Presidential Debate Betting Odds

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Believe it or not wagers are being taken for tonight’s Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump based on phrases they will say and in some cases who will utter the words first. Here is a small sampling of the 115 things 5Dimes will allow wagers on tonight.

  • Hillary Clinton is favored to say “bigot” but not favored to say “Benghazi”, “Love Trumps Hate” or “deplorable”.
  • Donald Trump is favored to say “Bill Clinton” and “Build a Wall”, but unfavored to say “Monica Lewinsky”, “Shut Up”, “Rotten Clinton” or “Crooked Hillary”.
  • Neither Candidate is favored to say “Gambling”, “Facebook”, “Instagram”, “Woman Card” or “Muslim Ban”.
  • Either Candidate is favored to say “Trump University”, “Supreme Court”, “Tax Return”, “Twitter” or “Global Warming”.
  • Trump is favored to say “Obama” more times than Hillary.
  • Hillary is favored to say “White House” before Trump does.
  • Hillary is favored to say “Economy” more times than Trump.
  • Trump is favored to say “China” before Hillary does.

This is only the first of 3 scheduled debates and bets as low as fifty cents can be made at 5Dimes as it, like WWE, is considered exotic betting. You must register to view the betting odds but no credit card is necessary and there is never an obligation to wager.




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