to WWE being cautious in building up what could be the first true megastar since John Cena.

These odds will change and can not be considered spoilers at this point. It’s far too early for that.

WWE Universal Championship – Fatal Fourway – Summerslam

Brock Lesnar(c) -120 vs

Roman Reigns +245 vs

Samoa Joe +245 vs

Braun Strowman +700

Source – 5Dimes


Will Nakamura Win the WWE Championship at Summerslam? Can He Withstand a MitB Cash In?

The following odds are sourced from 5Dimes. Bets are taken from players worldwide.

The Summerslam Odds Tell a Revealing Story

In a historic encounter, and the first ever television match that has had betting odds, Shinsuke Nakamura has defeated John Cena clean in the middle of the ring on Smackdown to earn the opportunity to challenge WWE Champion Jinder Mahal at Summerslam. Originally, Cena was a slight favorite but began moving in the direction of Nakamura, at one point being a -750 favorite and the sports book projections proved to be accurate yet again.

Now there are already odds by 5Dimes on the Summerslam Championship match, with Nakamura  slightly favored at -160 to Jinder’s +120. As always this does not necessarily mean Shinsuke walks away with the title as a count out or DQ win would not transfer possession of the championship. In fact, the odds on who will walk out as champion still most favor Mahal, even with Shinsuke favored to win the match itself. A screwy finish here would further build Mahal as the “undeserving champion”, while helping Nakamura solidify himself as a top star.

Jinder is at +115 and Shinsuke +165 for being champion at the conclusion of Summerslam. A $100 bet on either would win the number after the plus signs so $115 on a Jinder win and $165 on a Nakamura win. This is because Jinder has better odds so gamblers win less on him because he’s more likely at this point to walk out champion than Shinsuke.

The chance of a Baron Corbin MitB cash in is also possible and the odds on this happening are +295. The odds against a successful cash is -415 so a $415 bet on Baron not being champion after Summerslam would yield only $100 as this likely doesn’t happen at all. This could also be the reason for Nakamura being less likely than Jinder to walk out as champion. Corbin would be more likely to cash in on Shinsuke as opposed to fellow heel Jinder Mahal.

WWE Champion at the Conclusion of Summerslam
Jinder Mahal +115
Shinsuke Nakamura +165
Baron Corbin +295

WWE Championship Match – Summerslam
Jinder Mahal +120 vs Shinsuke Nakamura -160

Source – 5Dimes

Who is Favored to be WWE Champion After Summerslam, Nakamura Now Slightly Favored over Cena

The following odds are sourced from 5Dimes. Bets are taken from players worldwide.

Can Jinder Mahal Keep the Momentum Through Summerslam

There are currently odds on who will be the WWE Champion at the conclusion of this year’s Summerslam in Brooklyn. The current champion, Jinder Mahal, has the best odds at +195 and this is understandable with Mahal being rumored to in for a long championship reign.

The other three possibilities that have odds are Shinsuke Nakamura, John Cena and Baron Corbin. Nakamura at +215 and John Cena at +230 are very close in the odds, with Nakamura having the slight edge. This is no surprise as the odds for tonight’s Smackdown match between the two men have shifted in favor of Shinsuke. The former New Japan star is favored to beat Cena at -150, with Cena the underdog at +110. This may not seem like a wide margin, and it isn’t, but it’s worth mentioning that yesterday Cena was slightly favored in this match, which has now changed. Cena leaving the Smackdown Brand and heading to RAW after Summerslam is also a relevant detail in both the Smackdown Match and who walks out of Summerslam Champion.

Baron Corbin also has odds set to be WWE Champion at the conclusion of Summerslam at +435. This would involve “The Lone Wolf” cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase at the event. It is known that WWE is very high on Corbin’s potential, almost all MitB winners have successfully cashed in and Smackdown is in desperate need of building top level star power, especially with Cena leaving the brand at Summerslam.

Who Will Be WWE Champion Immediately Following Summerslam?

Jinder Mahal +195

Shinsuke Nakamura +215

John Cena +230

Baron Corbin +435

Smackdown Match 8/1

John Cena +110 vs Shinsuke Nakamura -150


Source: 5Dimes