5dimes sportsbook review
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5 Dimes Sportsbook Review

Our main resource for odds on wrestling matches is 5Dimes. This sportsbook has been in business since 1996 and has been operating on the internet since 1998. One of the most trustworthy gambling sites in the world offers fast and easy payouts on winnings and 24/7 customer service. Registration is free for players across the globe and there is no obligation to place any wagers.

The free registrations grant the opportunity to view and wager on the odds for not just pro wrestling PPVs, but for all major sporting events like Futbol and Cricket. They even offer casino games such as poker and slot machines that involve real money or the option to just “play for fun”. Our favorite is the Lucha Libre slots.

Deposits are especially easy with this sportsbook. Credit Cards are accepted and the emerging e-currrency BitCoin is now accepted as well. Bets can be placed for as low as 50 cent and Reduced Juice is offered on many games.

While 5Dimes has the reputation for posting odds well in advance, Reduced Juice is frequently offered on the day of certain games. Reduced Juice slashes the “vig” of the sportsbook in half from -110 to -105 and this allows you to win more on wagers and people love taking advantage of this.

New players can get a 50% bonus free play reward on deposits from $100 – $400. A $100 dollar deposit would yield an extra. After that they are offering an additional 20% bonus play up to $2000 for a total free play bonus of $520. There are other rewards are available for casino games as well.

Professional Wrestling usually only has action available at 5Dimes the week leading up to the event and can be found in the “other sports” section of the sportsbook when they are posted. We follow the odds with great vigor here at betwrestling and click here to visit 5Dimes to make bets and follow the odds.

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