WWE Fastlane Results

The last PPV  on the WWE Network before Wrestlemania, and here are the results:

Preshow Match: Swann and Towzowa win, Only caught the end of this match, and sad I missed it.

Sami Zayn vs Samoa Joe – Joe went for Sami as soon as he got into the ring. Joe kicks at Sami over and over, showing he is going to be a force to be reckoned with. Zayn tried a shoulder tackle, but it all goes wrong from there. Surprisingly Zayn is holding in there despite the beating he is taking.  Samoa Joe seems more brutal than ever. Zayn tries hard for a comeback, even gets Joe off his feet. But he stupidly attempts to go to the top rope, though he fights Joe off, but Joe still avoids his tomfoolery and gets a atomic drop to a 2 count. Joe gets another 2 count pinfall and there is some more back and forth in the match. Zayn gaining control again tried a sunset flip off the top, but it didnt work out, and Joe once again gains control and gets Zayn into submission. Samoa Joe by Submission.

Big Cass and Enzo Amore Vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (C) for the Raw Tag Team titles – Enzo comes out and cuts a larger than life promo as usual. I love these guys. Big Cass really took to to Anderson, Too distracted to write about this match, but its a lot of great back and forth. Enzo alost has a pin but it is broken up, and in the ensuing chaos, Gallows and Anderson retain the belts.

Nia Jax Vs Sasha Banks – Nia Jax is absolutely dominating this match as I thought would happen in my predictions. Every time Sasha seems like she may have a chance, she gets torn back down, or stopped in her tracks. Sasha attempts high flying moves, submissions, and everything in her arsenal but nothing seems to work against Nia. When all seemed bleak Sasha Banks managed to roll Nia Jax into a small package for the win. Wow. What a match!!!

Cesaro Vs Jinder Mahal- This match up is pretty evenly matched. I probably won’t write much, as I rather watch it to be honest. IMO both of these guys are under appreciated, dominating forces in the WWE. Its great to see such big guys who move like they do. Cesaro picks up the win, and Jinder Mahal gets beat up at the hands of Rusev.

The Big Show comes to the ring, the bell rings, and we are now watching him tear Rusev apart. Rusev is usually pretty tough but TBS is making easy work of him. Rusev still has a bit of fight in him. Rusev almost gets a submission but TBS gets out, and wrecks him with a huge side slam. Rusev goes to the outside, but TBS drags him back by his hair, Rusev gets over for a second, but it doesnt last long. Rusev takes over by taking the big man down at the knees. Rusev gains the advantage and it looks bad for TBS but TBS comes back, and destroys Rusev, punches him out, and picks up the win.

Gentleman Jack Gallagher Vs Neville (C) for the Crusierweight Championship – Neville is pissed like a minute into the match, as Gallagher is pulling his goofy shit. Again too distracted by the actual match to give a play by play, but this has been extremely fast paced, and entertaining. I really dig watching both these guys work. Neville’s finisher is SIIIIIIIIIICK! He retains his belt. This was MOTN so far in my opinion.

Paul Heyman comes out and promotes Brock Lesner… That’s the sound of no one caring…

Its The New Day! And they have a bicycle powered ice cream cart, with a huge umbrella. New Day Pops! I wonder if they will be for sale at Mania?

Roman Reigns Vs Braun Strowman – Holy hell Strowman is powerful. This match is reminiscent of the women’s match earlier, as Reigns is getting no love, and gaining no traction. I thought these guys may break an announce table, but now I feel like they may just destroy the ring. These guys both move incredibly well for their size. It looks bad for Reigns, Strowman has worn him down. And Strowman goes the Spanish announce table…  but Reigns cuts him off. they are back in the ring, and shocking Reigns is still on his feet and in control. Strowman tried for a choke slam but Reigns cuts him off and gives him a back drop. Reigns goes for the superman punch, is cut off and cut down. Both men back to the outside, and Reigns end up through the table! What do I win? lol Strowman throws Reigns back into the ring, but Reigns gets the spear on him. Strowman kicks out. Reigns gets two Superman punches in but than gets cut off again. Somehow Strowman gets on the top rope but it doesn’t end well for him, and Reigns takes the opportunity to pick up the victory.

Charlotte Flair Vs Bayley(c) for the Raw Women’s Championship- Both women look ready to fight. This match is back and forth with ferocity, but no matter how she tries, Charlotte cannot gain the upper hand, Bayley is fighting her move for move. Watching this match makes me incredibly happy for where we are right now in women’s wrestling. (in fact overall the women’s division has become really fun to watch). Charlotte escapes to the outside, much like her father would, and Bayley takes the bait and follows. She gets cut off and Charlotte tosses her back in the ring to put the boot to her. No matter how Bayley tries to counter, Charlotte has gained control of the match and isn’t giving in easily. Charlotte is straight up punishing Bayley, with submission holds, and the simple fact that she can easily overpower her. Bayley isn’t giving up easily. Charlotte is running her through the ringer. Poor Bayley. She isn’t having a very easy time holding onto her belt. She better dig deep and find that heart that loves wresting so much that she would take this abuse. Bayley gets a second wind, and manages to turn things in her favor. She gets a 2 count on Charlotte. Bayley tries to set Charlotte up in the corner, but Charlotte is still too with it to go down without a fight. Bayley goes to the top, but Charlotte takes her down. Its back and forth, Charlotte climbs to the top, Bayley flips her off the top, but only gets a two count. Charlotte cuts her off again.  Charlotte begins talking to herself in the ring, and almost gets rolled up. She fights Bayley off again, sending Bayley to the outside. Charlotte goes to the top, but Sasha Banks runs out and rips her off the corner, and gives her a few good punches. Bayley gets a few more moves in on Charlotte, and it ends with a suplex, and Bayley retains her championship. With the interference will she get her title stripped like Naomi did? Seriously…

Kevin Owens (c) Vs Goldberg -Does anyone really care? I don’t, but Ill write the result when the match is done…Huge Shock Goldbeg Wins!

My #WWEFastlane Predictions

Despite what the odds say, we always like to predict for the upcoming PPV’s. WWE Fastlane is tomorrow, here are my thoughts!


Rich Swann & Akira Tozawa vs. The Brian Kendrick & Noam Dar (Kickoff Match)
I am really looking forward to this match up, as I love watching these guys wrestle. These are all well rounded workers, but from recent WWE TV we can see that Kendrick and Dar, don’t seem to care much for rules. So I give it to Swann and Tozawa by DQ.

Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax
Nia Jax is a powerful and intimidating force in the WWE women’s division. Sasha Banks, the former champion, has a lot to overcome in this battle. Can she outwit Jax, as she certainly cannot overpower her. I give this one to Nia Jax

Raw Tag Team Champions Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass
Have I told you guys how much I hate the gimmick of Gallows and Anderson? I really really hate their appearance. They look like neo nazi’s. Despite my hating on their gimmick, I do like watching them wrestle. I think this match is going to be one of the highlights of the night. Cass and Amore may be able to overcome Gallows and Anderson based on their strong bond as tag team partners, and friends, as long as they are careful that Amore doesn’t get cornered by Gallows and Anderson, as they would quickly undo him. I give this to Big Cass and Enzo Amore, to capture the tag championship!

Cruiserweight Champion Neville vs. Jack Gallagher
This match has interference written all over it. If these two get through the entire match without Dar or Kendrick interfering I would be shocked. That being said, I also wonder if Gallagher’s unorthodox style is enough to overcome Neville who seems to be the most powerful cruiser weight in the division.  I think Neville will retain the Cruiserweight championship.

Sami Zayn vs. Samoa Joe
I know people love Samoa Joe, and I do not deny he is a good wrestler, but I never got the hype. These guys should work well off each other, I see a lot of back and forth in this match as long as Zayn doesn’t allow himself to be overpowered early on. I think Samoa Joe will win this match up.

Raw Women’s Champion Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair
Charlotte is hungry to regain the Women’s Championship. Will Bayley be able to overcome Charlotte’s well known history of following in her fathers cheating footsteps. Charlotte will try to capture the belt by any means necessary, I see Charlotte taking the win, and potentially facing Nia Jax at Wrestlemania.

Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman
These two are going to tear the building down. I have a feeling at least one announce table will be destroyed during this match, and these two will brawl where ever they see fit. It’s hard for me to determine who will win this match up, but I am personally pulling for Reigns.

Universal Champion Kevin Owens vs. Goldberg
I hate to keep complaining, but Goldberg is still hella boring. I really could care less about this match. I choose Owens, because putting the title on Goldberg seems hella stupid. But this being WWE they might just do that.

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Liz Savage Joins the RCWO

Many times over the years friends have created me as a wrestler in their video games! Here is the latest incarnation!

And the first match the Liz Savage Character competed in, for the division
(Please excuse the streaming issues)

If you would like your content featured, email me at lizsavage@betwrestling.com

Thanks to RussianSnake for the videos!

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Wrestling With Depression

I am writing this as not only an editorial, but a personal piece. Let’s be real, we have all either suffered from bouts of depression, or know someone who has. Depression comes in many forms, with many faces. Some are able to hide it, and smile and be active. Some folks hide in their beds. Others just barely are able to do the bare minimum to survive.

Depression can last a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, months or a whole lifetime, depending on what environmental and chemical factors are in play. Some folks do well on medicine, others are sick of being zombies, or guinea pigs  for the pharmaceutical companies. Some turn to “drugs” or alcohol to self medicate. Others are fitness junkies, workaholics, or seem to be addicted to something whether it be gambling, gaming, or sexual behaviors.

This is something we have seen in wrestling, but maybe have not recognized as being related to depression. Not only that but the link between tramatic brain injuries and depression. From TramaticBrainInjury.net:

“…major depressive disorder (MDD) may be the most common and challenging mental health condition that patients encounter following a TBI—53.1% of TBI patients in the study experienced MDD at least once in the first year after their injury. Another study showed that suicidal thoughts and attempts are also common reactions to TBI—23% of the participants had thoughts of suicide, while 17% actually attempted suicide after their injury. These higher rates of suicidal behaviors may also be connected to MDD following TBI.”

How many of us have had TBI?  I know I gave myself a concussion for sure once, I have it on video… Botched sunset flip, I had never done one on a person my height before, and landed right on my head… Warning graphic video!

The night of this injury my head was severely swollen, but the roads were also incredibly icy. Power lines were down, it was late, and going to the hospital in a state I did not live in did not sound fun. So I went home with my friends, and stayed up all night watching cartoons with their cat, with ice on my head, propped up so I wasn’t laying down, as we looked up what to do in case of head injury. By the next day I felt better, but my head hurt, and was swollen and bruised. I took at least two months off from in ring work, and a couple weeks off managing, until the bruising went down.

The thing is, I never felt the same again. I have had issues with short term memory loss since then, something was never an issue for me before this. I also have noticed in the years since this happened, my anxiety issues grew, as did my depression. It became hard to do many of the day to day activities I had done in the past. It has become hard to interact with people, to be cheery, and even to feel that my work had any merit. I started to feel stagnant in my jobs, and went back to working with animals full time, training horses, teaching riding lessons, and other farm related duties. I also found solace in doing office work, and writing. But working with people became problematic, as I had developed even more social anxieties.

It took a while for me to notice how my interactions with other humans were becoming an issue for me. Sometimes I blank out, or can’t focus, sometimes my reactions seem rude, even if I do not perceive them as such. I seem short with people or even angry when I speak. I don’t mean to, but it just happens.
Learning to notice this is happening was not an easy task, and I still struggle with this at times, so I tend to limit my interactions with people when I am feeling stressed out, as no good can come from it.

When i started recognizing these issues, I also started reading more on TBI, and its effects on people in the long term, and there has been some research done on the potential for these issues to become worse over time. This makes me think of Chris Benoit who in 2007, shockingly killed his wife Nancy (Aka Woman) and his young son, before killing himself. This was shocking to not only wrestling fans, but the entire wrestling community. It was so horrendous, that WWE doesn’t list him on any of the WWE Network programming, nor is he mentioned on the website, his wins, championships, and all have been erased from the history books, as if he never existed.

At least 21 known professional wrestlers have committed suicide. This list doesn’t account for lesser known independent wrestlers who may have taken their own lives. Chris Kanyon was 40 when he committed suicide in 2010. He came out as gay in 2004, at first claiming it was a gimmick, then admitting it was true. Another notable suicide was that of “Sweet And Sour” Larry Sweeney in 2011. He suffered from Bi polar depression, and in 2009 had a breakdown, he was quite open about. Larry was not only a great wrestler, but an inspiring personality, and it seemed unreal to wrestling fans that a man who cut such engaging promo’s, was suffering from serious mental health issues.

Whether or not these suicides were the product of head injuries, or other issues can never truly be determined. What we can do is look for signs of depression, check in with each other. Also those of us who put ourselves into the ring, should think about wearing protective head gear during training at the very least, and should take an honest look at the danger we put ourselves in for what generally very little compensation. Even those who make it to the top, won’t be able to undo damage done to their bodies. We all need to look out for ourselves and each other.

A good resource to learn how to support those in crisis can be found through the Icarus Project at:  http://icarus.poivron.org/uploads/2015/02/FMTBM_final_wcovers.pdf