WWE Payback Live Results

Pre Show

Enzo and Big Cass def Gallows and Anderson

Main Show

Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens for the US Title Jericho won with the Walls of Jericho.

Austin Aries vs Neville (c) for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Aries won by DQ, Neville retains the title.

The Hardy Boyz (c) vs Cesaro and Sheamus for the Raw Tag Team Titles The Hardy Boyz restain their title.

Alexa Bliss vs Bayley(c) for the Raw Womens Championship –  Alexa Bills def Bayley to become the new Raw Womens Champion.

House of Horrors Match Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton – What am I watching? – Did Bray Wyatt win? WTF was that?

Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins – Seth Rollins won by pinning Samoa Joe

Wait that wasnt the Orton/Wyatt match.

Bray Wyatt won after Jinder Mahall and the Singh brothers attacked Orton.

Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns -Braun Strowman def Roman Reigns.

Who is the ‘Smart Money” Favoring for WWE Payback Tonight?

The following odds are from 5Dimes and represent the American Market. Currently Mastercard, American Express and Bitcoins are being accepted for deposits. Bets can be made for as low as 50 cent although there is never an obligation to place a wager or make a deposit to view and follow the ever changing odds. Visit 5Dimes by clicking here.

The smart odds appear to be in for WWE Payback tonight. These are very long odds considering we didn’t see lines like this for both Fastlane and Wrestlemania. With odds like this the most likely reason would be insider leaks, however with more people than ever now gambling on WWE this may just be result of who gamblers are backing heavily. Either way, there is always a chance of upsets based on bad information or last minute changes to finishes.

The Hardy Boyz and Bray Wyatt are the most favored out of anyone else on the card. Both Wyatt and the Raw Tag Team Champions have odds of -13500 and this is a 99.01% probability in both matches. While the Hardyz were always heavily favored all along, The early markets had Randy Orton as a heavy favorite to defeat Bray Wyatt. This was puzzling for several reasons. The first being that Randy Orton’s WWE Championship is not on the line. Next is the fact that this is a “House of Horrors” match and while we don’t know exactly what this match is, it is Bray Wyatt’s creation and specialty match so he should probably win this. Finally, due to the Superstar ShakeUp, Bray Wyatt is on the Raw brand. Wyatt winning what is now and interbrand match makes the most sense.

In the case of the Hardyz, these lines could suggest just how serious WWE is about a major run for the Hardyz. Historical booking patterns would usually suggest that those getting beat on TV leading up to PPV end up winning at the PPV. The Hardyz beat their opponents, Cesaro and Shaemus, in singles matches on Raw the past two weeks and yet are graded as underdogs. This is a very interesting anomaly.

As usual, the women’s division are the most volatile in terms of line moves. After being very close, Bayley was just yesterday favored at -4500 but now they’ve flipped completely as it is now Alexa Bliss favored at the same -4500 odds. As always, this does not mean Bliss wins the Raw Women’s Championship, as a DQ or Count Out win is always possible.

Braun Strowman has been favored all along to beat Roman Reigns and now has odds of -5960. The attack on Reigns really raised Strowman’s stock and fans are accepting him as a big deal and these odds are no surprise. Another talent that has been favored from the beginning and held on to it is Seth Rollins favored at -7500 to beat Samoa Joe. This should come as a shock, considering the major plans WWE seems to have for Joe, however good storytelling can turn key losses into a way to further build a character.

Kevin Owen had been heavily favored to retain the United States Championship in a Wrestlemania rematch against Chris Jericho. Now Jericho is favored at -9250 which is also puzzling because Y2J goes on tour with Fozzy very soon. Neville is favored to retain against Austin Aries at -9250.

On the preshow, Enzo Amore and Big Cass are favored to defeat Gallows and Anderson with odds of -7500. The odds can still change leading up to show as bets are being taken right up until the bell rings for each match. Below are the full odds, a minus sign indicates the favorites and the plus symbol for the underdogs. The number after is how favored or unfavored particular competitors are. These odds all fall under “end of broadcast ruling” or “end of preshow ruling” in the case of the preshow tag match. This is to account for when an initial finish is overruled to account for any “Dusty Finish”.

Visit 5Dimes for up to the minute odds on WWE Payback

Roman Reigns -1990 vs Braun Strowman -5960

WWE United States Championship
Kevin Owens(c) +2750 vs Chris Jericho -9250

WWE Women’s Championship
Bayley(c) +1500 vs Alexa Bliss -4500

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Hardy Boyz -13500 vs Cesaro and Sheamus +3500

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Neville -9250 vs Austin Aries +2750

House of Horrors Match
Randy Orton +3500 vs Bray Wyatt -13500

Seth Rollins -7500 vs Samoa Joe +2500

Preshow Match
Enzo Amore and Big Cass -7500 vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson +2500

Credit: 5Dimes

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bayley vs alexa bliss wwe payback

WWE Payback Betting Odds Project a Major Title Change

Paddy Power makes bets available only to The UK and Ireland. The odds can still be followed but anyone in the world however.

The betting odds for this Sunday’s Payback have been posted by Paddy Power, a sportsbook available in Ireland and The UK. A possible title change is projected at this point but the lines often change. This becomes more dramatic when odds are offered to the global market later in the week.

Early odds of 4/7(64% probability) see Alexa Bliss winning against Raw Women’s Champion Bayley. This does not necessarily mean Bayley loses the title in the event of a count out or DQ, but the bet would be graded as a win for Bliss. All other champions are currently projected to retain. Kevin Ovens is favored over Chris Jericho for the US Championship, Neville is favored to retain the Cruiserwieght Title against Austin Aries and the Hardyz are projected to retain the Raw Tag Titles against Cesaro and Sheamus.

Braun Strowman has odds of 1/2 ,or a nearly 67% probability. Booking patterns would suggest with the onslaught of abuse Braun has put Roman through that Reigns would get his revenge by beating Strowman in the match. This may not be the case as Braun did suffer a loss in a dumpster match with Kalisto on the go home Raw leading into Payback.

The House of Horrors match has odds favoring Randy Orton at 4/6(60% probability) against Bray Wyatt. This match is Wyatt’s creation, Raw is his home brand and Orton’s WWE Championship isn’t even on the line. A strong case can be made that Wyatt should be favored and the odds on this match could easily flip in the other direction.

Seth Rollins is a 4/9 favorite to defeat Samoa Joe and on the Kick Off Show, Enzo and Big Cass are 4/7 favorites to beat Gallows and Anderson.

WWE Payback Odds

United States Championship

Kevin Owens 1/7 vs Chris Jericho 4/1

Raw Women’s Championship

Bayley 5/4 vs Alexa Bliss 4/7

Cruiserweight Championship

Neville 4/6 vs Austin Aries 11/10

Raw Tag Team Championship

Hardy Boyz 2/5 vs Cesaro and Sheamus 13/8

Roman Reigns 6/4 vs Braun Strowman 1/2

House of Horrors Match

Randy Orton 4/6 vs Bray Wyatt 11/10

Seth Rollins 4/9 vs Samoa Joe 13/8

KickOff Show

Enzo and Big Cass 4/7 vs Gallows and Anderson 6/5

Source – Paddy Power[huge_it_forms id=”1″]

wwe house of horrors match

What Nightmares Await in Bray Wyatt’s “House of Horrors” Match at WWE Payback?,

New Details Teased About House of Horror Match

WWE sent out a survey to the WWE Fan Council asking what the “House of Horrors” match for the WWE Championship between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt at Payback should be. There was some criticism towards the WWE for booking a match and not having a plan in place for what that match will entail. The survey was actually a checklist of the following items. This looks to be an experimental match that could be a big hit or a total dud.

  • Cage
  • Darkness
  • FireWWE Network Bray 300x250
  • Pitch Forks
  • Sheeple”
  • Mirrors
  • Projected images
  • Fog
  • A match set outside the arena
  • Creepy/scary
  • Music
  • Other
  • Nothing different
  • Chainsaws
  • Bugs
  • Masks
  • Snakes
  • Costumes
  • Axes
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Chains
  • Fire
  • Kendo Sticks
  • Would prefer no weapons or objects
  • Other

Speaking of the “House of Horrors” Match, the obvious reason why this was moved to Raw branded Payback is because Brock Lesnar will not be on that event and therefore the Universal Championship would not be defended. This will be the first time since the brand split that the WWE Championship is defended on a Raw branded PPV.

WWE Payback Matches

Other matches for WWE Payback on the WWE Network have been announced with more matches to be added as we approach March 30.

United States Championship

Kevin Owens(c) vs Chris Jericho

Raw Tag Team Championship

The Hardy Boyz(c) vs Cesaro & Sheamus

Cruiserweight Championship

Neville (c) vs Austin Aries

Another match likely for is Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman to capitalize off the brutal attack that saw Strowman throw Reigns around backstage, push him off a loading dock and then push over an ambulance with Reigns inside. Roman literally will be after Payback.

Now that Seth Rollins finished of Triple H at Wrestlemania 33, expect him to move on to a match with Samoa Joe at Payback. This one could steal the show if the match end up being booked.