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Liz Savage is a former Independent wrestling manager, and occasional wrestler from NY, currently residing in Los Angeles. Liz is involved in social justice movements, and currently is the Digital Content Manager and staff writer for BetWrestling.

Money In The Bank Predictions!

This years Money In The Bank is shaping up to be a memorable one, featuring the first ever Women’s MITB Ladder Match! Here are my predictions for the outcomes of each match:

SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi vs. Lana
I give Lana credit that she has trained to wrestle, and is ready to take to the ring herself, however I am a little disappointed to see she gets a title shot before women who have worked harder for longer. I give this match to Naomi.

SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos vs. The New Day – As much as I love the Uso’s I noticed that WWE got those New Day Title Belts selling out in lightening speed and still being featured on the site,  I am going to have to go with The New Day.

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Natalya vs. Tamina vs. Carmella (Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match) – This match is going to be AWESOME. Honestly I am having a hard time deciding who will take this match. Personally I am divided between Nattie and Becky Lynch.

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton – Will Jinder Mahal roll Orton up in his magic carpet? Will WWE do more racist stereotype gimmicks? Jack The Snake as a snake charmer? Who knows… Jinder Mahal will retain, he is getting a decent amount of press and heat online, so I think they will run with that until it fizzles out.

United States Champion Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler and Shinsuke Nakamura (Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match) – NAKAMURA ALL DAY. Sorry guys.

So these are my predictions, and I wonder if a 6th woman will appear for the Women’s MITB, maybe a Bella perhaps? Who knows! The only way to find out is to watch!


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WWE Extreme Rules Results

Pre show:

Kalisto vs Apollo Crews w/ Titus O’neil – I really enjoyed this match. Lots of high flying lucha action from Kalisto, and lots of power moves by Crews. These two guys work well off each others very different wrestling styles. This match has lots of action, and ends after Titus O’neil accidentally distracts Crews with advice and Kalisto hits the Salida Del Sol for the win.

Main Card:

Intercontinental Championship Match: If Ambrose gets DQ’d he loses the Title – The Miz vs Dean Abrose(c) – Basically this match is gonna be an attempted screw job. Maryse is in wrestling gear at ringside. So that says something. Miz tries to get Ambrose caught with the chair, is inciting him to beat and choke him.  A bit of wrestling happens… go figure… I’m imagining a “This is Boring” chant in my head. I’m way less interested in this match then I thought I’d be. I am also writing this from my cell so excuse any mistakes. Ok match has gotten a bit better since Ambrose dropped a elbow off the top. Still way less interesting than I’d expect from these guys. Abrose hurts his leg, Miz takes advantage. Gets dean in a figure 4. Ambrose gets the ropes but os pretty beat after, but still has more. During the fray Miz pulls a turnbuckle cover off. Ambrose doesnt fall gor it. More back and forth. Ambrose geta Miz in the figure 4. Miz gets the ropes. Maryse slaps Miz and official sends Maryse to the locker room. Miz slams Ambrose into the ref, official was still distracted by Maryse. Miz hits Skullcrusher thing for the win. Your new Intercontinental Champion: The Miz.

Backstage Interview with Bayley talking about watching some Kendo stick matches, and saw Wonder Woman and shes ready to get the Womens Championship Back.

Noam Dar and Alicia Fox vs Rich Swann and Sasha Banks: The guys start put but then the girls tag in and get a good chunk of time in the start of match but dont do much?? Guys tag back in, beat each other up. Alicia Fox tries to get involved,  anf Banks attacks her tossing her out of the ring. Everyones out, Banks goes to the top to get Fox Dar tries to move Fox and gets tackled by Banks instead. Swann drags him back to the ring to give him another move from the top for good measure, Swann pins Dar for the win. Swann and Banks dance in the ring.

Elias Sampson is in the ring, with a guitar and a keffiteh asking who wants tp rock with him… people don’t seem to want to rock with him. He sings about how gross Balitmore is gross to the tune of hotel California or something. Its really weird. Thanks Elias.  Booker T thinks he’s good, now im totally sold.

RAW Women’s Championship: Kendo Stick on a Pole Match – Bayley vs Alexa Bliss(c) – Bliss taunts Bayley right from the start. Alexa is first to go for the Kendo stick but Bayley gets the stick but drops it and both woman fall outside. Bayley blocks Alrxa from the stick then gives her a suplex on the groubd outside. Bayley has the kendo stick,  Alexa ran away, Bayley took too much time and Alexa kicks the kendo stick outta her hands and then beats Bayley with it. BAayley does a Belly to Bayley on Alexa, more bavk and forth, Alexa gets the stick again beats Bayley, and Alexa retains her title. Lesson: don’t hesitate when ypu have a kendo stick.

RAW Tag Team Championship Match: Steel Cage Match, both members must escape the cage – Cesaro and Sheamus vs The Hardy Boyz (c) – Cersaro and Sheamus have some sweet black kilts and matching jackets. The cage is open at the top so its pretty ridiculous. No nm pinfalls or submissions just both members have to escape. The Hardys are gicing a beating to Sheamus and Cesaro, who clearly have less cahe match experience.  Hardys try to escape, but thier opponents pull them back in. Matt Hardy gets to the top of the cage, Cesaro goes after him and hands him off to Sheamus for a standing senton. Cesaro and Sheamus are now in control, beating up the Hardys for thier chance at escape. Jeff fights back, climbs the cage, Sheamus pulls him down. More back and forth, all men are down. Hardys climb first but Sheamus and Cesaro follow, all men at the top of the cage. Jeff makes it out, its now 2 on one, but Matt takes both men down momentarily. Matt scales the cage, Ceasaro and Sheamus are dragging him back into the ring and he gets a double Razors Edge. Jeff Hardy is trying to get back in, but Cesaro slams the cage door on his face. Sheamus tries the door but Matt gets him in a Twist of Fate. Matt then pulls Ceasaro down, but Cesaro gets up and pulls him down and C&S give Maty the White Noise. Jeff gets back in and does the Whisper in the Wind from the top of the cage. Race to the outside of the cage, Ceasaro and Sheamus for the win and the Tag Titles! Yaaaaaaay!

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match: Submission Match – Austin Aries vs Neville (c) – This match is too much.. plus I rather watch than write… The match was awesome. Neville retains his title. 205Live matches are way better than RAW matches IMO.

Fatal 5 way for #1 contender for Universal Championship Match against Bork Lesner – Bray Wyatt vs Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns vs Finn Baylor – Joe and Rollings and Wyatt and Balor start off, leaving Reigns standing alone. This Match is way too much to follow to try to write about. Results when it happens… the match was nuts witb Joe and Wyatt teaming up like a wrecking crew. All sorts of chair shots and high spots and even a trip through the barricaide. Samoa Joe wins by Submission. That means we have to watch him wrestle Lesner. Sounds painful. To watch.

Overall I thought this PPV was meh. The last two matches were the best. My MOTN was Neville and Aries.

Next PPV is Money in the Bank followed by Great Balls of Fire.

Extreme Rules Predictions!

This weekend we have another PPV coming up, this one is Monday Night RAW branded, “Extreme Rules”, so as always I will give you my predictions as to who will win!

Rich Swann & Sasha Banks vs. Noam Dar & Alicia Fox (Mixed Tag Team Match) – The only way Dar and Fox are going to win is if they cheat, I give it to Swann and Banks.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville vs. Austin Aries (Submission Match) – Austin Aries will win with his vegan super powers!

Raw Tag Team Champions The Hardy Boyz vs. Cesaro & Sheamus – Steel Cage Match – As much as I love the Hardy Boyz, watching them last night shows just how beat up they really are, and the steel cage is unforgiving. I give this to Cesaro & Shaeamus.

Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley (Kendo Stick on a Pole Match) – Bayley has worked harder to prove herself than half the women in WWE today. Alexa Bliss is a cheating little toad, and I hope she gets an ass beating with that Kendo stick. I give this to Bayley, just for her reach advantage alone.

Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz (if Ambrose is disqualified, he will lose the Intercontinental Title) – Dean Ambrose needs to watch his back, as Maryse will go out of her way to try to help her hubby the Miz, gain the IC Title. I am going to have to go with The Miz, as I have a feeling he is going to go above and beyond to get Ambrose DQ’d.

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Bálor vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Samoa Joe – Extreme Rules Fatal 5-Way Universal Title No. 1 Contender’s Match – This match is going to be WILD! All of these men want a shot at Brock Lesner, who has not been seen since Wrestlemania, but who will get a shot at the Universal Championship? A few weeks back Bálor said it was his goal to get the title back. Will he be able to hold his own against these 4 opponents, who all also want this title shot for themselves? After watching Samoa Joe steal his win on RAW, who knows what may happen! I am going with Bálor, because I have have some faith in him to use his brains to come out victorious!

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WWE BackLash Results 2017

Tye Dillinger  vs Aiden English – Winner Tye Dillinger

Erick Rowan came out in his sheep mask, took it off, put it back on… much to the confusion of the pre show hosts…

Main Card
Dolph Ziggler vs Shinsuke Nakamura
Ziggler hits the ring first… no one cares, this crowd is super pumped for Nakamura (poor Ziggler). Nakamura comes to the ring, and the crowd is super pumped. They start out with some chain wrestling, but Nakamura tries to overpower and outsmart Ziggler rather than just wrestle him. Ziggler takes control with a submission but also bends the hand of Nakamura. Nakamura reverses and works Zigglers arm. This is a very back and forth match, with both men looking strong. Ziggler gets a hell of a dropkick in on Nakamura, followed by a big elbow drop. Ziggler takes too much time and Nakamura cuts him off with a knee to the guy then a leg to the head. There is more back and forth, too much too fast to write. Ziggler catches Nakamura in a HUGE DDT, taking Nakamura down again. Both men get up Zigger gets cut off again, but almost gets Nakamura on a roll up, then again on another two count. Nakamura looks hurt. Both men are down, but Ziggler gets back up first, and goes for a superkick, but Nakamura dodges but Ziggler catches him in the ZigZag, and Nakamura kicks out. HOLY SHIT. This match is a fire first match. There is so much back and forth its impossible for me to keep up. After a few more minutes Skinsuke Nakamura takes the win by pinfall after hitting the Kinshasa.

Ridiculous “Fashion Files” promo from Breezango…

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match
Breezango vs The Uso’s(c)
Tyler Breeze is still wearing his ridiculous janitor costume from his promo. He even mops the ring when he gets tagged in and trips up one of the Uso’s with the mop. Its a loaded mop to the face of Jimmy Uso! The mop gets broken and thrown out by Jay Uso. Jay goes to the top but Breeze rolls out. Breeze is literally just rolling back and forth across the ring. When Jay goes back for him, he kicks him in the head. Fandango gets tagged in, and Jay takes over, drags him over to tag Jimmy in. Fandango takes control and gets a 2 count on Jimmy. Breeze is now in a new costume dressed as an old lady… hahahahaha The crowd chants “Lets go grandma” Well Grandma throws a hell of a dropkick. This is totally my kinda wrestling. Breeze channels Mae Young and gives Jay a face ride… Jay tags Jimmy back in, Jimmy pulls Breeze outta his ridiculous costume and throws it at JBL. This match is a riot. Fandango almost gets a pin on Jay Uso but he kicks out. Jay tags Jimmy back in and he stops Breeze in his tracks but can’t keep him down for the pin. This match is extremely entertaining. The Uso’s chuck Breeze into the crows, but Fandango takes them out from the outside. They get back in the ring, and cut off Fandango, Jay pins Fandango for the win… Wait was he even the legal man??? The last minute of that match was a bit of a clusterfuck.

Sami Zayn vs Baron Corbin
Corbin comes out strong. Zayn is holding his own pretty well against the big man, but will his flippy style make up for the aggressiveness of Corbin? Zayn gets a good back flip take down off the barricade on Corbin, then get back to the ring and have a bit of back and forth but Corbin drives Zayn hard into the corner and then proceeds to stomp him out then give him a big back breaker. Corbin keeps control throws Zayn off a turnbuckle, Zayn is hurting with little time to recover. He tries to fight his way up but Corbin grabs him in a bear hug. Corbin at 6’8 makes Zayn look little. Zayn elbows his way out of the hold, but gets caught back up in another bear hug. Zayn gets out, but Corbin throws him into the ropes for a backdrop, but Zayn kicks him in the head, and dodges out of the way, Corbin dives to nothing outside, missing Zayn. Zayn goes to the top but before he can jump, Corbin is back in the ring and cuts him off. Corbin is a monster. Hes yelling at Zayn to stay down. Every time Zayn tries to get up, he hits him, and yells at him again. Corbin goes for another strike but Zayn cuts him off, and gets control for 3 seconds. Corbin cuts him off again, but Zayn gets up top and does a cross body on Corbin for the 2 count. Corbin moves so fast for a guy his size, its incredible. Corbin is handing out a ton of abuse to Zayn. Corbin gives Zayn a massive choke-breaker, and gets a 2 count on the pin. Corbin takes Zayn up to the top turnbuckle for a suplex, but Zayn finds it in him to fight back. Zayn takes Corbin down in a sunset flip power bomb off the top! Another 2 count… Zayn goes for a DDT is cut off, Zayn goes for the Exploder but is cut off, Zayn then does a crucifix pin, 2 count. Corbin hits the Deep 6, 2 count… Corbin continues his assault on Zayn. This continues to go back and forth, Zayn kicks Corbin in the face, for the 3 count. Wow… that was pretty wild.

Jinder Mahal pulls up in a limo and calls Chicago a bunch of haters… He says tonight he will turn the doubters and discriminators into believers, that his is the modern day Makaraja, then cuts a promo in Punjabi.

6 Woman Tag Match
James Ellsworth comes to the ring, he cuts a promo and says he is the Micheal Jordan of Sports Entertainment, the epitome of masculinity. Puts himself over a little more, then introduces Carmella. They are wearing ugly red gold and black matching outfits. Next to the ring is Tamina, shes looking ready to kick some ass. Natalya comes out in a dope ass outfit that is very Hart family. Their opponents, first to the ring is Becky Lynch, wearing her hair in a faux hawk. Next out is Charlotte Flair, (why do they trust her to to be their tag partner? ) and finally the current Smackdown Womens Champion, Naomi! My question is why haven’t they made her a glow in the dark belt dammit. The match starts with Tamina and Becky Lynch. Tamina aggressively attacks Becky, then tags in Natalya. Becky manages to get to her corner to tag in Charlotte. Nattie and Charlotte go back and forth a bit, Nattie tags Tamina back in, she assaults Charlotte, then tags in Carmella. Carmella shows good ability in fighting against Charlotte, but Charlotte uses her skills and reverses to tag in Naomi. Naomi takes Carmella out, but as she is really getting going Tamina attacks her from the corner. Carmella is a dirty fighter… She works Naomi over a bit, then tags Tamina back in. Tamina puts Naomi in a headlock but Naomi works out of it to be taken down by Tamina. Carmella gets tagged back in, then she tags Natalya in, and they try double teaming Naomi, but she dodges. Nattie and Naomi go back and forth, Nattie tags Tamina back in, as Naomi is about to tag Becky, Carmella pulls Becky off the apron. Nattie tagged back in Naomi seems to be getting worked over but then counters and tags in Becky. Becky takes on all three of the other women at once, then ends up in the ring with Nattie one on one. Becky gets a 2 count on Nattie. A bit more back and forth with Becky and Nattie with a lot of interference from Tamina. Nattie makes Becky Lynch Tap Out with the Sharpshooter.

United States Championship Match
AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens(c)
AJ comes out first to mass applause, his mom hair looking like he been chasing toddlers around the locker room. Owns comes to the ring, looking much like an angry toddler. The audience seems pretty stoked for this match (This is a ROH Smarks wet dream) The match starts off with a lot of back and forth, Styles tries to wear down Owens with headlocks and holds. Owens gives him some of his own medicine. The crowd is chanting for Styles… Owens smartly powders from the ring. Styles goes to follow him but Owen gets back in the ring. “Stupid Idiot” chant from the crowd at Owens. Styles goes for a dropkick but Owens cuts him off. Owens hit the ropes, but Styles hits him with the dropkick on the second go round. A bit of back and forth, Styles tries to take control but is cut off, then cuts off Owens, but its not enough and Owens comes back with a clothesline, to a pin, no count kick out. Owens takes control and knees Styles in the back, then gets him in a choke hold from behind. Styles is getting worn down with this choke but is fighting his way out. Owens cuts him off with a DDT then gives him a few senton’s for good measure, tries for the cover, but gets a 2 count. Owens goes back for the choke hold. Styles works his way up, but gets dropped on his back by his hair by Owens. Styles manages to get a quick kick to the head on Owens, but it doesn’t stun Owens for long. Styles finds opportunity and gets a cover and kick out on Owens. More back and forth, and Owens goes face first to the mat, 2 count for Styles. Styles gets another cover after that sick back breaker he does… Owens is slowly getting up but Styles goes for a suplex, but Owen reverses it with a backdrop. More back and forth and misses, and Owens gives Styles a gnarly neck breaker, for another 2 count. Both men are back to their feet, more back and forth, Owens gives Styles an neck breaker on the ropes. Owens goes to the top but Styles stops it, tries to pile drive him off the apron but Owens gets out… hey fight outside then both  men are back in the ring, Styles gets a cannonball from Owens. Owens working the leg of Styles and does another cannonball into his leg. He then puts Styles into a single leg boston crab. Styles drags him across the ring, Owens drags him back and puts him in an ankle lock. Styles gets to the bottom rope to break the hold. Owens takes AJ to the top rope, but Styles reverses into a top rope power bomb! Both men are struggling to their feet, Styles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but falls, Owens gets a DDT on him for another 2 count. Owens gets to his feet, and gives Styles a few slaps to the face, but Styles counters with a Pele kick. Styles gets up and beats Owens down. AJ takes Owens to the top and Owens counters with a suplex from the top, for another 2 count… Crowd chants, This is AWESOME… I just woke an old guy up from his chicken nap at the coffee shop, cause I yelled. Styles manages to suplex Owens on the apron, OMG did that look painful. Styles breaks the 10 count, then goes for Owens, but Owens tosses him into the time keepers pit. Styles hits Owens with the Forearm, then tries to set Owens up on the table, but falls through the opening in the table and is hung up on wires, Owens gets back to the ring, and retains his championship by count out. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO What a shitty ending to a great match.

Luke Harper vs Erick Rowan
Rowan comes to the ring in a new mask. This one is a pigface gasmask combo. Harper comes out and the match starts right away. I am not sure how much to write, as it’s clear these two are just gonna beat the shit out of each other. Both of these are huge dominating guys. They also know each others moves as they are “family” or were in some sense of the word. Rowan is laying into Harper hard, but Harper isn’t backing down. Rowan gets a cover after a dropkick… that’s a huge dude to get that high off the ground! Its really not looking good for Harper at this point. He is going to have to think of Rowans weaknesses and use them to his advantage. Rowan gets another 2 count on Harper. Rowan goes to the top for a Splash but Harper rolls out of the way. Both men are on the outside, Harper is knocking some sense into Rowan then gets back into the ring, and jumps between the ropes, pinning Rowan between the announce table. Harper seems to be gaining some steam, gets a 2 count on Rowan. Harper gets another 2 count after a side slam, Harper then gets cut off and Rowan has control again, and power bombs him for a 2 count. Harper is down, Rowan is dragging his lifeless body about a bit. Harper was playing dead, gets a 2 count. Now both men are going shot for shot back and forth in the ring. Rowan tries to power bomb Harper but Harper reverses, and super kicks him in the face, HUGE clothesline, and Harper gets the 3 count. Considering I usually hate watching the big guys fight, this was one hell of a match up.

WWE Championship Match
Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton(c)
Jinder Mahal is HUGE. It seems his neck is disappearing. Randy Orton comes out looking cool and calm in the face of a monster, but will his experience be enough to retain his title over Mahal? Usually Orton is one of the guys in the best shape in the company, but it looks like Jinder Mahal has surpassed him on that. Marriage must be making Orton soft… lol. Orton doesn’t even wait for the bell to ring, and jumps Mahal. He tosses Mahal outside then scares off the Singh Brothers from ringside… Orton beats on Mahal on the announce table, then throws him back into the ring. Mahal is looking a little scared of the Viper. I guess he never hung out with the snake charmers. (he should get one… hahahaha) Mahal looks pretty mad, he makes super funny faces when he is mad. They go back and forth, Orton almost gets an RKO, Mahal powders, Orton chases him and knocks him down. Mahal is crawls around at ringside, Orton comes for him, and he throws Ortin into the LED board. Mahal gets Orton back into the ring, and starts working his shoulder. Mahal gets a 1 count cover on Orton. The crowd is very divided, half cheering for Mahal, half saying he sucks. Orton gets back into control of the match, stomps Mahal’s knee a few times. Mahal tried a backslide on Orton, but couldn’t get it so gave him an arm breaker then a knee drop to the chest. Mahal continues to work the shoulder of Randy Orton. Orton works his way out, and send Mahal flying outta the ring. then gives him a back drop on the announce table. Orton bring Mahal back to the ring, but Mahal recovers and attacks Orton as he gets back in. Mahal continues to work the shoulder of Orton. Orton fights out of the hold, for Mahal to hit hi right on top of the head with an elbow, then goes right back to the shoulder. Orton reaching for the ropes, but Mahal is keeping him in the center of the ring. Orton fights his way back up, but Mahal continues to lay in the pain on his shoulder. Orton gets to his feet again, and gets the rope break this time. Orton gets sent into the corner, and Mahal runs in after him for a spear but Orton dodges and Mahal spears the post. Mahal gets up close and personal and kisses the turnbuckle thanks to Orton. Orton climbs to the top with Mahal to try to superplex him, but Mahal cuts him off and and up falling on the turnbuckle for a nut shot. Orton then goes for the superplex on Mahal again and gets it! Orton goes for the cover but only gets a 2 count. Mahal gets back up and these two are going blow for blow… Orton throws two good clotheslines at Mahal then Power slams him. Orton then gives him and up and over fall away slam but only gets the 2 count on Mahal again… Mahal hits Orton in the throat, gets a 2 count. Both men re down, working to their feet. Mahal looks pissed. Orton gives him a backbreaker, but his shoulder is not holding up. Mahal has rolled under the ropes, Orton pulls him back in for a DDT off the ropes. Mahal is down, Orton goes for his finisher, but Mahal rolls out of the ring again. The Singh brothers are in Orton’s face, he makes quick work of them, then gets attacked by Mahal, and tossed into the post. Orton gets thrown back into the ring, Orton catches Mahal with the RKO, and the Singh brothers pull Mahal out of the ring to safety. Orton puts the Singh brothers through the Spanish and English announce tables, or at least tries, these guys are too light… hahaha Orton Takes them both to the ring for a double DDT, then Mahal sneaks up on Orton and hits The Khallas, for the 3 count pin.


Wow what a PPV! This was leagues above payback. Overall I thought the matches were great, and the only disappointment was the end of the US Championship match. This will probably be in my top 5 PPV’s of 2017.

My WWE BackLash Predictions

The odds aren’t out yet, but I like to write up my guesses on who will come out on top at WWE PPV’s.  Here are my picks for WWE BackLash on Sunday May 21st!

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Dolph Ziggler – Nakamura all the way

SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi, Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch vs. Natalya, Carmella & Tamina (Six-Woman Tag Team Match) – So confused as to why Charlotte is on the baby face team. I have a feeling she will turn on her teammates. I give this to Natalya, Carmella, and Tamina.

United States Champion Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles – Owens is losing that belt… AJ will be the new US Champion!

SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos vs. Breezango – While Breezango looks fabulous, I don’t think they are as comfortable with each other as a tag team as the Usos are. Usos will retain the titles.

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal – Jinder Mahal is killing it these days, but will his skills match up against Orton’s cunning ways? If he doesn’t fall into a trap, he may be able to beat Orton, but knowing Orton, he will put up a fight, and pull every trick out to retain his title. Orton will retain the WWE Championship.

Tickets are still available for BackLash, you can purchase them here!

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Wrestling Promoters: Be Accountable to Your Talent

This article reflects the thoughts and words of Liz Savage, not www.betwrestling.com if you have issue with its content, she says you can GFY.

So the other day I saw yet another post about an independent wrestler being stiffed by a promoter. This time after flying across country for a show! Fed up with excuses and bullshit, he took to social media to warn other workers about this con artist, and posted what I thought was a pretty well thought out statement about why screwing over talent was wrong, that this affects not only his personal income, but his family as well. (Yes, some folks can make a living off independent wrestling if done properly, and work is put in)


The next day his Facebook and Instagram posts were taken down, they were reported, because he tagged the promoter, Jose G. Alaniz in the post. This man runs a company out of San Diego called “Oddity Wrestling Alliance” which from looking at their Facebook page, seems he also books himself as the “owner” and has a starring role in the company.

Here is the poster from the event my comrade was booked to perform on:

On April 28th they had put up this post on their Facebook page: (Note, you can BACKDATE Facebook posts to pages, and this is the only mention, all other materials and events had been deleted at the time of this posting)

It is interesting to see this on their page, with no details as to when the show was originally planned to happen. It seems he knew the show was not going to happen, as the venue he planned on running in could no longer accommodate them. Why if he knew this, did he buy this worker a one way plane ticket cross country on May 3rd, if he knew there would be no show? What kind of fuckery is this? What could this “promoter” be hoping to accomplish? And why did he vanish, and stop replying to messages and phone calls from workers booked on the show, who flew across the US to be there?

At the very least if you are cancelling a show you should be doing it with enough time that no one has already flown in, and if you are cancelling that late in the game you owe it to your workers to make good on their pay. Time is money, and they put their time aside for you, and dismissed other potential workers to be on YOUR SHOW. You owe it to them to cover their pay, even if you cancel. Its the right thing to do. Running and hiding with your tail between your legs will get you publicly shamed, and hopefully will spread the message to both wrestlers, venue’s, and fans, that you are unreliable and cannot be trusted. Sadly this happens far too frequently. If you have a bad promoter story you would like to share, feel free to contact me: LizSavage@betwrestling.com

Watch out for not only yourselves, but each other as well!

Derby Day Thoughts and Memories

I am pretty excited to watch the 143rd Kentucky Derby today, despite the fact I haven’t kept up on horse racing in years.

Before I got into wrestling, I worked in the thorobred horse world. I worked at farms that bred horses, raised yearlings for sale, broke young horses for the races, took care of injured horses as well. There are a ton of facets to the insustry, and despite what you hear, most racehorse farms are very good to thier animals.

The Derby always brings up good memories as I have been watching it since I was a child. As an adult there were years we had Derby parties, or just watched after work at the barn. Sometimes we made bets amoungst ourselves.

If you are watching the Derby today from home you can place yours through 5dimes here are the latest odds.

Kentucky Derby – Winner – Churchill Downs – Louisville, KY – Saturday, May 06, 2017 6:35 PM
1001 Lookin At Lee wins Kentucky Derby +3000
1002 Field wins Kentucky Derby -5000
1003 Thunder Snow wins Kentucky Derby +2000
1004 Field wins Kentucky Derby -3000
1005 Fast and Accurate wins Kentucky Derby +6200
1006 Field wins Kentucky Derby -11400
1007 Untrapped wins Kentucky Derby +5300
1008 Field wins Kentucky Derby -9600
1009 Always Dreaming wins Kentucky Derby +470
1010 Field wins Kentucky Derby -590
1011 State of Honor wins Kentucky Derby +5800
1012 Field wins Kentucky Derby -10600
1013 Girvin wins Kentucky Derby +2700
1014 Field wins Kentucky Derby -4400
1015 Hence wins Kentucky Derby +1250
1016 Field wins Kentucky Derby -1850
1017 Irap wins Kentucky Derby +4600
1018 Field wins Kentucky Derby -8200
1019 Gunnevera wins Kentucky Derby +1075
1020 Field wins Kentucky Derby -1550
1021 Battle of Midway wins Kentucky Derby +4400
1022 Field wins Kentucky Derby -7800
1023 Sonneteer wins Kentucky Derby +3600
1024 Field wins Kentucky Derby -6200
1025 J Boys Echo wins Kentucky Derby +4600
1026 Field wins Kentucky Derby -8200
1027 Classic Empire wins Kentucky Derby +725
1028 Field wins Kentucky Derby -1025
1029 McCraken wins Kentucky Derby +750
1030 Field wins Kentucky Derby -1050
1031 Tapwrit wins Kentucky Derby +2700
1032 Field wins Kentucky Derby -4400
1033 Irish War Cry wins Kentucky Derby +625
1034 Field wins Kentucky Derby -850
1035 Gormley wins Kentucky Derby +2600
1036 Field wins Kentucky Derby -4200
1037 Practical Joke wins Kentucky Derby +3300
1038 Field wins Kentucky Derby -5600
1039 Patch wins Kentucky Derby +2100
1040 Field wins Kentucky Derby -3200
1051 C.Empire / A.Dream / Crack / IrishW wins -110
1052 Field wins Kentucky Derby -110
1053 Cl.Empire / Al.Dreaming / McCracken wins +169
1054 Field wins Kentucky Derby -197
1055 Clas.Empire / A.Dreaming / Irish.WC wins +163
1056 Field wins Kentucky Derby -188
1057 Clas.Empire / McCracken / Irish.WC wins +198
1058 Field wins Kentucky Derby -238
1059 Al.Dreaming / McCracken / Irish.WC wins +167
1060 Field wins Kentucky Derby -193
1061 Classic Empire / Always Dreaming wins +265
1062 Field wins Kentucky Derby -325
1063 Classic Empire / McCracken wins +345
1064 Field wins Kentucky Derby -430
1065 Classic Empire / Irish War Cry wins +327
1066 Field wins Kentucky Derby -403
1067 Always Dreaming / McCracken wins +273
1068 Field wins Kentucky Derby -333
1069 Always Dreaming / Irish War Cry wins +260
1070 Field wins Kentucky Derby -320
1071 McCracken / Irish War Cry wins +335
1072 Field wins Kentucky Derby -420
1253 Saddlecloth of winning horse odd -136
1254 Saddlecloth of winning horse even +116
1255 Saddlecloth of winning horse is 1-10 +103
1256 Saddlecloth of winning horse is 11-20 -123
1257 Saddlecloth of winning horse is 1-5 +250
1258 Any other winning saddlecloth -300
1259 Saddlecloth of winning horse is 6-10 +350
1260 Any other winning saddlecloth -440
1261 Saddlecloth of winning horse is 11-15 +240
1262 Any other winning saddlecloth -280
1263 Saddlecloth of winning horse is 16-20 +265
1264 Any other winning saddlecloth -325
1265 Winner won his last race before Derby -160
1266 Winner didn’t win his last race +140
1267 One word in winning horse’s name +122
1268 2 or 3 words in winning horse’s name -142
1269 Two words in winning horse’s name +169
1270 1 or 3 words in winning horse’s name -197
1271 Three words in winning horse’s name +325
1272 1 or 2 words in winning horse’s name -400
1273 Winning horse bred in Kentucky -495
1274 Winning horse not bred in Kentucky +395
1275 Winning horse’s name starts with A-H -117
1276 Winning horse’s name starts with I-Z -103
1277 Winning trainer’s last name starts A-O +115
1278 Winning trainer’s last name starts P-Z -135
Kentucky Derby – Top 2 – Churchill Downs – Louisville, KY – Saturday, May 06, 2017 6:35 PM
1301 Lookin At Lee finishes in top 2 +1100
1302 Lookin At Lee not in top 2 -1700
1303 Thunder Snow finishes in top 2 +875
1304 Thunder Snow not in top 2 -1333
1305 Fast and Accurate finishes in top 2 +2600
1306 Fast and Accurate not in top 2 -5400
1307 Untrapped finishes in top 2 +1875
1308 Untrapped not in top 2 -3750
1309 Always Dreaming finishes in top 2 +235
1310 Always Dreaming not in top 2 -275
1311 State of Honor finishes in top 2 +2200
1312 State of Honor not in top 2 -4400
1313 Girvin finishes in top 2 +950
1314 Girvin not in top 2 -1450
1315 Hence finishes in top 2 +550
1316 Hence not in top 2 -800
1317 Irap finishes in top 2 +1500
1318 Irap not in top 2 -3000
1319 Gunnevera finishes in top 2 +450
1320 Gunnevera not in top 2 -600
1321 Battle of Midway finishes in top 2 +1500
1322 Battle of Midway not in top 2 -3000
1323 Sonneteer finishes in top 2 +1825
1324 Sonneteer not in top 2 -3650
1325 J Boys Echo finishes in top 2 +1650
1326 J Boys Echo not in top 2 -3300
1327 Classic Empire finishes in top 2 +275
1328 Classic Empire not in top 2 -335
1329 McCraken finishes in top 2 +330
1330 McCraken not in top 2 -410
1331 Tapwrit finishes in top 2 +825
1332 Tapwrit not in top 2 -1275
1333 Irish War Cry finishes in top 2 +295
1334 Irish War Cry not in top 2 -355
1335 Gormley finishes in top 2 +1075
1336 Gormley not in top 2 -1650
1337 Practical Joke finishes in top 2 +1175
1338 Practical Joke not in top 2 -1850
1339 Patch finishes in top 2 +1250
1340 Patch not in top 2 -2000
Kentucky Derby – Top 3 – Churchill Downs – Louisville, KY – Saturday, May 06, 2017 6:35 PM
1351 Lookin At Lee finishes in top 3 +600
1352 Lookin At Lee not in top 3 -1050
1353 Thunder Snow finishes in top 3 +560
1354 Thunder Snow not in top 3 -950
1355 Fast and Accurate finishes in top 3 +1600
1356 Fast and Accurate not in top 3 -4000
1357 Untrapped finishes in top 3 +1050
1358 Untrapped not in top 3 -1875
1359 Always Dreaming finishes in top 3 +140
1360 Always Dreaming not in top 3 -170
1361 State of Honor finishes in top 3 +1400
1362 State of Honor not in top 3 -3050
1363 Girvin finishes in top 3 +575
1364 Girvin not in top 3 -985
1365 Hence finishes in top 3 +375
1366 Hence not in top 3 -515
1367 Irap finishes in top 3 +930
1368 Irap not in top 3 -1650
1369 Gunnevera finishes in top 3 +305
1370 Gunnevera not in top 3 -395
1371 Battle of Midway finishes in top 3 +950
1372 Battle of Midway not in top 3 -1700
1373 Sonneteer finishes in top 3 +850
1374 Sonneteer not in top 3 -1525
1375 J Boys Echo finishes in top 3 +700
1376 J Boys Echo not in top 3 -1300
1377 Classic Empire finishes in top 3 +155
1378 Classic Empire not in top 3 -185
1379 McCraken finishes in top 3 +200
1380 McCraken not in top 3 -260
1381 Tapwrit finishes in top 3 +520
1382 Tapwrit not in top 3 -850
1383 Irish War Cry finishes in top 3 +170
1384 Irish War Cry not in top 3 -215
1385 Gormley finishes in top 3 +640
1386 Gormley not in top 3 -1150
1387 Practical Joke finishes in top 3 +630
1388 Practical Joke not in top 3 -1125
1389 Patch finishes in top 3 +775
1390 Patch not in top 3 -1410
Kentucky Derby – Top 5 – Churchill Downs – Louisville, KY – Saturday, May 06, 2017 6:35 PM
1401 Lookin At Lee finishes in top 5 +345
1402 Lookin At Lee not in top 5 -470
1403 Thunder Snow finishes in top 5 +310
1404 Thunder Snow not in top 5 -400
1405 Fast and Accurate finishes in top 5 +745
1406 Fast and Accurate not in top 5 -1365
1407 Untrapped finishes in top 5 +560
1408 Untrapped not in top 5 -950
1409 Always Dreaming finishes in top 5 -150
1410 Always Dreaming not in top 5 +120
1411 State of Honor finishes in top 5 +650
1412 State of Honor not in top 5 -1175
1413 Girvin finishes in top 5 +340
1414 Girvin not in top 5 -465
1415 Hence finishes in top 5 +160
1416 Hence not in top 5 -195
1417 Irap finishes in top 5 +500
1418 Irap not in top 5 -800
1419 Gunnevera finishes in top 5 +155
1420 Gunnevera not in top 5 -185
1421 Battle of Midway finishes in top 5 +510
1422 Battle of Midway not in top 5 -825
1423 Sonneteer finishes in top 5 +450
1424 Sonneteer not in top 5 -675
1425 J Boys Echo finishes in top 5 +400
1426 J Boys Echo not in top 5 -550
1427 Classic Empire finishes in top 5 -115
1428 Classic Empire not in top 5 -115
1429 McCraken finishes in top 5 +100
1430 McCraken not in top 5 -130
1431 Tapwrit finishes in top 5 +290
1432 Tapwrit not in top 5 -380
1433 Irish War Cry finishes in top 5 -105
1434 Irish War Cry not in top 5 -125
1435 Gormley finishes in top 5 +360
1436 Gormley not in top 5 -495
1437 Practical Joke finishes in top 5 +370
1438 Practical Joke not in top 5 -510
1439 Patch finishes in top 5 +430
1440 Patch not in top 5 -625
Kentucky Derby – Combination Positions – Saturday, May 06, 2017 6:35 PM
1451 Classic Empire & Always Dreaming top 2 +1200
1452 Any other horse finishes in top 2 -2600
1453 Classic Empire & McCracken top 2 +1400
1454 Any other horse finishes in top 2 -3600
1455 Classic Empire & Irish War Cry top 2 +1400
1456 Any other horse finishes in top 2 -3600
1457 Always Dreaming & McCracken top 2 +1200
1458 Any other horse finishes in top 2 -2600
1459 Always Dreaming & Irish War Cry top 2 +1200
1460 Any other horse finishes in top 2 -2600
1461 McCracken & Irish War Cry top 2 +1600
1462 Any other horse finishes in top 2 -4800
1471 C.Empire & A.Dreaming & McCracken top 3 +1800
1472 Any other horse finishes in top 3 -5400
1473 C.Empire & A.Dreaming & Irish.WC top 3 +1600
1474 Any other horse finishes in top 3 -4800
1475 C.Empire & McCracken & Irish.WC top 3 +1600
1476 Any other horse finishes in top 3 -4800
1477 A.Dreaming & McCracken & Irish.WC top 3 +1600
1478 Any other horse finishes in top 3 -4800
1491 Empire & Dreamin & McCrack & Irish top 4 +1800
1492 Any other horse finishes in top 4 -5400
Triple Crown Winner 2017 – Saturday, May 06, 2017 6:35 PM
1501 Lookin At Lee wins Triple Crown +15500
1502 Lookin At Lee won’t win Triple Crown -52000
1503 Thunder Snow wins Triple Crown +13000
1504 Thunder Snow won’t win Triple Crown -42000
1505 Fast and Accurate wins Triple Crown +70000
1506 Fast and Accurate won’t win Triple Crown -200000
1507 Untrapped wins Triple Crown +41000
1508 Untrapped won’t win Triple Crown -164000
1509 Always Dreaming wins Triple Crown +1750
1510 Always Dreaming won’t win Triple Crown -4375
1511 State of Honor wins Triple Crown +50000
1512 State of Honor won’t win Triple Crown -200000
1513 Girvin wins Triple Crown +13000
1514 Girvin won’t win Triple Crown -42000
1515 Hence wins Triple Crown +6500
1516 Hence won’t win Triple Crown -21500
1517 Irap wins Triple Crown +26500
1518 Irap won’t win Triple Crown -102500
1519 Gunnevera wins Triple Crown +5300
1520 Gunnevera won’t win Triple Crown -16500
1521 Battle of Midway wins Triple Crown +26500
1522 Battle of Midway won’t win Triple Crown -102500
1523 Sonneteer wins Triple Crown +39000
1524 Sonneteer won’t win Triple Crown -156000
1525 J Boys Echo wins Triple Crown +30000
1526 J Boys Echo won’t win Triple Crown -120000
1527 Classic Empire wins Triple Crown +2600
1528 Classic Empire won’t win Triple Crown -6500
1529 McCraken wins Triple Crown +3000
1530 McCraken won’t win Triple Crown -11000
1531 Tapwrit wins Triple Crown +10500
1532 Tapwrit won’t win Triple Crown -33500
1533 Irish War Cry wins Triple Crown +2700
1534 Irish War Cry won’t win Triple Crown -6750
1535 Gormley wins Triple Crown +15000
1536 Gormley won’t win Triple Crown -50000
1537 Practical Joke wins Triple Crown +17500
1538 Practical Joke won’t win Triple Crown -60000
1539 Patch wins Triple Crown +20000
1540 Patch won’t win Triple Crown -70000
Triple Crown Races 2017 – Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont – Saturday, May 06, 2017 6:35 PM
1551 Any horse wins Triple Crown 2017 +575
1552 No Triple Crown winner 2017 -850
1561 Derby winner wins Preakness +175
1562 Derby winner won’t win Preakness -245
1563 Derby winner wins Belmont +325
1564 Derby winner won’t win Belmont -475
1565 Any horse wins 2+ triple crown races +140
1566 Different horses win Derby/Preak/Belmont -180
Kentucky Derby – Finish Last – Churchill Downs – Louisville, KY – Saturday, May 06, 2017 6:35 PM
1601 Lookin At Lee finishes last +3700
1602 Lookin At Lee won’t finish last -14100
1603 Thunder Snow finishes last +2000
1604 Thunder Snow won’t finish last -6000
1605 Fast and Accurate finishes last +325
1606 Fast and Accurate won’t finish last -475
1607 Untrapped finishes last +1300
1608 Untrapped won’t finish last -3000
1609 Always Dreaming finishes last +3000
1610 Always Dreaming won’t finish last -11000
1611 State of Honor finishes last +725
1612 State of Honor won’t finish last -1545
1613 Girvin finishes last +1550
1614 Girvin won’t finish last -4650
1615 Hence finishes last +2700
1616 Hence won’t finish last -8900
1617 Irap finishes last +850
1618 Irap won’t finish last -1750
1619 Gunnevera finishes last +3100
1620 Gunnevera won’t finish last -11300
1621 Battle of Midway finishes last +1400
1622 Battle of Midway won’t finish last -3600
1623 Sonneteer finishes last +1700
1624 Sonneteer won’t finish last -5100
1625 J Boys Echo finishes last +1700
1626 J Boys Echo won’t finish last -5100
1627 Classic Empire finishes last +3000
1628 Classic Empire won’t finish last -11000
1629 McCracken finishes last +3000
1630 McCracken won’t finish last -11000
1631 Tapwrit finishes last +2000
1632 Tapwrit won’t finish last -6000
1633 Irish War Cry finishes last +3000
1634 Irish War Cry won’t finish last -11000
1635 Gormley finishes last +1100
1636 Gormley won’t finish last -2300
1637 Practical Joke finishes last +1400
1638 Practical Joke won’t finish last -3600
1639 Patch finishes last +1100
1640 Patch won’t finish last -2300
Kentucky Derby – Matchups – Churchill Downs – Louisville, KY – Saturday, May 06, 2017 6:35 PM
3701 Lookin at Lee +175
3702 Always Dreaming -210
3703 Lookin at Lee +120
3704 Hence -140
3705 Lookin at Lee +145
3706 Gunnevera -165
3707 Lookin at Lee -160
3708 Sonneteer +140
3709 Lookin at Lee +100
3710 Tapwrit -120
3711 Lookin at Lee -105
3712 Practical Joke -115
3713 Thunder Snow -170
3714 Untrapped +150
3715 Thunder Snow +110
3716 Hence -130
3717 Thunder Snow -130
3718 Irap +110
3719 Thunder Snow -135
3720 Battle of Midway +115
3721 Thunder Snow -155
3722 Sonneteer +135
3723 Fast and Accurate +205
3724 State of Honor -245
3725 Untrapped +115
3726 Irap -135
3727 Untrapped -105
3728 Sonneteer -115
3729 Untrapped +120
3730 Gormley -140
3731 Untrapped +135
3732 Practical Joke -155
3733 Untrapped -120
3734 Patch +100
3735 Always Dreaming -145
3736 Gunnevera +125
3737 Always Dreaming -105
3738 Classic Empire -115
3739 Always Dreaming -105
3740 McCraken -115
3741 Always Dreaming +120
3742 Irish War Cry -140
3743 Girvin +140
3744 Battle of Midway -160
3745 Girvin +105
3746 Sonneteer -125
3747 Girvin +140
3748 J Boys Echo -160
3749 Girvin +155
3750 Tapwrit -175
3751 Hence -160
3752 Irap +140
3753 Hence +150
3754 Gunnevera -170
3755 Hence -160
3756 Sonneteer +140
3757 Hence -160
3758 J Boys Echo +140
3759 Hence +100
3760 Tapwrit -120
3761 Hence +100
3762 Practical Joke -120
3763 Irap -125
3764 Battle of Midway +105
3765 Irap -120
3766 Sonneteer +100
3767 Irap -120
3768 Gormley +100
3769 Irap +110
3770 Practical Joke -130
3771 Irap -160
3772 Patch +140
3773 Gunnevera +120
3774 Classic Empire -140
3775 Gunnevera +135
3776 McCraken -155
3777 Gunnevera +135
3778 Irish War Cry -155
3779 Battle of Midway -125
3780 Sonneteer +105
3781 Battle of Midway +115
3782 Tapwrit -135
3783 Battle of Midway +100
3784 Gormley -120
3785 Battle of Midway +155
3786 Practical Joke -175
3787 Sonneteer -105
3788 J Boys Echo -115
3789 Sonneteer +140
3790 Tapwrit -160
3791 Sonneteer -115
3792 Gormley -105
3793 Sonneteer +140
3794 Practical Joke -160
3795 J Boys Echo +125
3796 Tapwrit -145
3797 Classic Empire -110
3798 McCraken -110
3799 Classic Empire +110
3800 Irish War Cry -130
3801 McCraken -105
3802 Irish War Cry -115
3803 Tapwrit -160
3804 Gormley +140
3805 Tapwrit +115
3806 Practical Joke -135
3807 Gormley +130
3808 Practical Joke -150
3809 Gormley -150
3810 Patch +130
3811 Practical Joke -175
3812 Patch +155
4001 Lookin at Lee -170
4002 Thunder Snow +130
4003 Lookin at Lee -315
4004 Fast and Accurate +235
4005 Lookin at Lee -145
4006 Untrapped +105
4009 Lookin at Lee -160
4010 State of Honor +120
4011 Lookin at Lee -170
4012 Girvin +130
4015 Lookin at Lee -130
4016 Irap -110
4019 Lookin at Lee -145
4020 Battle of Midway +105
4023 Lookin at Lee -145
4024 J Boys Echo +105
4025 Lookin at Lee +170
4026 Classic Empire -230
4027 Lookin at Lee +150
4028 McCraken -190
4031 Lookin at Lee +180
4032 Irish War Cry -260
4033 Lookin at Lee -145
4034 Gormley +105
4037 Lookin at Lee -185
4038 Patch +145
4051 Thunder Snow -295
4052 Fast and Accurate +215
4055 Thunder Snow +175
4056 Always Dreaming -245
4057 Thunder Snow -160
4058 State of Honor +120
4059 Thunder Snow -135
4060 Girvin -105
4065 Thunder Snow +170
4066 Gunnevera -230
4071 Thunder Snow +115
4072 J Boys Echo -155
4073 Thunder Snow +175
4074 Classic Empire -245
4075 Thunder Snow +175
4076 McCraken -245
4077 Thunder Snow +150
4078 Tapwrit -190
4079 Thunder Snow +250
4080 Irish War Cry -350
4081 Thunder Snow -130
4082 Gormley -110
4083 Thunder Snow -110
4084 Practical Joke -130
4085 Thunder Snow -150
4086 Patch +110
4101 Fast and Accurate +185
4102 Untrapped -265
4103 Fast and Accurate +500
4104 Always Dreaming -900
4107 Fast and Accurate +190
4108 Girvin -270
4109 Fast and Accurate +245
4110 Hence -335
4111 Fast and Accurate +225
4112 Irap -305
4113 Fast and Accurate +340
4114 Gunnevera -510
4115 Fast and Accurate +210
4116 Battle of Midway -290
4117 Fast and Accurate +185
4118 Sonneteer -265
4119 Fast and Accurate +195
4120 J Boys Echo -275
4121 Fast and Accurate +500
4122 Classic Empire -900
4123 Fast and Accurate +500
4124 McCraken -900
4125 Fast and Accurate +270
4126 Tapwrit -390
4127 Fast and Accurate +575
4128 Irish War Cry -1125
4129 Fast and Accurate +185
4130 Gormley -265
4131 Fast and Accurate +255
4132 Practical Joke -365
4133 Fast and Accurate +185
4134 Patch -265
4151 Untrapped +275
4152 Always Dreaming -395
4153 Untrapped -125
4154 State of Honor -115
4155 Untrapped +120
4156 Girvin -160
4157 Untrapped +180
4158 Hence -260
4161 Untrapped +210
4162 Gunnevera -290
4163 Untrapped +115
4164 Battle of Midway -155
4167 Untrapped +115
4168 J Boys Echo -155
4169 Untrapped +275
4170 Classic Empire -395
4171 Untrapped +275
4172 McCraken -395
4173 Untrapped +190
4174 Tapwrit -270
4175 Untrapped +285
4176 Irish War Cry -405
4201 Always Dreaming -460
4202 State of Honor +320
4203 Always Dreaming -300
4204 Girvin +220
4205 Always Dreaming -215
4206 Hence +165
4207 Always Dreaming -210
4208 Irap +160
4211 Always Dreaming -260
4212 Battle of Midway +180
4213 Always Dreaming -335
4214 Sonneteer +245
4215 Always Dreaming -260
4216 J Boys Echo +180
4221 Always Dreaming -195
4222 Tapwrit +155
4225 Always Dreaming -315
4226 Gormley +235
4227 Always Dreaming -215
4228 Practical Joke +165
4229 Always Dreaming -405
4230 Patch +285
4251 State of Honor +130
4252 Girvin -170
4253 State of Honor +190
4254 Hence -270
4255 State of Honor +120
4256 Irap -160
4257 State of Honor +205
4258 Gunnevera -285
4259 State of Honor +105
4260 Battle of Midway -145
4261 State of Honor -105
4262 Sonneteer -135
4263 State of Honor +155
4264 J Boys Echo -195
4265 State of Honor +320
4266 Classic Empire -460
4267 State of Honor +320
4268 McCraken -460
4269 State of Honor +210
4270 Tapwrit -290
4271 State of Honor +350
4272 Irish War Cry -530
4273 State of Honor +105
4274 Gormley -145
4275 State of Honor +120
4276 Practical Joke -160
4277 State of Honor -115
4278 Patch -125
4301 Girvin +155
4302 Hence -195
4303 Girvin -105
4304 Irap -135
4305 Girvin +175
4306 Gunnevera -245
4313 Girvin +190
4314 Classic Empire -270
4315 Girvin +265
4316 McCraken -385
4319 Girvin +270
4320 Irish War Cry -390
4321 Girvin -130
4322 Gormley -110
4323 Girvin +160
4324 Practical Joke -210
4325 Girvin -150
4326 Patch +110
4355 Hence -155
4356 Battle of Midway +115
4361 Hence +140
4362 Classic Empire -180
4363 Hence +120
4364 McCraken -160
4367 Hence +170
4368 Irish War Cry -230
4369 Hence -160
4370 Gormley +120
4373 Hence -170
4374 Patch +130
4401 Irap +170
4402 Gunnevera -230
4407 Irap +115
4408 J Boys Echo -155
4409 Irap +165
4410 Classic Empire -215
4411 Irap +195
4412 McCraken -275
4413 Irap +135
4414 Tapwrit -175
4415 Irap +220
4416 Irish War Cry -300
4451 Gunnevera -165
4452 Battle of Midway +125
4453 Gunnevera -215
4454 Sonneteer +165
4455 Gunnevera -135
4456 J Boys Echo -105
4461 Gunnevera -150
4462 Tapwrit +110
4465 Gunnevera -270
4466 Gormley +190
4467 Gunnevera -145
4468 Practical Joke +105
4469 Gunnevera -230
4470 Patch +170
4503 Battle of Midway -125
4504 J Boys Echo -115
4505 Battle of Midway +180
4506 Classic Empire -260
4507 Battle of Midway +180
4508 McCraken -260
4511 Battle of Midway +190
4512 Irish War Cry -270
4517 Battle of Midway -155
4518 Patch +115
4553 Sonneteer +215
4554 Classic Empire -295
4555 Sonneteer +215
4556 McCraken -295
4559 Sonneteer +255
4560 Irish War Cry -365
4565 Sonneteer -130
4566 Patch -110
4601 J Boys Echo +180
4602 Classic Empire -260
4603 J Boys Echo +180
4604 McCraken -260
4607 J Boys Echo +180
4608 Irish War Cry -260
4609 J Boys Echo -145
4610 Gormley +105
4611 J Boys Echo +130
4612 Practical Joke -170
4613 J Boys Echo -165
4614 Patch +125
4653 Classic Empire -170
4654 Tapwrit +130
4657 Classic Empire -315
4658 Gormley +235
4659 Classic Empire -215
4660 Practical Joke +165
4661 Classic Empire -405
4662 Patch +285
4701 McCraken -195
4702 Tapwrit +155
4705 McCraken -315
4706 Gormley +235
4707 McCraken -215
4708 Practical Joke +165
4709 McCraken -405
4710 Patch +285
4751 Tapwrit +160
4752 Irish War Cry -210
4757 Tapwrit -215
4758 Patch +165
4801 Irish War Cry -350
4802 Gormley +250
4803 Irish War Cry -245
4804 Practical Joke +175
4805 Irish War Cry -415
4806 Patch +295
Kentucky Derby – Victory Margin – Churchill Downs – Louisville, KY – Saturday, May 06, 2017 6:35 PM
6001 Victory Margin: Dead Heat +6000
6002 Any other victory margin -20000
6003 Victory Margin: Nose +1375
6004 Any other victory margin -2910
6005 Victory Margin: Head +1025
6006 Any other victory margin -1812
6007 Victory Margin: Neck +800
6008 Any other victory margin -1475
6009 Victory Margin: 1/2 to 3/4 length +440
6010 Any other victory margin -650
6011 Victory Margin: 1 to 1 3/4 lengths +340
6012 Any other victory margin -465
6013 Victory Margin: 2 to 2 3/4 lengths +575
6014 Any other victory margin -985
6015 Victory Margin: 3 to 3 3/4 lengths +800
6016 Any other victory margin -1475
6017 Victory Margin: 4 to 4 3/4 lengths +1000
6018 Any other victory margin -1750
6019 Victory Margin: 5 to 5 3/4 lengths +1250
6020 Any other victory margin -2375
6021 Victory Margin: 6 to 6 3/4 lengths +1550
6022 Any other victory margin -3875
6023 Victory Margin: 7 to 7 3/4 lengths +2000
6024 Any other victory margin -5000
6025 Victory Margin: 8 to 8 3/4 lengths +2600
6026 Any other victory margin -6500
6027 Victory Margin: 9 to 9 3/4 lengths +3300
6028 Any other victory margin -9000
6029 Victory Margin: 10 to 10 3/4 lengths +4000
6030 Any other victory margin -12500
6031 Victory Margin: 11 to 14 3/4 lengths +3500
6032 Any other victory margin -10000
6033 Victory Margin: 15 lengths or more +10000
6034 Any other victory margin -32000
6035 Victory Margin: 1 to 2 3/4 lengths +190
6036 Any other victory margin -250
6037 Victory Margin: 3 to 5 3/4 lengths +335
6038 Any other victory margin -460
6039 Victory Margin: 6 to 7 3/4 lengths +1060
6040 Any other victory margin -1900
6041 Victory Margin: 8 to 10 3/4 lengths +1385
6042 Any other victory margin -2962
6051 Victory Margin: Head or more -2375
6052 Victory Margin: Dean Heat or Nose +1250
6053 Victory Margin: Neck or more -935
6054 Victory Margin: Head or less +555
6055 Victory Margin: 1/2 length or more -465
6056 Victory Margin: Neck or less +340
6057 Victory Margin: 1 length or more -200
6058 Victory Margin: 3/4 length or less +163
6059 Victory Margin: 2 lengths or more +110
6060 Victory Margin: 1 3/4 lengths or less -140
6061 Victory Margin: 3 lengths or more +175
6062 Victory Margin: 2 3/4 lengths or less -225
6063 Victory Margin: 4 lengths or more +255
6064 Victory Margin: 3 3/4 lengths or less -335
6065 Victory Margin: 5 lengths or more +370
6066 Victory Margin: 4 3/4 lengths or less -510
6067 Victory Margin: 6 lengths or more +730
6068 Victory Margin: 5 3/4 lengths or less -1345
6069 Victory Margin: 7 lengths or more +730
6070 Victory Margin: 6 3/4 lengths or less -1345
6071 Victory Margin: 8 lengths or more +975
6072 Victory Margin: 7 3/4 lengths or less -1725
6073 Victory Margin: 9 lengths or more +1420
6074 Victory Margin: 8 3/4 lengths or less -3190
6075 Victory Margin: 10 lengths or more +2065
6076 Victory Margin: 9 3/4 lengths or less -5125
6077 Victory Margin: 11 lengths or more +2900
6078 Victory Margin: 10 3/4 lengths or less -7250
Kentucky Derby – Winning Time – Churchill Downs – Louisville, KY – Saturday, May 06, 2017 6:35 PM
6103 Winning time over 2:02.65 -150
6104 Winning time under 2:02.65 +110
6111 Winning time over 1:59.39 -5400
6112 Winning time under 1:59.39 +1800
Kentucky Derby – Propositions – Churchill Downs – Louisville, KY – Saturday, May 06, 2017 6:35 PM
6201 Winning horse leads wire to wire +550
6202 Winning horse not wire to wire -1050
6203 Inquiry on outcome of Kentucky Derby +500
6204 No Inquiry needed for Derby outcome -900
6205 First quarter time over 22.8 seconds -140
6206 First quarter time under 22.8 seconds +100
6207 First half mile time over 46.8 seconds -120
6208 First half mile time under 46.8 seconds -120
6209 Official $2 win ticket pays over $18.50 -140
6210 Official $2 win ticket pays under $18.50 +100
6211 Total pari-mutuel payoffs over $70.00 -140
6212 Total pari-mutuel payoffs under $70.00 +100

WWE Payback Live Results

Pre Show

Enzo and Big Cass def Gallows and Anderson

Main Show

Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens for the US Title Jericho won with the Walls of Jericho.

Austin Aries vs Neville (c) for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Aries won by DQ, Neville retains the title.

The Hardy Boyz (c) vs Cesaro and Sheamus for the Raw Tag Team Titles The Hardy Boyz restain their title.

Alexa Bliss vs Bayley(c) for the Raw Womens Championship –  Alexa Bills def Bayley to become the new Raw Womens Champion.

House of Horrors Match Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton – What am I watching? – Did Bray Wyatt win? WTF was that?

Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins – Seth Rollins won by pinning Samoa Joe

Wait that wasnt the Orton/Wyatt match.

Bray Wyatt won after Jinder Mahall and the Singh brothers attacked Orton.

Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns -Braun Strowman def Roman Reigns.

Will Wrestle for Peanuts: The Reality of Independent Wrestling

Many folks dream of one day becoming a professional wrestler. This has been the dream of young men and women since wrestling became a thing. Only in the past two decades has wrestling become so much more accessible to the average person. With a slew of wrestling schools spread across the U.S. it seems like a new one is popping up every day. With all these schools there are an influx of independent wrestlers out there, all trying to get a piece of the action, many of which are disappointed by the reality of the industry.

There are so many things to look at when choosing a wrestling school. You want to see what former students have made it to the big time, who the trainers are, the amount of classes you take, the structure of the classes you take, the location, and of course the price. Just because you pay more, does not make it a better school. Just because they have been around longer does not make them a better school. It takes a lot of leg work on the part of the student, to find the right school to fit them. You generally want to find a school that doesn’t take more than 2 hours to drive to each way. You want to find a school that teaches in levels, but also has open rings for you too practice with those with more experience. You want to find a school that wants to build well rounded students, who look, work, and speak as a wrestler should. Most of all you want a school that is honest with students about their potential to make it as wrestlers, and who are willing to build them into the right roles within a company.

Remember these schools still have a bottom line, and that’s to produce money. Yes there are a few schools that aren’t about capitalizing per se, but it takes money to run a wrestling school, and few if any are doing entirely out of their pocket for the love of the sport. A lot of these schools are wrestler mills, and will take anyone’s money, slap them in a ring, give them some training and throw them on student shows. Too few of these schools, and the instructors in them are honest with student’s about their chances in making it, and what it really takes (in most cases) to make it big time. All schools should be offering a variety of courses to teach students the valuable skills of the wrestling industry. For instance, if you are not physically capable of wrestling, you may find you fit in as a manager, referee, ring announcer, commentator, or even in production. There is often no side education in the wrestling business, yet there are a ton of positions to fill. Remember wrestling school could cost you anywhere from $2500-$5000 just to get your beginner training. Many schools charge that for the first year, then a gym fee after.

Let’s say you make it through a school, even a mediocre one, and are ready to take matches in outside promotions. Then what? Are you ready to promote yourself as a full time job? Are you ready to pay for gear, and merchandise? Are you ready to build a recognizable name for yourself across your region? Do you know how to put a package together for the promoters you want to work for, to impress them and get a booking over 1000 other guys or gals on the scene? Then you do get these bookings, and you must worry about gear, gas money, travel buddies, missing events such as birthdays, weddings, and other moments your friends and family may really be angry you dipped out on. But if you cancel the show you may be ruining a story line, losing a belt, or even losing your place in the company. What happens if the promoter doesn’t pay? Do you have a spare tire? Are you prepared to drive 5 hours with 5 people in a compact car, to work in front of a crowd of 10,000 or 10, for 10 minutes, then drive home? These are all things to really think about before you get involved in independent wrestling.

Then once you get established are you ready to build a relationship with fans, so they buy your merchandise? Independent wrestling paydays often range from nothing to maybe a few hundred dollars if you are lucky. And you spend more than that in gas. Not to mention if you need to also get a hotel room, or pay for other travel expenses. Are you willing or able to take time off your day job to travel to shows that are further away but may be a better opportunity? What is your plan in case of injury? Do you carry personal insurance? The other expenses you will incur includes but isn’t limited to; new gear, tanning, gym dues, supplements, eating vast amounts of “clean calories”, which not only costs you money, but time to prepare, and consume as well.

So if you plan on getting involved in independent wrestling you have two choices, take it very seriously and think about all I have written about, and the things that pop into your mind that I haven’t, and take it on full bore. Or get involved as a hobby, find one spot you feel happy with, and don’t bitch about lack of bookings. Wrestling is still a competition. Know and understand the level you want to compete on. Know your limitations. Embrace what you are good at, and figure out what really suits you in the industry. And don’t get fooled by any snake oil salesmen along the way.

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