something to wrestle with latest episode 2017

how to bet on wwe has once again returned as a proud and loyal sponsor of Something to Wrestle With, a podcast hosted by Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson. We are doing yet another giveaway, based on the overwhelming reception of one held back January. This time it will be more interactive and we will be having a “Box of Gimmicks Rumble” with a prize pack that will include 2 Something to Wrestle With Tees and other surprise items. We are literally giving away a BOX OF GIMMICKS. We want to thank the listeners for previous support, social media interaction and feedback both positive and negative. This has helped us tremendously and we are very excited about how quickly and exponentially Something to Wrestle With has grown.

Before we get into the nature of the giveaway, We would like express that we would love to continue advertising with STWW in the future and this will become a reality but supporting this website. There are a number of ways for visitors to do this.

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Thank you for hearing us out. As promised we are holding a “Box of Gimmicks Rumble” featuring 30 or the wildest and most ridiculous gimmicks we’ve ever seen. This will be simulated through WWE 2K17 and will be held live on YouTube Gaming. If you can pick the winner you may win a “box of gimmicks” that includes 2 Something to Wrestle With T Shirts from Pro Wrestling Tees and other surprise items. This is how it will work.

  • Choose 1 gimmicks from a list of 30.
  • If  your choice wins, you are still in the game. There will most likely be others who have chosen correctly as well, so there is a series of tie breakers as there will be only one winner.
  • The first tie breaker will be based on if one of your choice has eliminated the highest number of opponents in the Rumble.
  • If necessary, a second tie breaker will be determined by who has chosen the performer who has lasted the longest in the Rumble.
  • If there is still not an undisputed winner, there will be a future match to settle the score and crown the recipient of the “Box of Gimmicks”.
  • This will air live, on a Thursday immediately following Impact on PopTV. You will be notified by e-mail of the date this will air and sent a video after the fact. You do not need to watch to win.
  • When You Submit your Pick, you should be taken to a THANK YOU page. If this does not happen you have not been entered and please try again. Desktop computers work best for this. We want everyone who wants to enter to be able to and apologize if this entry form is not working on all devices.